Super League Coach Report!


As the countdown to the 2022-2023 season begins in the Sportoto Super League, 14 of the 19 teams will take over the coaches they worked with last season. Five of the 19 teams in the league this season will pursue success with new coaches.

They continue with the name completing last season

Defending champions Trabzonspor, Adana Demirspor, Aranyaspor, Besiktas, Demir Group Sivasspor, Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, Gaziantep FK, Giresspor, Kasim Pasha, Konyaspor, Medipol Basaksehir, and the league’s new teams MKE Ankaragucu, Umrani Yespor, Istanbulspor opens the season. The coach who finished last season.

changing club

In the league, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Atakash Hataispor, VavaCars Fatih Karagmulük and Yucatel Kayserispor were the teams that replaced the coach. At the beginning of last season of the Super League, 18 of the 20 teams decided to “continue” with their former coaches.

5 technical directors are foreigners


Before the new season in the Super League, club preferences were in favor of Turkish coaches, as they were last season. However, five teams preferred foreign coaches.

Fenerbahce will start the season with Portugal’s Jorge Jesus, Besiktas will start the season with France’s Valerien Ismael, and the Italian coach will work for three other teams. Adana Demirspor’s Vincenzo Montella, Alanyaspor’s Francesco Farioli and VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük’s Andrea Pirlo will take the coach’s seat.

There were two names before the championship

Two of the managers in charge of the Super League this season have won titles with the organization.

Appointed to Galatasaray before the season, Okan Buruk lifted the trophy at Medipol Basaksehir in the 2019-2020 season.

Meanwhile, Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci won the championship last season with his burgundy blue squad.

The youngest and most experienced technician

Francesco Farioli, 33, is the youngest coach heading into the new season in the Super League, while Jorge Jesus, 68, is the oldest.

Alanyaspor manager Francesco Farioli was born on April 10, 1989 and Fenerbahçe manager Jorge Jesus was born on July 24, 1954.


Some of the coaches coming into the new season in the Super League have played for Besiktas, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor.

Okan Buruk (Galatasaray and Besiktas), Emre Belozor (Galatasaray and Fenerbahce), Liza Chalimbai (Besiktas), Chagdash Atan (Besiktas and Trabzonspor) and Errol Burt (Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor) in the ‘Big Four’ jerseys. I ran the ball down.

14 teams replaced technical men last season

For the remainder of the Super League 2021-2022 season, 14 teams have changed coaches.

Last season’s league champions were Trabzonspor’s Abdullah Avci, Demir Grup Sivasspor’s Riza Chalimbai, Gaziantep FK’s Errol Burt, Konyaspor’s Ilhan Parut, Giresspor’s Hakan Keres and Atakash Hataispor’s Omer Erdogan. and completed the season they started.


Fatih Terim holds the title of manager with the most championships in Super League history.

The experienced coach has won a total of eight Super League titles with Galatasaray.

Fatih Terim has served in 1996-1997, 1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2017-2018 and 2018. Four times he lifted the championship trophy with the yellow-red team. -2019 season.

The name that has won the most championships in the Super League after Terim is Trabzonspor’s former coach Ahmet Suat Ojazchi, who has won it four times.

Turkey’s stability record is in Mine

The streak of 64 seasons in the Super League is held by Gordon Milne, who works for Besiktas.

From the 1987-1988 black-and-white team season, the English coach became the longest uninterrupted coach in the Turkish top league.

Besiktas won three championships under Milne’s management and finished second in the league three times. After Besiktas, Milne coached Trabzonspor and Bursaspor at various times, and in Turkey he coached for nearly eight years.

best match ai baba

One of the most experienced coaches in the Super League, Samet Aibaba holds the title of coach with the most games played.

Samet Aibaba holds the record for making 621 on-field appearances in Turkey’s top league. Sivasspor coach Rıza Çalımbay has watched Aibaba in 591 games.

Fenerbahçe Technical Director Jorge Jesús, Istanbulspor Technical Director Osman Zeki Korkmaz, MKE Ankaragüju Coach Mustafa Darci, Umrani Yespor Technical Director Recep Usal and VavaCars Technical Director Andrea Pirlo will be in charge of the league for the first time.

Turkish Technician Stamps of the Last 15 Seasons

With Trabzonspor coached by Abdullah Avci ending the 2021-2022 Super League season, the Turkish coach’s championship series has grown to 15 seasons.

Representing foreign coaches, Brazil’s Artur Zico won the 2006-2007 season as manager of Fenerbahçe. After that season, all championships were won by teams led by Turkish coaches.

Here are the teams and coaches who won the Super League after the 2006-2007 season.

Season – Team – Technical Director

2007-2008 Galatasaray Cevat Guller
2008-2009 Besiktas Mustafa Denizli
2009-2010 Bursaspor Ertugrul Saglam
2010-2011 Fenerbahce Aykut Cocaman
2011-2012 Galatasaray Fatih Terim
2012-2013 Galatasaray Fatih Terim
2013-2014 Fenerbahce Ersun Yanal
2014-2015 Galatasaray Hamza Hamzaor
2015-2016 Besiktas Shenor Gunes
2016-2017 Besiktas Shenor Gunes
2017-2018 Galatasaray Fatih Terim
2018-2019 Galatasaray Fatih Terim
2019-2020 Basaksehir Okan Buruk
2020-2021 Besiktas Sergen Yalchin
2021-2022 Trabzonspor Abdullah Avci