(Summary) Konyaspor-Hatayspor Match Results: 3-1-Supper Lig

Konyaspor, which began to decline with the defeat of Karagümük and Antalyaspor, hosted Hatayspor in the 37th week of the Super League. Played at MEDAŞ Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stadium, in 90 minutes directed by Erkan Özdamar, the smiling side became the host.

Ilhan Palt’s students, who won Field 3-1 have risen to 67 points, breaking the club’s past record of 66 points for the 2015-16 season and reducing the gap between Fenerbahce and Fenerbahce to three. Hatayspor, under the control of Omer Erdoğre, who failed to win in eight games, finished 11th with 50 points.

A goal that brought three important points to the green and white team. 6 minutes is Zymer Bytyqi, 73 minutes is Konrad Michalak, 87 minutes is Ahmed Mahgoub. The goal scored by Ayoub El Kaabi from the penalty spot in the 16th minute of the guest team was not enough to score.

Minutes from the match:

In the 2nd minute, Konyaspor fired a free kick from the left side and Abdul Kerim’s head kick went out of the penalty area.

Goal | In the 6th minute, Miharak, who deployed from the right side, hung behind the defense and entered the penalty area, sending the ball to the back post. Bitiki, who was in a vacant position, sent the ball to the net with a smooth shot upon arrival. 1-0

Zymer Bytyqi has contributed directly to 10 goals in the last 12 games of Konyaspor. (6 goals, 4 assists)

In the 9th minute Hatayspor used the right corner and the ball bounced off Fati’s head hit Musa’s arm. Referee Erkan Özdamar followed the position with a VAR warning and pointed to a penalty spot.

Goalkeeper Sehic saved Diouf’s penalty kick in the 12th minute. Sadik completed the bounced ball and sent it to the net, but referee Ercan Osdamar, who was looking at the position on VAR’s warning, repeated the penalty because Sehitch’s foot was not on the line during the shot. I decided that it should be.

Goal | Arkabi, who stole the ball with a penalty kick in the 16th minute, sent a leather ball to the net with a Panenka shoot. 1-1 1-1

45 + 6. At the last minute, goalkeeper Munir controlled the ball and went up to the corner with Abdul Kerim’s head kick, which went well with the corner kick used by Konyaspor from the right side.

The first 45 minutes ended with a 1-1 draw.

In the 51st minute, Cikalleshi put the ball stolen from his opponent into the penalty area diagonally to the right and remained on the side net.

In the 72nd minute, Skubic’s right side entered the penalty area, and Ahmed Hassan shot a headshot, but the leather round ended in an auto.

Goal | In the 73rd minute, Miharak entered the penalty area from the right side with a pass from Haziahmetovich and carried the ball to the net with a narrow shot. 2-1

In the 78th minute, Ahmed Mahgoub, who met the ball diagonally to the right of the penalty area, returned the ball from the crossbar to the stadium.

Bertu’s shot, which hit the ball in the 80th minute with a penalty arc, slightly exceeded.

Goal | In the 87th minute, Sonar sent the ball from the right side in front of the goal, and Ahmed Hassan touched the ball and sent the round leather to the net. 3-1

90 + 3. Due to a defensive failure, Muhammed met the ball diagonally to the right of the penalty area in the 2nd minute, and the ball crossed a little narrower.

The match was completed with a 3-1 advantage of the home team.

situation: Konya Metropolitan Municipality

Referee: Erkan Özdamarxx, Ekrem Kan xx, Süleyman Özayxx

Konyaspor: Sehic xx, Skubic xx, Musa xx (Uğurcan min .79?), Abdülkerim xxx, Guilherme xxx, Oğulcan xx (Soner min .79?), Hadziahmetovic xx, Michalak xx, Hammer xx (Rahmanovic min .79?), Bytyqi xx . 88?), Cikalleshi xx (AhmedHassanmin .70xxx)

Replacement: Erten, Anicic, Barış, Alberk, Ekrem

Technical leader: Ilhan Palut

Hatayspor: Munir xx, Sadik xx, Fatih xx, Burak xx, Emre xx, Boudjemaa xx (Muhammadmin .76 xx), Benzia xx (Honormin .46 xx), Lobjanidze xx (Hero min .82?), El Kaabi xx, Saint-Louis xx, Diouf xx (Bertuğmin .62 xx)

Replacement: Abdullah, Yavuz, Burak, Selimcan, Eren, Engin

Technical leader: Omer Erdogan

Goal: Bytyqi (min .6), Michalak (min .73), Ahmed Hassan (min .87) (Konyaspor), Al Kaabi (min .16 pen.) (Hatayspor)

yellow card: Musa (Konyaspor), Fatih, Diouf (Hatayspor)