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Real Madrid hosted Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the 29th week of LaLiga, Spain.

Barcelona won the match 4-0 and the first half was completed with a 2-0 advantage of the visiting team. Pierre Aubameyan (2), Ronald Fedeli and Ferran Torres scored goals in the match.

Barcelona scored four goals at Bernabeu seven years later, but finished their last four wins at rival Real Madrid’s Derby.

As a result, Barcelona increased its score to 54. Real Madrid scored 66 points.

Real Madrid will host Sertabigo in the 30th week of LaLiga. Barcelona will play Sevilla on the ground.

Minutes from the match:

Match referee Juan Martinez Munuera blows his first whistle and the match begins.

7’l Federico Valverde picks up a pass sent from the ground just outside the penalty area and sends the ball to the lower right corner with a great shot. Marc-Andre ter Stegen blocks this shot with a large reflection.

12’l Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan entered the penalty area and tried to pass the goalkeeper with a good shot to the right of the goal, but goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois made a similarly beautiful save. A quick shot of Ousmane Dembele from around the penalty area line goes into the upper left corner, but Thibaut Courtois makes a great save to keep the ball from hitting the net.

18 minutes l Ferran Torres shot hard from the penalty area line, but the ball came out from the right.

24’l Ferran Torres controls the clever passes sent to him within the penalty area and gains an important goal chance. The player shoots, but the ball bounces off the opponent’s defender.

29’l Usmanu Dembele takes the ball to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyan and leaves the player with the simple task of sending the ball to the goal with the central goalkeeper open. Score: 0-1

35’l Pierre Emery Unai Emery is missing a very important opportunity! The player hits the center of the goal very hard from the ground from the penalty spot, but goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois clears the ball with a great save.

36’l Vinissius Jr. remains on the ground in the penalty area after the defender’s intervention. The referee, who may not be looking at the position clearly, will signal a continuation.

38’l Ronald Federho stands up to meet the ball with a corner kick from Ousmane Dembele, and goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois sends the ball to the center of the goal with a head kick that can’t do anything. Score: 0-2

The first half is over.

The second half begins.

48’l Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan shows off his excellent pass skills and hands the ball to Ferran Torres. Ferran Torres shoots a clever shot from within the penalty area and sends the ball to the net from the upper right corner. Score: 0-3

53 minutes me Referee Juan Martinez Munuera points to a kick-off point to show that the goal is valid after a VAR review. With this signal, the Barcelona players begin to roughly celebrate the goal. lake! Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan controls the pass sent to him and sends it to the net via Thibaut Courtois, who left the goal with a shot from within the penalty area.

73’l Usmanu Dembele controls the ball within the penalty area and sends the ball narrowly from the left.

85 minutes l Lucas Vazquez passes the defender and shoots from the inside of the box, but the ball comes out from the right.

90’l Luka Modric shoots well, but the ball hits the defender. Another shot that does not threaten the goalkeeper.

The final whistle rang and Barcelona won 4-0.


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Real Madrid Barcelona 11s:

real Madrid: Courtois, Carvajal, E.Militao, Nacho, Alaba, Casemiro, Barberde, Kroos, Modric, Rodrigo, Vini Jr.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Araujo, Pique, Eric Garcia, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Frenkie de Jong, Pedri, Ousmane Dembele, Ferran Torres, Aubameyang