Sunflower oil order from President Erdogan-Turkey news just before

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met a female Muktar in Bestepe.

Regarding the recently discussed sunflower oil inventory, Erdogan said, “We have recently raised the issue of oil. There is no problem with sunflower oil or olive oil.”

Prime Minister Erdogan has stated that the opposition is running a campaign to show countries in this direction, saying, “Please do this to the chief. If necessary, track the warehouse on behalf of the Ministry of Interior. , Notify the supplier. Do what the supplier needs. ”

“It is our duty to give the people who are trying to cause this condition the lessons they need,” Erdogan said.

To the doctor who left the job: let them go if they go

Erdogan, referring to allegations that public doctors moved to private hospitals for high salaries, said:

“Something else has come out, because this happened at the hospital. Are there any states or districts in our country that don’t currently have a hospital? Doctors left because they received very little money. I speak honestly. My friends are bitter but tell the truth. Isn’t it a state? “I like to speak openly. Whether I go or not, I hire a doctor who just graduated from college here and here. I will continue my journey at. If necessary, I will include it immediately. People who want to return from overseas and hire Japan. “

Other highlights of Prime Minister Erdogan’s speech are:

“Today, March 8th, International Women’s Day, I congratulate All Women’s Day in our country. One of the two complementary entities is missing, marginalized and discriminated against. We can never accept what is considered to be. The value they deserve for women is our belief, civilization, and constitutional order.

“We have made aggressive discrimination a rule.”

We have given women who have been deprived of their right to education for years the right to education. We have removed obstacles to enriching our human capital in all areas, especially education and working life. We have removed Turkey from the banned country. We have made active discrimination in favor of women a constitutional rule.

Responding to judges

We have given the government an obligation to eliminate inequality. We are on the women’s side with respect to women’s rights. Again, when it comes to violence, we are on the women’s side. For this reason, we have excluded domestic violence from complaints. There was an FMC meeting yesterday. I learned that Tokat’s brother Ozrem was stabbed in 23 places by his immoral and vulgar wife. In the end, they released him three months later. They put this bastard back in. Tokat’s Deputy Ms. Özlem follows this process. I am also looking for this.

“Tell me what I need to say”

Judge, how do you release the person who stabbed your wife 23 times? Then insult the judiciary … If you release a man who stabbed his wife in 23 places, say whatever you have to say about it. Justice does not crawl on the ground.

A performer’s actions in a hearing solely to receive a discount are not considered a reason for the discount. Persistent stalking is considered a crime. Intentional injury crimes committed against a spouse or divorced spouse are included in catalog crimes. Women who are victims of violence are assigned a free lawyer. We wish you good luck with these arrangements in advance. “

“I meet more than 20 heads of state”

I have met with more than 20 heads of state on the war between Ukraine and Russia, and I continue to do so. It reminds me of Turkey’s position, so I would like to express how important this is. Anyone who tries to collect dark clouds all over the country is malicious. Such a time should be a time when nations and nations gather as one fist. We must love each other. We say that we value this unity and brotherhood above all else. We are ready to walk the road together. This requires honesty. We see what our country wants and what our country is saying and act accordingly. We will continue to do the same.

Increased salary in Muhtar

Upon request, we have declared October 19th as Muktal Day. Finally, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the patriarch’s salary does not fall below the minimum wage. Legal amendments are at the discretion of Parliament.

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