(Summary) Lithuania-Turkey Match Results: 0-6-National Team News

After defeating the Faroe Islands with another result, such as 4-0, Crescent-Jurduzurral faced Lithuania in his second exam in the Nations League. This is the first encounter with the Baltic States, which is ranked 138th in the FIFA rankings.

We started the game with a goal. Dogukhan Shinik scored a goal in the 2nd minute with red and white in front. At the age of 14, our young star went back on stage and increased his lead to two. Haril Delvi Soul assisted both goals of Dokan.

Although the tempo slowed a bit in the second half, the A Nationals’ dominance was maintained. Serdal Dursan scored 3-0 from a 56 penalty. In 1981, a successful forward scored his second and fourth goal of our team with the assistance of Mert Müldür: 0-4.

When Kerem passed 89, Yunus Akgun completed the ball in the back post, and one minute later, Haril Delvisoul scored a goal and scored the match 0-6.

As a result, the Crescent Stars defeated Lithuania 6-0 after the Faroe Islands, scoring 10 goals in the first two games and scoring 6 points without recognizing the goal.


Referee: Novak Simović, Nicola Simović, Milosh Simović

Lithuania: Setkus-Mikoliunas, Satkus, Klimavicius (Min 65 Klimavicius), Sirvys, Armanavicius, Megaleaitis (Min 46 Utkus), Novikovas (Min 64 Petkevicius), Golubickas (Min 76 Barauskas), Dolznikov (Min 46 Cerny)

turkey: Doğan Alemdar-Mert Müldür, Ozan Kabak (Min 76 Centk Özkaçar), Kaan Ayhan, Ferdi Kadıoğlu (Min 59 Eren Elmalı), Doğukan Sinik (Min 66 Kerem Aktür koğlu), Hakan Çalhanoğlu (Min 46 Orkun)

Target: Minimum 2 minutes. 14 Dogukhan Shinik, Min. 56 (P)-Minimum 81 Serdal Dulsan, minutes. 89 Yunus Akgun, Min. 90 Haril Delvi Soul (Turkey)

yellow card: Golubickas, Klimavicius, Sirvys, Utkus (Lithuania)-HakanÇalhanoğlu, Serdar Dursun (Turkey)

Minutes from the match:

1The match referee, Novak Simović, blew the first whistle and the battle began.


2“I scored a goal and started the match … Haril saw Dokan. When a young player entered and exited between three opponents diagonally to the left, he suddenly faced goalkeeper Setox and was on the outside of his foot. I sent the ball to the net .. The Nationals are leading 1-0!

TenHakan Calhanor stole the ball with a free kick that he won just behind the penalty arc, and the kick bounced off the dam and headed for the corner.


14Haril Delvi Soul moved forward with the ball he grabbed from his opponent in the middle and left it in Dokan. Dokan again faced the goalkeeper, this time sending a “fake” setox and the ball to an empty goal: 2-0.

30‘The tempo of the struggle has dropped significantly.

45 + 1Ferdi Kadiol tried his luck diagonally to the left, but the ball couldn’t find the frame.

The first half is over.

46‘The second half has begun.

52 52“Our young goalkeeper Doğan Alemdar panicked shortly after the press of the two players and there was a small danger to our goal, but Doan was still able to defend the ball. ..

54A “Yunus” shot from within the penalty area hit Sylvis, but he fell in love at first sight.


55 55‘Simović, the referee of the match that went to VAR, showed a penalty spot.


56‘Serdal Dursan, who stole the ball, hit hard and smoothly, increasing the difference to 3! 3-0 …


64Laukzemis was a hit among three players in the penalty area and his shot came out of the crossbar.

The goal has been cancelled!

66 66After Lithuania stole the left side corner and Satokas touched Carom in the penalty area, the goal was canceled despite the ball hitting the net!

67 67Yunus, who met the ball diagonally to the right of the penalty area on Kerem’s pass, considered a corner far from the ground, but the ball went straight from the bottom of the post.

68 68‘Mart and Selder hit the head in the center right, but goalkeeper Setox did not allow the goal.


81‘When the ball sent by Mert Müldür from the right wing passed the goalkeeper’s Setox, Selder completed it: 4-0!

83‘Coming from the left, Ellen sent the ball to the penalty spot, Haril hit the ball from the ground, and Setox was successful.


89’KeremAktürkoğlu saw Yunus in the back post from the left of the penalty area, hit his arrival and scored the first goal of his career on the national team 5-0.

Another goal!

90‘Halil Delvi Soul passes the goalkeeper, shoots from a narrow angle and scores the match 0-6.

The struggle is over.

Lithuania-Turkey 11s

Lithuania: Setkus, Sirvys, Satkus, Klimavicius, Mikoliunas, Armanavicius, Megelaitis, Novikovas, Golubickas, Dolznikov, Laukzemis.

turkey: Doğan Alemdar, Mert Müldür, Ozan Kabak, Kaan Ayhan, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Salih Özcan, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Cengiz, Halil Dervişoğlu, Doğukan Sinik, Serdar Dursun.