(Summary) Real Madrid-Manchester City Match Results: 3-1-Champions League

The Champions League finalists have been announced tonight. Real Madrid, who won the LaLiga under Carlo Ancelotti’s control, hosted the English team Manchester City at Bernabeu and lost 4-3. Real Madrid, under the control of Carlo Ancelotti, who declared the championship in LaLiga, made a great comeback in the fight, beating Pep Guardiola’s last finalist Manchester City 3-1. rice field. Retreated 1-0.

Real Madrid, who defeated the England team as a result, became Liverpool’s rival in the final.

In the 73rd minute of the match, which was 0-0 in the first half, Riyad Mahrez unbalanced the match and took the lead in Manchester City. In the 90th minute Real Madrid’s Rodrigo scored 1-1, 90 + 1. He left the team in the match and brought the match to overtime by airing the net again two minutes later. In the 95th minute of overtime, Benzema went up to the stage and scored a goal to lead the Madrid team 3-1 from the penalty spot. Real Madrid advanced to the final with no other goals in the rest of the match.

When and where will the Champions League final take place?

The 2022 Champions League final will take place on May 28, 2022 at the Stade de France in Paris, France.

15 goals from Benzema

Real, who scored 5-1 in the Champions League group stage this season, defeated Paris Saint-Germain 3-1 on the field and defeated the first match 1-0 in the final 16 rounds. .. The name written in the quarterfinals. Carlo Ancelotti’s students made a comeback to Santiago Bernabeu in the final three rounds. Karim Benzema, who scored 43 goals in 43 games this season, scored 15 goals in this lane and made a significant contribution to the team’s advance to the finals.

Benzema choreography by Real Madrid fans

Before the big match, Real Madrid fans didn’t forget Karim Benzema, who led the team to success with goals scored this season. Fans have prepared a special choreography for the star striker. “Another magical night for the King of Europe.” Statement was included.

Minutes from the match

4’| Real Madrid’s attack was effective and Carvajal created a right-wing center. Benzema made a header in the penalty area. The ball is off the top.

Short-term tension

8’| There was a short tension between Luka Modric of Real Madrid and Aymeric Laporte of Manchester City. The match referee showed both players a yellow card.

12’| Real Madrid has made an effective appearance with Karim Benzema. Barberde, who met the ball on the right side of the penalty area, put the ball in from the ground. Benzema sent a shot from the zone near the penalty mark. The ball became an auto from above.

19’| Vinicius Jr. kicked when he saw the ball bounce off the defense in front of him in the penalty area. The ball is off the top.

20’| Manchester City is approaching the goal. Bernard Shiva, who met the ball in the penalty area, kicked. Goalkeeper Courtwa brought the ball to the corner at the last moment.

23’| With Kevin De Bruyne’s pass in Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus tried his luck at Box Ark. The ball went out narrowly.

27’| Toni Kroos kicked near the corner with a free kick from the diagonal left of the penalty area. The ball hit the bar and entered the corner.

37’| Phil Foden, who met the ball in the penalty area, sent a pass to Kevin De Bruyne. Real Madrid defense intervened and blocked the position.

40’| Phil Foden of Manchester City kicks his shot from outside the penalty area. Goalkeeper Courtois managed to get the ball out.

42’| Karim Benzema hung behind the defense from the left side into the penalty area and sent a shot to the far corner. The ball left the field from above.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match was a goalless draw.

46’| Benzema, who met the ball diagonally to the right of the penalty area, turned the ball inward. The ball touched by Vini Jr. turned sideways.

51’| Luka Modric, who met the ball in the penalty area on Vini Jr.’s pass, shot. When Ederson hit the defense and tried to save the ball that took off, he missed it. Manchester City defense has cleared the ball.

60’| Vini Jr. entered the penalty area in the attack of Real Madrid from the left side and decided the middle. An intervening defense stole the ball.

Manchester City takes the lead

Goal | Manchester City led Mahrez 1-0 in the 73rd minute. Ilkay Gundoan brilliantly saw the midfield gap, and Bernardo met the ball and soon crossed the half-court, leaving it on Mahrez on the right diagonal of the penalty area. From the corner he closed: The city is moving 1-0. Madrid now needs two goals to get the match overtime …

82’| Benzema, who met the ball in the penalty area, kicked. Goalkeeper Ederson cleared the ball.

86’| Cancelo kicked from outside the penalty area. Goalkeeper Courtois reached a distant corner and saved the ball.

87’| Jack Grealish kicked an attack from Manchester City, which evolved from the left side, and Spanish team Mendy took the ball off the line in the last moment.

Real Madrid brought balance to the score

Goal | Real Madrid scored 1-1 with Rodrigo’s goal in the 90th minute. In the middle of Kamavinga, Benzema shook the ball inward. Rodrigo touched the ball in the goal area and ventilated the net.

Madrid is back!

Goal | Real Madrid 90 + 2. He made a great comeback with a goal scored by Rodrigo in the 2nd minute. Carvajal hit the ball on the right side. Rodrigo hit Asensio’s head in the penalty area and kicked the bouncing ball, causing the match to work overtime.

Penalties and goals

Goal | In the 93rd minute Benzema remained on the ground with Diaz’s intervention in the penalty area, with Real Madrid winning the penalty. Karim Benzema, who was in charge of the ball, brought the ball to the net and led the team 3-1.

98’| Fernandinho kicked in the middle of Zinchenko’s left wing. The ball came out to the side.

105 + 2’| Goalkeeper in the middle of Cancelo’s right side Fernandino wanted to bounce the ball from Courtois and finish. The ball came out to the side.

Match Results | Real Madrid advanced to the final with no other goals in the rest of the match.

Real Madrid-Manchester City 11s:

real madrid: Courtois, Carvajal, Militao, Nacho, Mendy, Casemiro, Kroos, Valverde, Modric, Viniius, Benzema.

Manchester City: Ederson; Walker, Diaz, Laporte, Cancelo; Rodri, De Bruyne, Bernardo; Mahrez, Foden, Jesus.