(Summary) Fenerbahcebeco-Anadolu Efes Match Results: 93-78-Basketball News

Fenerbahcebeco hosted Anadolu Efes in the second match of the ING Basketball Super League Playoffs Final Series. The Yellow Navy Blue team defeated Anadolu Efes 93-78 in a successful defense against EuroLeague and Super League champions Anadolu Efes over the past two years and regular season leader Fenerbahcebeco. Leading 2-0 in the series.

In the series of three-win teams reaching the championship, the third match will take place on Saturday, June 11th at 19.00 at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall hosted by Anadolu Efes.

Vasilije Micic is back

Anadolu Efes star basketball player Vasiliye Mick, who was unable to play in the first match due to an injury, played on the court in two games in the series and started in the top five.

First Quarter Results | Fenerbahce Beco 18-20 Anadolu Efes

Fenerbahcebeko, Tarik Biberovich, Nando de Colo, Pierriá Henry, Jan Veselny and Devin Booker start the match at the Ulkel Sports and Event Hall, while guest team Anadolu Efes is Larkin, Elijah Bryant, Adrian Moman, Tibor Pleiß and Vasilije Micic. Came out with five. Fenerbahce, who started the game with a hard defense, became a team that started the game early by producing numbers by attacking with the support of supporters. Anadolu Efes, who recovered after Elgin Ataman’s time-out, brought balance to the fight, but the rest of the quarter was a scene of mutual numbers. The first quarter of the match passed with the 20-18 advantage of Anadolu Efes.

Results of the first half | Fenerbahce Beco 54-32 Anadolu Efes

Fenerbahcebeco, who started the second quarter with a three-pointer, caught the 13-0 series with the hardness shown in the defense. Anadolu Efes head coach Elgin Ataman timed out because Fenerbahce’s consecutive points didn’t work on the attack. After the break, the yellow navy blue team’s winning streak increased to 18-0 and Fenerbahcebeco increased the lead to double digits. Meanwhile, Anadolu Efes was able to score his first point in the quarter four minutes before the kick-off. Fenerbahce, who increased the gap to 22 points, entered the circuit ahead of 54-32.

Results for the third quarter | Fenerbahce Beco 74-49 Anadolu Efes

Anadolu Efes started the third quarter early with Elijah Bryant’s three pointers, and Fenerbahce countered Anadolu Efes with Devin Booker’s points under the basket. The rest of the quarter passed by mutual numbers, with Fenerbahcebeco leading 74-49 in the final quarter of the match.

Match Results | Fenerbahce Beco 93-78 Anadolu Efes

In the final quarter of the match, both teams included players who didn’t take long to rotate, and Anadolu Efes narrowed the gap, but Fenerbahce Beco won 93-78.

How did Fenerbahce reach the final?

Fenerbahcebeco finished first in the regular season in the ING Basketball Super League, scoring 24 wins in 30 games. The Yellow Rashiba Triller won the final visa by passing the quarterfinals 2-1 with Frutti Extrouble Saspoor in the playoff round and 3-1 with Darsafaka in the semifinals.

How did Anadolu Efes reach the finals?

Anadolu Efes finished second in the regular season with 23-7 in the ING Basketball Super League. Navy Blue White defeated Punalkarshuyaka 2-1 in the playoff quarterfinals and Galatasaray Neff 3-2 in the semifinals to advance to the finals.

Playoff Final Series Program

The team that won three wins in the final series will end the season as a champion. The schedule for the final series hosted by Fenerbahce in the first two games is as follows:

Game 1-Tuesday, June 7

20.00 Fenerbahce Beko 85-76 Anadolu Efes (Urquell)

Game 2-Thursday, June 9th

20.30 Fenerbahce Beko 93-78 Anadolu Efes (Urquell)

Game 3-Saturday, June 11th

19.00 Anadolu Efes-Fenerbahcebeco (Sinan Eldem)

(If required) Games April-Monday, June 13

Anadolu Efes-Fenerbahce Beko (Sinan Erdem)

Game 5 (Wednesday, June 15th, if necessary)

Anadolu Efes-Fenerbahce Beko (Sinan Erdem)

Living room: Urquell Sports and Events

Referee: Mehmet Keseratar, Ersan Kartal, Kaan Buyukcil

Fenerbahce Backhoe: Metecan Birsen 3, Şehmus Hazer 4, 0054smet Akpınar, Melih Mahtoğlu, Tarık Biberovic 17, De Colo 16, Henry 2, Guduric 18, Vesely 18, Booker 13, Ahmet Düverioğlu 2

Anatolian Ephesus: Larkin 10, Beaubois 3, Yiğitcan Saybir 2, Bryant 19, Ömer Can וlyasoğlu 8, Erten Gazi 3, Egemen Güven 4, Moerman 1, Buğrahan Tuncer 12, Pleiss 9, Micic 7