(Summary) Villarreal-Liverpool Match Results: 2-3 Champions League

The first Champions League finalists have been announced tonight … Villarreal, who beat Juventus and Bayern Munich to advance to the semi-finals, hosted Liverpool in Spain and lost 2-0 in England in the first match. rice field. “This match won’t be like Anfield,” said Unai Emery, coach of Yellow Submarine, before the match. An experienced coach accused El Madridgal of the British in the first half.

They unplugged!

In the 3rd minute, Boulaye Dia led the Spanish team 1-0 and set the fans on fire. In 1941 Francis Coquelin went on stage, giving Villarreal a score of 2-0 in the first game and starting from 0-0 in the second half. But in the second half, Liverpool remembered their splendor! The game started with the replacement of Diogo Jota-Luis Diaz, Klopp’s team got stuck at Alexander Arnold at 55, and Fabinho turned on the turn signal at 62: 2-1. Luis Diaz leveled the score at 67 and Sadio Mané unplugged at 74: 2-3.

Waiting for R.Madrid vs. M.City match

In 1986, Etienne Capoué was shown two cards, yellow and red, leaving 10 Villarreals behind. The game ended 3-2 because there were no other goal sounds in the rest of the match. Thus, Liverpool bought their tenth final ticket in history and began waiting for tomorrow’s Real Madrid-Manchester City match.

The Champions League final will take place on May 28th in Paris.

3rd Champions League Final with Klopp

Jurgen Klopp, who experienced his first Champions League final while leading Borussia Dortmund in the 2012-2013 season, regained the excitement of the final with Liverpool in the 2017-2018 season. The German coach, who won the cup for the first time after eliminating Tottenham in the 2019 final, will advance to the Reds’ third Champions League final this season. Klopp has won the Champions League title in Liverpool, the Premier League, the League Cup, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup, and has made one appearance in the UEFA Europa League final.

Minutes from the match:

1“Danny Makkelie blew his first whistle. A tough match has begun.


3‘Etienne Capou concentrated on the back post from the left, Capoue turned to the penalty spot with a single, and Deer was completed. Villarreal started the game with a 1-0 lead!

12‘Parejo tried his luck straight from the ground just to the right of the penalty arc, but was slightly weakened.

17 17‘In Liverpool, Keita shot from a distance but couldn’t find the frame.

Expectations of penalties!

37 37‘Roselso hit the ball with an intermediate pass, entered the penalty area and remained on the ground trying to pass Allison. The referee said McKelly continued, and after VAR control, the referee’s decision was approved: no penalty!

goal! Villarreal is making history …

41 41A long ball arrived from the defense to Kapoue hanging behind the defense on the right side, Kapoue landed on the line and scored the middle, Cochrane hit his head in the penalty area, and the score was 2-0!

45 45‘+2 will be added at the end of the first half.

The first half is over. He is Villarreal, Liverpool shock, Liverpool shock,

46‘The second half has begun.


55 55Arnold looked at the castle from the front, but tried his luck from a distance, and the ball that hit Cochrane for defense headed from the crossbar to the corner.


61‘Fabinho hit very hard from the ground in the penalty area, because of Ruri, the ball is on the net. The score is now 2-1.

66 66“Dias came in from the left flank and thought of a distant horn on the inside of the foot, but Raúl Albiol touched the horn at the last moment.

67 67Arnold took the right side corner and Konate went up well in the penalty area and hit his head, but the ball was out.


67 67‘The mane met the ball in the center and opened the game on the right side. Arnold was off center of the line with his opposite foot and Diaz was upside down. Liverpool is back!

goal! Liverpool is back!

74 74The mane hanging behind the defense dribbled the goalkeeper Ruri from the penalty area and sent the ball to an empty goal. Liverpool leads 3-2!

Red card!

86‘Etienne Copoue is out of the game with two Villarreal yellow and red cards. 10 Spanish in the last few minutes …

90‘A 2-minute extra time will be added at the end of the match.

.. And the match is over. Villarreal’s fairy tale is over and Liverpool has entered the finals!

Villarreal v Liverpool 11s:

Villarreal: Rulli, Foyth, Albiol, Torres, Estupinan, Parejo, Capoue, Coquelin, Lo Celso, Moreno, Dia.

Liverpool: Alisson, Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Robertson, Keita, Thiago, Fabinho, Mane, Salah, Jota.