(Summary) Liverpool-Inter Match Results: 0-1-Champions League

In the Champions League 16 rematch, Inter with Hakan Calhanor shared a trump card with England’s Liverpool, who lost 2-0 in the first match. The first half of the giant match was lower than expected, but the second half was a storm of excitement. For the first 45 minutes, I didn’t have many positions in mind except the moment Joël Matip hit the pole, but for the next 45 minutes there was a series of attacks.

In need of a goal, Intel 61 found what he was looking for with Lautaro Martinez’s excellent shot and took the lead 1-0. The Dark Blue Blacks, who hopefully jumped into the air with this goal, were shocked a minute later … Inter Chilean star Alexis Sanchez was sent off with a second yellow card and 10 players. I left the team with a player from.

One minute later, Intel will have to score one goal and two goals without allowing a round for additional time, and will not be able to put pressure on the opponent’s goal at the disadvantage of the remaining 10 players. was. On the contrary, Liverpool sought a goal to soften them so as not to disturb the match. However, in the second half, although Mohamed Salah was caught on the pole twice, he could not swing the net and could not score a goal from the difficult fight.

Intel won 1-0 but lost 2-0 in the first match, so they said goodbye to the Champions League. Liverpool, on the other hand, was the team that closed the quarter-final tickets.

Meanwhile, national football player Hakan Calhanor stayed on the field for 83 minutes.

In another night match, 1-1, Bayern Munich defeated Salzburg with a historic score of 7-1 to advance to the quarterfinals.

The first match between the two teams in Italy ended with a 2-0 advantage in Liverpool.

Minutes from the match:

one‘Mateurahoz blows the first whistle and the match begins.

7Dumfries tried his luck from outside the penalty area, but his shot was pretty ineffective.

16 16Arnold stole the right side corner and Van Dijk shot well, but goalkeeper Handanović stole the ball.

Tribune’s health problem, the game has stopped!

twenty four“Fans at the Liverpool stand had health problems, so referee Rahoz stopped the fight. The medical team is in the way of the fans.

29“The troubled fan was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but the struggle began where it was interrupted.


31‘Matip turned head over in the penalty area and his shot was caught at the crossbar.

Hakan is close to the goal!

41 41“Inter, our national soccer player Hakan Calhanor is very close to the goal. Hakan, who brought the ball to the head of the free kick from an angle to the right, hit hard from the ground. The ball in front of Allison. Despite hitting, the Brazilian goalkeeper succeeded.

45 45‘+5 will be added at the end of the first half.

The first half was over and there were no points.

46‘The second half has begun.

Another pole!

52 52Handanović wanted to punch the ball almost beyond the penalty spot in the penalty area, but the ball fell in front of Sarah. An Egyptian star scored an empty goal, but the ball returned from the post to the field!

58Perisic put the ball in from the left side, Hakan hit the ball over the penalty area line with his left foot, and the ball hit the defense.

60Inter again effectively stole the ball from the left side, Sanchez jumped over the ball that turned in, and the ball arrived at Martinez. The star player hit and the ball hitting Robertson went to the corner.


61Martinez hit the ball that bounced long before the ball entered the penalty area, and Inter led 1-0 with a great goal.


63 63Alexis Sanchez left 10 players on the team … A Chilean soccer player with a yellow card was kicked out with a red card after slipping into Fabinho and seeing a second yellow card. ..

Liverpool cannot cross the poles!

76 76‘A mane entered from the left side and Sarah hit a distant corner diagonally to the right of the penalty area, but the ball returned from the post to the field. This is Sarah’s second and Liverpool’s third hit in this match …

83“Our national star Hakan Calhanor has come to the side. Matias Vecino is in the match.

90‘+5 will be added at the end of the challenge.

90 + 3Luis Diaz aimed at the goal and Arturo Vidal slipped in and blocked the goal!

The match is over. Intel won 1-0 but said goodbye to the Champions League. Liverpool won the first match 2-0 and won the quarter-final ticket.

Liverpool-Inter 11s:

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson, Thiago, Fabinho, Jones, Salah, Mane, Jota.

Intel: Handanović, Skriniar, De Vrij, Bastoni; Dumfries, Vidal, Brozović, Hakanchar Hanoguru, Perisic, Alexis Sanchez, Lautaro Martinez.