(Summary) Galatasaray-Barcelona Match Results: 1-2

Galatasaray hosted the world giant Barcelona at Nef Stadium with the support of 50,000 fans on the return leg of the UEFA Europa League 160-0. Returning from Camp Nou with great results, Aslan lost 2-1 in a huge live broadcast from 123 countries.

As a result, Galatasaray said goodbye to Europe and Barcelona advanced to the quarterfinals.

Galatasaray started the game with an effective attack with the support of fans, leading 1-0 in the 28th minute with the goal of experienced defender Marcao. Barcelona sometimes made effective attacks, balancing with the goal of young soccer player Pedri in the 37th minute. The first half was a 1-1 draw. The second half started well, and in the 49th minute the guest team led Aubameyan with a goal of 2-1. There was no sound of another goal in the match, but Barcelona won field 2-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Giant match sold out

The UEFA Europa League 16 rematch between Galatasaray and Barcelona took place at a sold-out location. In the rematch of the first match of 0-0, the supporters of the yellow-red team, who had a huge opponent at the Arisami Yen Sports Complex, filled the stand. Tickets were sold out within minutes of their release.

Minutes from the match

1’| After De John passed Barcelona and took a corner kick, Jordi Alba scored the middle towards the penalty area. The goalkeeper’s pena came out and controlled the ball.

5’| Adama Traoré from the right side tried to enter Barcelona’s penalty area, but Kerem Akturkoll intervened and the ball entered the corner.

Galatasaray approaches the goal

7’| Bafétimbi Gomis meets the ball. The ball sent by Van Aanholt from the left side behind Galatasaray’s defense was effective. Gomis fired a shot from a frontal view of the goal, and the defense met the ball at the last moment. Kerem Aktür koğlu wanted to complete a spinning ball. Again, the ball hit Barcelona’s defense and went to the corner.

8’| In the corner kick used by Galatasaray from the left side, Gomis took a head kick in front of the goal area. The ball became an auto from above.

10’| Faced with Inacio Penha with the ball thrown behind the defense, Frenkie de Jong’s shot went awry.

13’| Goalkeeper Marc Andre ter Stegen left a shot from diagonally right to the penalty area of ​​Ryan Babel through Barcelona’s half-court Galatasaray.

19’| Barcelona’s Sergino Dest wanted to get down from the right side to the bottom line and center the ball towards the penalty area, but with Van Aanholt’s intervention, Dest stayed on the ground and the referee committed a foul.

24’| Adama Traoré, who caught the ball with a Busquets pass, made the middle without waiting. In the penalty area, Victor Nelsson hit his head in front of Aubameyan to clear the ball.

Galatasaray took the initiative

Goal | Galatasaray led Marcos 1-0 in the 28th minute. Marcao, who went up to the ball in the back post with a corner kick used by Sicardau from the right side, sent the ball to the net with a kick.

34’| In Galatasaray, Kerem Akturkor quickly carried the ball from the left side to the penalty area, thinking of Ryan Babel moving from the right side. Barcelona defense intervened.

Barcelona brought balance to the score

Goal | Barcelona balanced with Pedri’s goal in the 37th minute. Pedri, who met the ball in the penalty area during a fast-growing Barcelona attack, crumpled the ball from the right side of the goalkeeper and sent it to the net.

41’| In Galatasaray, Alexander Sicardau met the ball at a penalty arc and fired a shot. The ball was handed over to goalkeeper Marc Andre ter Stegen.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match ended with a one-on-one draw.

Barcelona starts in the second half with a goal

Goal | Barcelona took the lead with a goal of Aubameyan 2-1 in the 49th minute. Pedri kicked the ball outside the penalty area in a rapidly developing Barcelona attack, but goalkeeper Pena did not allow the goal. Frenkie de Jong left the ball spinning in front of the goal open to Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan, who sent the ball into the net with a shot.

53’| Jordi Alba turned the ball to the center after the corner Barcelona used to pass from the left side. Pedri kicked his arrival in the ball that Babel sent out of the penalty area. The ball became an auto from above.

55’| Galatasaray’s Kerem Aktür koğlu wanted to enter the penalty area from the left side. In the defense of Barcelona, ​​Dest brought the ball to the corner at the last moment. Sergino Dest, who was injured after the intervention, was unable to continue the match and was replaced by Ronald Fedeli.

60’| Patrick van Aanholt’s intense hit from diagonally left outside Galatasaray’s penalty area came slightly from the top.

