(Summary) Trabzonspor-Goztepe Match Results: 4-2-Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, who dominated the Super League under the control of Abdullah Avc, hosted Goztepe in the 29th week of the match. The Black Sea giant, who couldn’t stop Haril Akbunal’s goal at the age of 31, immediately reacted to his opponent. Claret Reds, who caught up with Anthony Nuwakaeme in 1934, took the lead with Abdulaziz Omühl in 1937. Former Trabzonspor player Sonel Aidodu, who went on stage at the age of 43, equalized the Izmir team and scored in the first half, but Trabzonspor came to a conclusion in the second half.

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With the goals of 49-year-old Djaniny and 53-year-old Abdulaziz Omühl, Frutina, who won field 4-2, rose to 70 points, increasing the point difference to 18 from his closest rival, Konyaspor, in the match. Having won in front of 40,000 fans and taking a bigger step towards the championship, Bordeaux Bruce has won 13 league games and 21 homefield games in a row.

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Goztepe, who lost all five games and sent Nestor El Maestro from the team, left without points in a very important game. The Yellow Reds, who lost from Trabzon in their first match under the control of Stephen Thomas, suffered six consecutive losses and remained in 18th place with 27 points.

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Minutes from the match:

6 feet Abdülkadir Omühl, who tried to enter the penalty area by passing Anthony Nwakaemé in the attack of the rapidly developing Trabzonspor, passed the ball from his feet. Goztepe’s goalkeeper Ilfan Kang managed to control the ball by adjusting the timing well.

10 minutes Di Santo was activated with a ball thrown behind the defense by Goztepe’s captain Haril. The experienced striker, who shot immediately after seeing the goal, could not pass Ugurkan.

12 minutes The left wing to the front post of Sheriff Ndiae bounced off Berat and headed for the goal. The ball remained in goalkeeper Ugurkan when Disant was unable to shoot the desired shot.

13 minutes Wanting to get out of the defense with the ball, the Yellow Reds overcame a great danger at the castle after losing sonar. An experienced midfielder backpass error, Cornelius turned the ball inside the line at the last moment. Sonar, who made up for the mistake, rushed over Abdulkadir to the ball and removed the danger.

18 minutes Bruno Peres, who fell to the last line on a Bisca pass from the right side, made the middle towards the penalty area. The rising Cornelius couldn’t make the shot he wanted.

23 minutes Goztepe is very close to the goal. Arslanazić, coming out of the left side of the sonar, dropped the ball into a penalty spot. Uglucan Chakul fired Wilker’s heading shot at the bouncing ball and did not allow the goal.

24 minutes Nuwakaeme, hanging behind the defense at the spectacular break of Bosnian star Bisca, met Ilfan Kang. The young goalkeeper was able to steal the ball in the last moment with a kick from the ground of a Nigerian player.

27 minutes Aitachi Kara’s diagonal shot to the right hit the ball. The ball bounced off the defense and landed on the penalty spot. Ahmetkan took the ball off the line with a hit by Venezuelan defender Wilker, who was effective in attacking.

31 minutes Sonar drove Berat away with a stylish dribble and turned the ball inward of the line. The ball returned from defense with a hit hit by Haril on arrival.

Goal | 31 minutes Moving to Belkan’s mid-pass, Haril controlled the ball he met diagonally to the left and shot into a distant corner with his right foot. When the ball that passed Ugurkan met the net, Trabzonspor players long opposed match referee Ali Shansaran because Haril fouled Denswill. The goal decision was confirmed after the VAR review. 0-1

33 minutes Uglucan Chakul, who continued to oppose after the goal, received a yellow card. National goalkeeper Caykur Rize Spor will not be able to play in the match due to suspension.

