(Summary) Turkey-Lithuania Match Results: 2-0-National Team News

Our national team hosted Lithuania in the 4th match of the 1st group of the Nations League C League and won 6-0. Under the control of Stefan Kuntz, Crescent and Stars secured their leadership by winning a 2-0 match over the French Football Federation’s female referee Stephanie Frapert at the Gürsel Aksel Stadium. Three points were goals scored by Kaan Ayhan at 37 and Hakan Calhanor at 54 with a penalty. In 1981, Jengizunder could not benefit from the penalties he had earned. In other matches of our group, Luxembourg and the Faroe Islands drew 2-2.

Reaching an average of +12 at the end of the fourth match and sitting in leadership with 12 points without scoring a goal, our national team will host Luxembourg in the fifth match in September 2022. The national team playing away from the Faroe Islands in Game 6 will put an end to the group.

In Group C of the C League, 7-point Luxembourg is second and the 4-point Faroe Islands are third. Unrated Lithuania is the last place.

Minutes from the match:

6 feet Cengiz Ünder sent the ball to the goal far from the right side, and Lithuanian goalkeeper Džiugas Bartks knocked the ball into the corner with his fingertips in the last moment.

11th Hakan Calhanor stole the ball with a free kick that the national team won from diagonally left. A headshot in the penalty area of ​​Serdal Dursan, which was activated by a free kick of a star midfielder from the left side, came out.

12 minutes Captain Hakan’s shot from outside the penalty area returned the ball from Crimavisius. Frappart continued the game while the national player was waiting for the penalty.

16 minutes The public is looking for a goal in Lithuanian goals. Hakan’s free kick from the right side, when I went up to the back post, a headshot of Chagler came out from above.

18 minutes One of the influential names of the day, Cengiz Ünder drove the ball he met on the right wing and created a shooting angle for himself. The ball that passed Baltox came out from above when the young player shot from the distance he saw the goal from the other side.

20 minutes Moving on to the free kick used by Cengiz Under, Kaan Ayhan’s head kick in the penalty area did not defend the goal. The Nationals waited for a penalty as Uzera pushed Khan into position, but the match continued.

25 minutes Baltox, who had a good position with Hakan Calhanor’s shot, stole the ball in the last moment. Kerem’s hit from the left diagonal of the spinning ball returning from Barabicas.

28 minutes Cengiz Under fired a shot from outside the penalty area, but the ball turned slightly sideways.

half an hour The shot of Golasikas, activated by the middle pass of Lasikas, crossed over the ball.

31 minutes In Lithuania, Baravykas issued Kerem a yellow card that fouled.

33 minutes Haril’s shot, which Kerem moved diagonally from the left into the penalty area, did not catch the goal.

36 minutes Kerem, who met a ball diagonally to the left on Ferdi’s pass, hit a distant corner with a big hit, and at the last moment, Balticus hit the ball into the corner.

Goal | 38 minutes Cengiz Ünder used the right corner and the Lithuanian defense stole the ball. Controlling the ball again, Cengiz was in the middle of the penalty area and Kaan Ayhan, who went up well, shot a headshot. Bartkus’ intervention was not enough and our national team took the lead after the ball crossed the line. 1-0

45 minutes In the ball Hakan sent to the penalty area, the ball left in Carom remained in front of Ferdi. When the star kicked the ball from outside the penalty area, the ball was handed over to goalkeeper Ziugas Balticus.

The first 45 minutes ended with a 1-0 advantage of the national team.

The second half has begun.

46 minutes In Lithuania, Lasickas was replaced by Armanavicius and Baravykas was replaced by Sirvys.

47 minutes A hard shot from the right side of Hakan Calhanor passed Bartox diagonally and the ball came out with a narrow margin.

48 minutes Lithuanian captain Cernych was shown Ferdi a yellow card that committed a foul.

52 minutes Cengiz Ünder, who encountered the ball in the attack of a rapidly developing national team, stayed on the ground in the penalty area with the intervention of Almanavisius. French referee Frappart continued the game while the Crescent and Star players were waiting for a penalty. Flappart, who looked up his position with a VAR warning and showed a penalty spot, issued a yellow card to Almanavisius.

Goal | 54 minutes Hakan Calhanor, who stole the ball with a penalty, sent the leather ball to the net, increasing the gap to two and scoring 16 goals in the 72nd national match. 2-0.

59 minutes Using the left lane very effectively, Ferdi escaped from Sylvis and made the middle. Crimavisius, who intervened in the last moment, removed the danger.

61 minutes On the national team, Yunus Akgun will replace Haril Delvisoul and Dogukan Shinik will replace Kerem Akturkoll.

67 minutes Hakan Calhanor fired a shot from outside the penalty area and the ball widened.

73 minutes Hakan Calhanor sent a good ball that Jengiz Undel sent to Hakan without waiting, but the ball remained on the Ziugas Baltox lap.

75 minutes Seldal Dulsan hit the ball sent by Zeki to the front post, but goalkeeper Džiugas Bartks did not allow the goal.

78 minutes The injured Linus Crimavisius was unable to continue the match. He was replaced by Gorbicus.

80 minutes Cengiz Undel, hanging behind the defense on Yunus’s pass, entered the penalty area and stayed on the ground with the intervention of Mirasius, and Frapert showed the penalty spot without hesitation.

81 minutes Cengiz Ünder, who stole the ball with a penalty, couldn’t pass goalkeeper Balticus and didn’t have the chance to increase the gap to three.

84 minutes On the national team, Ozan Kabak replaced Hakan Calhanor, The Pit replaced Cengiz Ünder, and Mert Müldür replaced Ferdi Kadiol. On the visiting team, Mirasius left his place in Tutiskinas.

88 minutes The hard shot that Yunus sent to the goal from diagonally right was left by goalkeeper Jiugas Baltox.

Stephanie Frapert blew the final whistle, ending the 90th minute with a 2-0 advantage of the national team.

situation: Gulcel Axel

Referee: Stephanie Frapert (xx), Michael Bercheble (xx), Cyril Munier (xx)

turkey: Altay (xxx)-Zeki (xxx), Kaan (xxx), Çağlar (xx), Ferdi (xxx) (Min 84 Mert), Salih (xx), Hakan (xxx) (Min 84 Ozan), Cengiz (xxx)) (Minimum 84 Tiago), Haril (xx) (Minimum 61 Yunus xx), Kerem (xx) (Minimum 61 Dokan xx), Selder (xx)

Lithuania: Bartkus (x)-Baravykas (x) (Min 46 Sirvys x), Girdvainis (xx), L.Klimavicius (x) (Min 78 Satkus x), Barauskas (xx), Lasickas (x) (Min 46 Armanavicius) x) , Megaleaitis (x), Uzela (x), Milasius (x) (Dk, 85 Tutyskinas), Golubickas (xx) (Dk. A. Klimavicius x), Cernych (xx)

Target: Minutes. 37 Khan, Min. 54 (P) Hakan (Turkey)

yellow card: Baravyskas, Cernych, Aramanavicius, Milasius (Lithuania)