(Summary) Turkey vs Slovenia Match Result: 103-104 – Basketball News


Under the leadership of Head Coach Elgin Ataman, the men’s basketball national team played their second friendly against Slovenia as part of preparations for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers and the 2022 European Championship. Played at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall, a hard-fought regular his time ended in a 90–90 tie, with Crescent Yıldız Zurlal losing his 104–103.

Furkan Korkmaz was the top scorer of the match with 33 points for the national team. Goran Dragic scored 28 goals for Slovenia and Luka Doncic scored 23.

Turkey in action at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall. Buğrahan Tuncer, Furkan Korkmaz, Cedi Osman, Sadik Kabaca and Sertaç Şanlı started in the top five. Slovenia’s top five consisted of Goran Dragic, Doncic, Zoran Dragic, Kancal and Toby. The national team got off to a good start, and Furkan Korkmaz’s effective play saw him lead 12-9 in his first four minutes. Alperen and Onurarp were effective in attacking from the flanks and Turkey were unable to prevent Slovenia’s point from the foul line as their foul right expired early. The national team finished the first period with him 26-21.

Starting the second quarter with Preperic’s scoring game, Slovenia made the score 29-29 with 7:34 remaining. Slovenia, who led the game in the second half, extended their lead to six with Cancale’s three-pointer with his 2:49 remaining in the first half: 36-42. Slovenia, who kept the lead in the second half, entered the locker room 46-40.


Both teams effectively started the third period on offense. The national team scored in Sedi and Furkan. Slovenia were effective in attack from Doncic and Goran Dragic, with the national team trailing 55–58 with 4:48 TV timeouts remaining. Dominating the game for the rest of the period, Slovenia began to widen the gap on Doncic and Goran Dragic to enter the deciding period at 73-62.

Both teams started the decision period on a low note. With his opponents scoring only two points from him in his first four minutes of the period, the national team narrowed the lead to six with 5:40 remaining on his 69-75 Sertaci with his Chanlu free throw. rice field. The national team reduced their lead to three with Alperen Şengün’s basket foul on him with 25 seconds remaining. After a Slovenian offensive turnover, Furkan Korkmaz’s free with 10 seconds remaining his throw cut the lead to 1: 88-89. After Dragic threw one of his two free throws, the national team threw Furkan in the final attack as he hit the ball with Korkmaz and the match went into extra time as he scored 90-90. I was.

Although the national team was effective with Furkan Korkmaz in the overtime section. Goran Dragic scored for Slovenia. With his 18 seconds left in the game, Golan his Dragic threw his 3-pointer to give the team a 104-103 lead. The national team, unable to find the bottom number, lost the match 104-103.

All eyes on Luka Doncic

Fans at the game showed great interest in Luka Doncic, star basketball player for one of the NBA teams, the Dallas Mavericks. Doncic struggled with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the game after posing for pictures with fans.

3 matches in Istanbul

During the period of the national team’s second coach Ergin Ataman, the 12 giants played the first two trials against Ukraine and Slovenia. The Nationals will play three games in the Istanbul leg, after Slovenia, against Poland on Sunday. The 12 Giants then travel to Athens to finish friendly matches against Greece on 17 August, Poland on 18 August and the hosts again on 19 August.

The opponent on August 25th is Latvia.

Crescent Stars will play Latvia on 25 August and Serbia on 28 August in the second round of 2023 World Cup qualification. The 12 Giantmen will compete at the 2022 European Championships, which start on September 1st. In Group A, Montenegro will face Bulgaria, while Georgia, Belgium and Spain will host.

Living room: Sinan Erdem

referee: Yener Yilmaz, Khan Buyukchir, Chaglar Ozkan

turkey: Buğrahan Tuncer, Furkan Korkmaz 33, Cedi Osman 24, Sadik Kabaca 2, Sertaç Şanlı 8, Alperen Şengün 19, Şehmus Hazer 4, Onuralp Bitim 8, Yiğitcan Saybir 5, Melih Mahmutoğlu, Doğuş Özdemiroğlu, Furkan Haltalı,

Slovenia: Goran Dragic 28, Doncic 23, Zoran Dragic 7, Cancal 12, Toby, Nikolic 2, Dimec 4, Mulic 10, Blazic, Preperic 14, Samar 4, Frobat

First period: 26-21

first half: 40-46

Third period: 62-73

Normal time: 90-90

5 fouls: 43.50 Alperen Şengün (Turkey), 34.12 Dimec (Slovenia)