Summary | Kayserispor-Konyaspor Match Results: 2-3 Super League

The 29th week of the Super League was a very competitive match scene. Last week’s flash team, Kayserispor, hosted the league’s second-placed Konyaspor in the field. The home team started the game early and was happy to score goals early. In the 7th minute, Abdul Kadir Finger scored a goal and led the team 1-0. In the 14th minute, the host scored again, putting the situation with Gavlanovich 2-0.

Konyaspor responded to this goal in the 16th minute with Abdul Kerimbaldak, but due to offside, the position examined by VAR was not considered valid.

41 minutes into the match, Konyaspor reduced the lead to Gierme’s penalty goal of 2-1. This goal also set the score for the first half.

The guest team Konya started in the second half with a goal. At 52 minutes, Sokol Cikallesi went on stage and scored a tie for the team: 2-2. When the minutes showed 61, Cikalleshi went back on stage and scored a goal to give his team a 3-2 lead. Konyaspor came back from 2-0 and made the situation 3-2. With no goals in the remaining few minutes, Konyaspor was able to return with five goals and win the match.

Minutes from the match

Goal | 7’Kayserispor leads 1-0 with Abdul Kadyl Finger’s goal. Kayserispor used the right side corner for the penalty area. Konyaspor’s defense cleared the ball. Abdülkadir Finger shot outside the penalty area, beating goalkeeper Sehic to lead the team 1-0.

Goal | 13’Host Kayseri Gavlanovich’s goal made him 2-0. Onur controlled the ball from the right side and sent a pass to the penalty spot Gavlanovich. Swiss soccer players sent the ball to the net with a smooth kick upon arrival.

Cancel | 16 minutes Konyaspor’s reaction to Kayserispor was not delayed. Kayserispor’s defense stole the center from the right side. Rahmanovich headed the ball from the penalty area to the penalty area. Abdülkerim Bardakçı sent the ball that fell in front of him to the net. The assistant referee moved toward the middle stage. Referee Yasin Kol scored a goal. However, after judging by VAR, the position was not counted because it was offside.

Goal | 42 mins Konyaspor wins the penalty after Carroll’s actions against Haziahmetovich in the penalty area. Guilherme hit the ball. Brazilian soccer players turned the penalty into a goal and made the situation 2-1.

Goal | 52’Guest team Konyaspor catches up with Cikallesi: 2-2. Bitiki from the left side sent a pass from the ground to the penalty area. Sonar Dikumen hit the ball at the penalty spot and fired a shot, but Wool Demirok intervened in the defense. The bouncing ball remained in front of Cikallesi. An Albanian soccer player shot and the ball hit the net.

Goal | 61’Konyaspor returns from 2-0 with Cikallesi’s goal, leading 3-2. Endori Chekichi sent the middle of the penalty area from the right side. Sokol Cikallesi fired a header and scored three goals in two teams to make it 3-2.

72 minutes Konyaspor was effective. Bitiki from the left side hung behind the defense and entered the penalty area. He saw Cikallesi at the penalty spot. An Albanian player controlled the ball and fired a shot, but the ball hit the crossbar and returned to the field.

77 minutes Kayserispor was effective. Konyaspor’s defense stole the ball from the corner used from the left side. Ibrahim Akda volleyed the ball out of the penalty area, hitting the left post and returning to the stadium. Konyaspor’s defense cleared the ball.

Startes: Kadir has

Referee: Yasin Kol, Mehmet Kisal, Ibrahim Bozbey

YUKATELKAYSER0054SPOR: Bilal Beyazıt, Onur Bulut, Carole (Min 84 Ramazan Civelek), Attamah (Min 84 Gökhan Sazdagi), Uğur Demirok, Hosseini, Cardoso, Abdulkadir Finger (Min 69וlhan Parlak), Mane (Min 57 Emrah Başsan), Gavranovic

ITIFAK HOLDING KONYASPOR: וbrahim Sehic, Skubic, Hadziahmetovic (Min .90 + 1Uğurcan Fate), Guilherme Adil Demirbağ, Abdülkerim Bardakcı, Da Silva (Min .78 Michalak), Soner Dikmen, Cikalleshi, Rahmanovic (Min. 60 Endrihammer)

Goal: Minutes. 7 Abdulkadir Finger, Min. 14 Gavranović (Yukatel Kayserispor), minutes. 42 Gilhelm, min 52 VE 61 Cikallesi (0054ttifak holding the Konyaspor)

yellow card: Attamah, Hosseini, Carole (Yukatel Kayserispor, Abdülkerim Bardakçı, Skubic, Oğulcan Ülgün (0054ttifak Holding Konyaspor)