(Summary) Kayserispor-Besiktas Match Results: 2-3 Besiktas (BJK) News

In the 35th week of the Super League, Besiktas defeated Kayserispor 3-2 and lost 1-0. He played in the second match with two goals from Selder and Nukoudou. half. Mame Thiam scored Kayserispor’s only goal. Besiktas continued his expectations for the Europa League with this victory.

Match highlights

The Kayserispor-Besiktas match has begun.

In the 2nd minute, Rocky hit the ball that bounced off the crown defense used by Lidovan, and the ball became an outer ball from above.

In the 7th minute, when Melt Chetin interfered with the ball in the middle of Ghezzal’s penalty area, the referee stopped the game and Besiktas won a free kick from a dangerous point. Ghezzal’s shot widened the ball.

Besiktas was very close to the goal in the 19th minute! Faced with the goalkeeper, Larin was unable to send the ball to the net.

Besiktas approaches the goal with Larin!

Cyle Larin, who threw a deep ball behind the defense in the 13th minute and entered the penalty area, took a diagonal shot of his lungs to the corner. After the corner kick used in the pass, Montero’s headshot was narrowly lost in the middle of the hard middle of Emilhan’s goal area.

Tiam shook the net!

Wellington, who wanted to tackle Mame Tiam when he entered the penalty area, tackled the ball by hand and was penalized 22 minutes later. Tiam, who stole the ball, scored a goal 1-0.

Kayserispor was effective in 30 minutes! Kemen scored a goal in front of the penalty area and the ball bounced off Elsin. Wellington intervened before Gavlanovich, who had moved to a bouncing ball.

Lidovan was not available for net position!

Besiktas’ goal is very close! Ludvan Yırmaz, who met the ball in good condition in the penalty area in the 30th minute, shot past the post.

In the 45th minute, Emilhan Ilkan attacked violently from outside the penalty area and his lungs stole the corner with his fingertips.

The first half ends with 1-0.

The second half of the battle has begun.

The young Selder brought a sense of unity!

Besiktas won a free kick from the right side after Rocky remained on the ground in the 50th minute. In the middle of Ghezzal, who was in charge of the ball, Ativa passed the ball to the back post, and Selder’s headshot at the back post also hit the mart and met the net: 1-1

In the 57th minute, Rachid Ghezzal hit hard in the penalty area and the ball moved directly above the post.

Montero, who received a yellow card in Besiktas in the 60th minute, was suspended from the Fenerbahce match.

In Besiktas, Kenan Karaman, NKoudou and Alex Teixeira played in the match, while Larin, Batshuay and Ghezzal did not.

He participated in the game and scored two goals at once!

In the 75th minute Besiktas attack, Ativa threw a long pass behind the defense from the middle. After Wool Demirok’s inadequate intervention, Nukoudo put the ball into the net and Besiktas came from behind to lead 2-1.

In the 76th minute, Nukoudo met the ball on the left side and immediately headed for the penalty area. After Wool Demirok intervened in the penalty area, he stayed on the ground and referee Ercan Ozdamar made the penalty decision. Nukoudo who stole the ball scored 3-1.

Roshie, who received the yellow card in Besiktas, was suspended from the Fenerbahce match.

Montero, who received a yellow card in the 60th minute, received a second yellow card after fouling his opponent in the 81st minute and was excluded from the match with a red card.

90 + 5. Kayserispor narrowed the gap to one minute with Miguel Cardoso’s goal. 2-3

With no other goals in the remaining minutes, Besiktas was able to score three points for the first time in a while. As a result, Besiktas scored 54 points, while Kayserispor remained at 43 points.

Kayserispor-Besiktas Match 11

Kayserispor: Lungs, Honor, Hosseini, Mart, Carol, Atama, Kemen, Bertolacci, Ramazan, Tiam, Gavranović

Besiktas: Elsin, Wellington, Selder, Montero, Roshie, Ativa, Emilhan, Lidovan, Ghezzal, Laline, Batshuay

Replacement: Emre, Nkoudou, Oguzhan, Pjanic, Necip, Kenan, Kerem, Guven, Emrecan, Alex Teixeira

When and on which channel will the match between Kayserispor and Besiktas take place?

Referee Erkan Özdamar manages the match between Kayserispor and Besiktas. The match will take place at Kayseri Kadir Has Stadium at 16:00 on the 35th week of the Super League. The live narration of the match will be broadcast live on beINSports1 and all details will be posted on fanatik.com.tr.

Yellow warning before derby

Before the league match where Besiktas hosts Kayserispor today, there are exactly 10 names for blacks and whites on the border. In Black Eagle; Atiba Hutchinson, Miralem Pjanic, Alex Teixeira, Oğuzhan, Güven, Cyle Larin, Francisco Montero, Can Bozdoğan, Rıdvan Yılmaz, Valentin Rosier are players who are below the yellow card penalty limit. If the player in question gets a card against Kayserispor today, they will not be able to play in Fenerbahce Derby, which will be played in the league next week. It was reported that the tech team warned the border name not to look at the card.

Day game with Black Eagle …

Besiktas will face Yucatel Kayserispor today in the 35th week of the Sport Super League. The match at the Metropolitan Municipal Kadirhas Stadium begins at 16.00. Black-Whites will play a day game for the first time in a long time. Besiktas lost to Kasimpasha 3-0 in the league match last week. I got 51 points with 13 wins, 12 draws and 9 losses. Yucatel Kayserispor scored 43 points with 11 wins, 10 draws and 13 losses.

The loss of points does not stop!

The black and white teams have lost nine points in the last 12 games of the league. Besiktas, who was able to defeat his opponent three times at the same time, finished seven games with a draw. Black Eagle, who lost in two games, lost 20 points in the last 12 games.

Third appointment with Özdamar

Erkan Özdamar manages the Kayserispor-Besiktas match in Kayseri during the 35th week of the Super League. Ercan Ozdamar oversees seven games against Kayserispor and three games against Besiktas in his refereeing career. Kayserispor recorded two wins, two draws and three losses in a match supervised by an Ankara referee. Besiktas was 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Differences in Besiktas in double competition

Since the 1973-1974 season, Besiktas has 30 wins, Kayserispor has 12 wins and 9 games have been drawn in 51 games between the two teams playing in the league. Besiktas scored 86 goals against his opponent and saw 54 goals at the castle. In the first half of the season, Besiktas won a two-team 4-2 league match at home. The two teams faced each other again in the Turkish Cup quarter-finals, but Kayserispor defeated their opponents 2-1 and marked them in the semi-finals.

Kayseri’s home field advantage

In the match between Besiktas and Kayserispor in Kayseri, the number of home team wins has a slight advantage. The home team won 10 in Kayseri, but Besiktas won 9 and 6 games ended in a draw. Black and White scored 26 goals, but couldn’t prevent their opponent’s 31 goals. Besiktas won 2-0 in a match in Kayseri last season.