Goal | 34 minutes Trabzonspor scored a goal 15 seconds after resuming the match. Nuwakaeme, who met the ball with a Cornelius pass, fired a shot from outside the penalty area, and the ball heading for the corner from the ground passed Ilfan Khan and met the net. 1-1 1-1

Goal | 37 minutes After entering the penalty area, Bisca saw an empty Abdulaziz Omule after a great run with a ball he met in half of himself in the attack of the rapidly developing Trabzonspor. The left-handed star did not reject the offer and sent the ball to the net with one hit. 2-1

40 minutes Haril’s shot hit the ball diagonally to the left of the penalty area, and the ball returned from Ugurkan. Disant wanted to hit a spinning ball, but the intervening claret blue team defense removed the danger.

43’Goal | Belkan, who descended from the left side to the line on the Sheriff Ndiae pass, created the middle of the penalty area. The ball passed through Ugurkan, which was hit by sonar on arrival, and hit the net. 2-2

45 minutes In the 45th minute, Edin Višza fired a free kick diagonally to the right of the penalty area and Anthony Nwakaeme shot in front of the goal, but the ball went over. Due to opposition to the corner after the position, the star player received a yellow card.

45 + 3′ Obinna, who entered the wall pass with Disant, entered the penalty area and moved the pass to the empty Kerim Archu. When Trabzonspor hit Kerim’s arrival, the ball returned from Trabzonspor’s defenses.

The first 45 minutes ended with a 2-2 draw.

The second half has begun.

Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avc started the second half with three changes. Dorkhan, Janini, Yusferduan. Berat has replaced Cornelius and Torontosen.

46 minutes Trabzonspor star Nuwakaeme fired a headshot at Bisca from the right side, and goalkeeper Ilfan Kang left the ball.

Goal | 49 minutes Djaniny, who played in the match in the second half, moved the team forward. Acting on Nuwakaeme’s long pass, Star Forward controlled the ball after Wilker’s big mistake. Djaniny, who rejected goalkeeper Ilfan Kang, sent the ball to the net. 3-2.

Goal | 53 minutes After catching the ball under pressure, Dorkhan took the team to attack and threw a pass at Abdulkadir. Crossing diagonally inward to the left, the national player saw Bisca. Abdul Kadir, who gave a clear blow to the ball turned inward by the Bosnian star, shook the net and scored his second goal and his team’s fourth goal. 4-2.

63 minutes 63’Trabzonspor is very close to Bisca’s goal. Goztepe’s defense stole the ball from Janini and Bisca hit the ball in front of him in the penalty area and couldn’t catch the frame at close range.

64′ Belkan ran toward the ball turned from the left side, Disant shot diagonally, and the ball remained on the side net.

65 minutes The first move came from Goztepe’s Stjepan Tomas. David Tijanic replaces Aytac Kara.

67 minutes Djaniny, who caught the ball with Nuwakaeme’s pass, passed the opponent from outside the penalty area and shot at the goal, but the ball returned to the field without defense.

69 minutes Belkan, who stole the ball from the left side of Goztepe, kicked Wilker Angel in front of the goal, but the ball came out of the side.

78 minutes Di Santo and Sonar are out of the game at Goztepe, and Yahovic and Jartin Kayan are in the game.

82 minutes Koushi joined the game in place of Trabzonspor’s Nuwakaeme.

83 minutes In Goztepe, Belkan Emile received a yellow card after fouling Dorkhan in the midfield.

86′ Trabzonspor’s Bakasetas sent the ball to the goal from outside the penalty area with his left foot, but the ball turned sideways.

87 minutes Halil Akbunar was shown a foul yellow card against Bruno Peres at Goztepe.

89′ In Goztepe, Lourency has been replaced by Hallil.

90 + 1′ Ilfan was able to save Janiny’s shot from outside the penalty area, and Koushi wanted to complete the ball, but the defense intervened.

90 + 4′ Bisca, who stole the ball from the left side in a rapidly developing Trabzonspor attack, threw a pass to Bakasetas in the penalty area. Goalkeeper Ilfan Khan did not allow the goal in the position facing the Greek star.

Match referee Ali Ansaran blew the final whistle. The breathtaking 90 minutes ended with Trabzonspor’s 4-2 advantage.