Sunflower oil announces price drop date!

recently Sunflower oil The perception that it does not exist, which is to be created based on it, does not reflect the truth. Noting that 70% of annual vegetable oil production is produced locally, representatives of the agricultural sector are responding to instructing citizens to stock speculative discourse. Evaluating Turkey’s oil stocks and the Yeni Shimbun’s new season’s harvest forecasts, President Omer Demir of the Istanbul Agricultural Council emphasized that there is sufficient stock at this time.

“Turkey is 70% self-sufficient in oil”

Ömer Demir said Turkey is a self-sufficient country in the production of 65-70% vegetable oil. “I’m importing the remaining 30%. I don’t think it’s okay if I don’t import oil until the end of the year. If I come to the shelves, I won’t run out of stock in 2 years. 3 days. The products are already on the shelves for 1 month. Placed in. This is called stockings. There is an incredible amount of oil on weekends. “Oil prices will drop after 15-20 days. No problems with olive oil or sunflower oil. . In Turkey. There is an inventory problem in Turkey. “ Said.

“A planned hijacking is underway.”

Producers of goods say they can’t make money, middle sellers make many times, Chairman of the Istanbul Agricultural Chamber, “The purpose of the panic and chaotic atmosphere is to scare people. It can make money and make political profits. These images are especially provided in the opposition media and are there any dangers? It is fully planned to be presented as .. In 2022, they are trying to do what they couldn’t do before, through food, through the economy. “They react to moments of horror. Well know. They are playing with it. The winners are the people who prey on the turmoil again. This crisis is an artificial crisis and is completely controlled by awareness. Our state is as soon as possible. You will find a solution to it. “ He said.

“Manufacturers must win”

Turkey says more radical reforms are needed in agriculture, and Ömer Demir needs to work with experts who know the work in this area, and it is very important to make fundamental decisions. Said. “Professors and committees can’t do this. Of course it is necessary, but new regulations need to be put in place. Turkey has no problems with olive oil or sunflower oil. Turkey has storage problems. There is. ” Demir said that the producer of a product earns 2 lira, while the seller earns 20-30 lira from that product.

“Turkey’s future is clear in agriculture”

Demir said the Ministry of Agriculture should also play that role, and continued:

“I remember having meetings all the time when we were president and prime minister. This was a quick solution to the problem. Today there is a war next to us. Sanctions new The system needs to be established in agriculture. Ministries have a lot to do in this regard. I am always working with farmers and producers. I am with you. I have their problems 5 days a week. The future of Turkey in agriculture is very clear. “

“We have over 100,000 tons of olive oil.”

Mustafa Tan, chair of the National Olive and Olive Oil Council, said Turkey has a sufficient inventory of domestic olive oil. “This year we produced about 235,000 tons of olive oil. Last year’s sales were about 270,000 to 280,000 tons of olive oil. Looking at the balance sheet, the average domestic consumption is one. 2 kilograms per person, totaling about 160,000 to 170,000 tons. There is enough olive oil to export. I used a phrase.