Galatasaray Expected Penalty

65’| Tyran of Antalya made the middle from the right side. Alexander Sicardau remained on the ground in the penalty area during a double fight with Jordi Alba, waiting for a penalty. The match referee continued the match.

70’| Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets sent a pass to Ferran Torres, who was hanging from the ground behind the defense, where Marcos intervened in the last moment to block the position.

77’| After Galatasaray grabbed the ball in the middle, Mostafa Mohammed moved to the penalty area with a pass from Maltan. In a narrow-angle shot of an Egyptian soccer player, the ball came out from the side.

81’| Galatasaray’s Kerem Akturkor immediately entered the penalty area from the left side and headed for the far post, but Maltan could not catch the ball.

84’| Kerem Akturkor, who met the ball on the left line of Galatasaray’s penalty area, hit Ronald Araujo with the ball inward, but goalkeeper Marc Andre ter Stegen remained.

Tensioned nerves

87’| Barcelona’s Jordi Alba has been warned by the referee for delaying the throw-in. Then, when a Spanish player threw the ball into the stand, the nerves in the field suddenly became tense. The match referee announced at the stadium after the item was thrown from the stand.

Match Results | The huge battle ended with Barcelona’s 2-1 advantage.

Galatasaray-Barcelona 11s:

Galatasaray: Inaki Penha, Boy, Marcao, Nelson, Van Aanholt, Belkan, Tairan, Sicardau, Kerem, Babel, Gomis.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Dest, Pique, Garcia, Alba, Busquets, Frenkie, Pedri, Ferran Torres, Aubameyang, Adama.

Notes from the match

Galatasaray hosted Barcelona, ​​one of Spain’s LaLiga teams, in the rematch of their first match, which ended 0-0 in the UEFA Europa League Round 16. Referee Daniele Orsato of the Italian Football Federation blew the whistle in a match that began at 20.45 at the Arisamien Sports Complex. Orsato’s assistants were Alessandro Giartini and Fabiano Pretty.

Galatasaray coach Domènec Torrent has made four changes compared to the first 11 games his team played against Besiktas in the 29th week of the Sport Super League. Spanish coaches will replace Omar Erabdelaui with Sacha Boey, Emre Kılıch with Ryan Babel, Sofiane Feghou with Alexander Sicardau and Mostafa Mohamed with Bafétimbi Gomis. Assigned.

Galatasaray will play against Barcelona. Pena-Boey, Nelsson, Marcao, van Aanholt, Taylan Antallyalı, Berkan Kutlu, Babel, Cicaldau, Kerem Aktürkoğlu and Gomis ranked in the top 11.

Feghou is not on the team

Galatasaray star soccer player Sofiane Feghou was not included in the Barcelona match team. Feghou, who was removed from the match in half-time due to an injury in the Besiktas match, was not included in the team in the Barcelona match because the injury was not completely healed. Galatasaray coach Trent said in a pre-match statement: “I had to remove Feghou from the match at Besiktas because of myalgia. We talked to him, and he said he shouldn’t have played in this game. That’s why we decided this way, “he said. Romanian soccer player Cicaldau played in the first 11 on behalf of the yellow-red team Feghouli.

Meanwhile, injured Arda Turan and Omar Erabderoi, who were not on the UEFA list, were other names not on the team, like Feghou.

Three changes in Barcelona

Barcelona coach Xavi made three changes in the first 11 games of Osasuna. His team played in LaLiga, Spain and won 4-0. Xavi; he gave Dani Alves a chance on behalf of Dani Alves, Frenkie de Jong on behalf of Gabi, and Traoré on behalf of Dembele.

Barcelona has won fields in Telstegen, Dest, Pique, Garcia, Aruba, Busquets, Frenkie de Jong, Pedri, Torres, Traore and Aubameyan from 11 distances from Galatasaray.

Giant match sold out

The UEFA Europa League 16 rematch between Galatasaray and Barcelona took place at a sold-out location. In the rematch of the first match of 0-0, the supporters of the yellow-red team, who had a huge opponent at the Arisami Yen Sports Complex, filled the stand. Tickets were sold out within minutes of their release.

Hagi and Popesque on the stand

Legendary soccer players Hagi and Popesque, who played for Galatasaray and Barcelona, ​​followed the match between Galatasaray and Barcelona from the stand. Gheorghe Haji and Gheorghe Popesque saw together the two European teams they had previously played.