Summary Luxembourg v Turkey Match Results: 0-2-National Team News

Our national team defeated Luxembourg 2-0 with goals from Hakan Calhanor and Serdal Dulsan in the UEFA Nations League C League 1st Group 3rd Match, making it 3 out of 3 in the group.

Match highlights

The Luxembourg-Turkey match has begun.

The national team started the match under pressure. It prevents Luxembourg players from putting pressure on the front area to set up the game.

In the 10th minute, Cengiz Ünder’s right side shot an effective headshot from Chaural, and Luxembourg goalkeeper Morris entered the corner.

I missed a clear goal!

In the 14th minute, Zeki on the right side carried the ball well and sent it to Haril in front of the castle. His diagonal shot ended up on the side net.

In the 29th minute, Haril, who entered the penalty area diagonally to the left on Dokan’s pass, made a face-to-face kick, but the ball turned sideways.

Leaded by Hakan Calhanor

The national team won the penalty in the 35th minute. From the left, Hakan used a corner kick, and Chagler hit the back post. The ball hit Leandro Barreiro’s defensive hand. Referee Noble pointed to the white dot without hesitation. Hakan Calhanor turned the penalty into a goal, leading 1-0 from Luxembourg.

The first half ends with 1-0.

In the second half, Orkun will appear on the national team and Serdal Dulsan will play in the match.

In the 51st minute, Cengiz sent the ball to the penalty area on the right side, and the defense intervened in front of Hallil. Hakan Calhanor wanted to complete a spinning ball, but the goalkeeper didn’t allow the goal.

At 55 o’clock, goalkeeper Morris left a shot from outside Hakan Calhanor’s penalty area.

Doğukan hit the ball thrown behind the defense in a rapidly developing Turkish attack in the 59th minute, but the ball moved away from the top.

Luxembourg scored …

At 66 minutes, Ferdi’s backpass went to our net. However, the goal was canceled because the referee detected that Ferdi had been fouled in that position.

Sardar storm continues

In the 76th minute, the defense intervened on Cengiz’s pass, but he made a mistake and Serdar stole the ball. Seldal Dursan’s smooth, grounded kick scored 2-0.

Serdal Dursan from the right side left a stylish ball on Cengiz with his heel in the 85th minute. The diagonal shot of Cengiz spread widely from above.

There were no other goals in the remaining minutes and the national team made three out of three in the group.

Luxembourg v Turkey 11th generation:

Luxembourg: Morris, Martins, Chanot, Olesen, Carlson, Sanchez, Barreiro, Pereira, Focus, Shinani, Rodriguez

turkey: Uğurcan Çakır, Zeki Çelik, Merih Demiral, Çağlar Soyuncu, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Dorukhan Toköz, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Doğukan Sinik, Orkun Kökçü, Cengiz Ünder, Hallil Dervi

Notes from the Luxembourg vs Turkey match

The National Football Team was a guest in Luxembourg in the UEFA Nations League C League 1st Group 3rd Match. Antonio Emanuel Carvalho Nobre of the Portuguese Football Federation has managed the match played at the Luxembourg Stadium. Paulo Soares and Pedro Ribeiro were Noble’s assistants.

They defeated the Faroe Islands 4-0 in the first match of the UEFA Nations C League 1st Group, 6-0 in Lithuania in the second match, and the national team became a guest in Luxembourg in the third match. On the A national team, Stefan Kuntz has made six changes in the first 11 games compared to the previous Lithuanian game. German coaches include Uglucan Chakul, Zeki Cherik, Merih Demiral, Chagural Soyunchu, Dorkhan Tokoz, Orkun Kokchu in the top 11, Doan Alemdar, Mert Müldür, Ozan Kabak, Kaan Ayhan, It replaced Salif Ezkan. The start 11 of the A national team against Luxembourg is:

“Uğurcan Çakır, Zeki Çelik, Merih Demiral, Çağlar Soyuncu, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Dorukhan Toköz, Orkun Kökçü, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Cengiz Ünder, Doğukan Sinik, Hallil Dervişoğ

The fan was not alone

Fans did not leave the A national team alone in the match. Thousands of Turkish fans from Turkey and many European countries came to Luxembourg, took their place on the stands and supported their country throughout the match.

Meanwhile, Turkish Football Federation president Servet Jardinchi and his coaches followed the fight from the stand.

9th National Exam with Stefan Kuntz

Turkey will play its ninth match against Luxembourg under the direction of German coach Stefan Kuntz. Our national team experienced 5 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in eight games against Kuntz, but the opponent’s net was aired 24 times and scored 9 goals at the castle. Crescent-Stars will appear in the field for the fifth time in 2022. The Nationals have won 2 losses and 2 wins in the four games they played this year.

All stands in the stadium are closed

Luxembourg Stadium hosts matches hosted by Luxembourg in Turkey. All tribunes in the 9,471-seat stadium are closed. A field with a design similar to a British stadium opened in 2021. Hybrid glass was used on the ground of the stadium, which was built for about 80 million euros. The match time is expected to be sunny and the temperature will be 18 degrees Celsius.

Other opponents are chasing the sieve

The first match of our group will take place at 19.00. The Faroe Islands face Lithuania in the field. Both teams left the first two games without points. Their purpose is to earn points or points to start a group. The battle will be broadcast live on SS Sport and SS Sport Plus.

Luxembourg-Turkey A National Match

Turkey has played against Luxembourg seven times so far. Turkey won six of these games and Luxembourg won one. Luxembourg scored 6 goals against 13 goals of Ay Yıldızlılar. Of the two official matches between the two countries, one was won by Turkey and one by Luxembourg.

Crescent-Stars will play the 607th game

Our national team will make their 607th appearance in a match in Luxembourg. Crescent-Stars won 232 wins in 329 official games and 277 private 606 games, one of which was confiscated, drawn 144 times and lost 230 times to their opponents in 99 years of history. .. Our national team scored a total of 820 goals in these games, three of which were confiscated and 868 goals. So far, they have played against national teams from 90 countries, and the national team has played 523 out of 606 games against European national teams, 33 of which are in Asia, 24 in Africa, 23 in the United States and 3 in Oceania. It was done.

Rückholz has been working for 12 years

Compared to our group’s Faroe Islands and Lithuania, the most difficult team is arguably Luxembourg. Ruckholz, who previously coached the Luxembourg U21 team, has been in charge of his country’s A national team for 12 years. With an average of 9 points in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the opponent just behind Group A’s third Ireland defeated Ireland 1-0 on the away goals of Gerson Rodrigues at the time, which was a big surprise. Luxembourg, who finished second in the League of Nations in 2020-21, beat Montenegro by 13 points by 3 points, defeating the leader 2-1 on the road and losing 1-0 on the field.

Top scorer Gerson Rodrigues

Gerson Rodrigues of the Rückholz team, ranked 94th in the FIFA rankings, was previously in Ankaraguju in our country and finished last season at Eyupspor. The 26-year-old striker has scored 11 goals in 45 games and is the highest scorer on the team today. Apart from that, Eyüpspor’s Olivier Till and Leandro Barreiro, who played in Mainz, Germany, are important midfielders. Offensive midfielder Danel Sinani of England’s Huddersfield team scored a 2-0 victory over Lithuania.