(Summary) Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor Match Results: 1-1

This Week’s Match in the Super League: Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor … Fenerbahce with Ismail Kartal, who wants to win a Champions League ticket in second place in the league, has taken a solid step towards winning the Double Cup. Abdullah Abju Despite widening the point difference every week, he is not satisfied with this and is chasing the record. Hosted Trabzonspor in the field. There was no winner in the match, which was a big battle scene. The match was a one-on-one draw and both teams left the field with one point each.

Anthony Nwakaeme scored Trabzonspor’s goal in the 22nd minute, while Miha Zajc scored Fenerbahce’s goal in the 71st minute. Ilfan Kang Kavechi of the Yellow Navy Blue team was removed from the match with a red card in the 17th minute.

As a result, Fenerbahce, who did not lose four games in the Super League, rose to 47 points. Trabzonspor, who went to the championship step by step and caught 12 undefeated games in a row, scored 67 points.

Kadikoy sold out box office revenue

In this week’s match, Fenerbahce hosted one of its rivals, Trabzonspor. Fans of Yellow Navy Blue didn’t leave the team alone in the match and drew 1-1. It turns out that all 44,000 tickets for sale in the canary have disappointed fans with the results of the season, have been removed from the Turkish Cup, Europa League and Conference League, and have lost their championship claims. Sold out. Fenerbahce’s football fans, who remained on the team despite the negative results, sat on the stands of about 50,000 people and supported the team.

Fans entered the field targeting Zorbay Küçük

After the first 45 minutes of the match, yellow and dark blue team supporters entered the field. The guards blocked the supporters who wanted to run towards the referee Zorbay Küçük in the last moment.

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Minutes from the match

3’| Andreas Cornelius headed to the penalty area from the left side and stayed on the ground in the penalty area while trying to get out of the defense. In that position, the soccer player was waiting for a penalty, but match referee Zorbay Küçük continued the match.

10’| Fenerbahce was effective. Down to the last line of the penalty area, Yandas skipped the middle of Ugurkanchakul and Trabzonspor’s defense removed the bounce.

12’| When Crespo threw the ball behind the defense, Zajc placed the ball in the center of the defense. When Crespo hit the spinning ball, the round leather shook sideways.

Fenerbahce 10 people

RED CARD | In Fenerbahce, Ilfan Jean Carvech finished the match with a red card in the 17th minute. In the rapidly evolving Fenerbahce attack, Ilfan Kang Kavechi tried to control the ball and interfered with Shioipis’s foot. The referee went to VAR to monitor the location. After the VAR review, referee Zorbay Küçük ðrfan showed Can Kahveci a red card.

Trabzonspor takes the initiative

Goal | Trabzonspor took the lead 1-0 with a goal from Nuwakaeme in the 22nd minute. Abdülkadir Omühl, who descended from the left to the last line in a rapidly developing Trabzonspor attack, sent the ball towards the penalty area. Upon reaching the ball, Anthony Nwakaeme kicked the ball into the net.

27’| Trabzonspor’s Anthony Nwakaeme thought Cornelius was hanging behind the defense. Fenerbahce’s defense intervened and stole the ball.

29’| Trabzonspor came effectively with Edin Bishza. Bisca’s kick from the diagonal of the penalty area, the ball spread wide from the left side of the goal.

36’| Fenerbahce was very close to the goal. Uglucan Chakul saved Attila Szalai’s headshot at close range from the rear post. Ahmetkan Kaplan shot Seldal Dursan from the line, hitting a spinning ball.

39’| Timoteus Puchatch, who entered the penalty area from the left side of Trabzonspor, shot. The ball was in the side net.

42’| Yandash stole the ball from the right side and sent a shot to the goal. Trabzonspor goalkeeper Uglucan Chakul saved the ball in the last moment. The ball entered the corner. In the corner kick used, the head kick of Serdal Dulsan came out from above.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match was passed with a 1-0 advantage of Trabzonspor.

46’| Fenerbahce’s Miha Zajc fired a shot from outside the penalty area and the ball went from the side to the outside.

56’| Trabzonspor’s Edin Višza passed Attila Szalai from the right side and entered the penalty area. In Fenerbahce, Kim Min Jae intervened and did not allow Bisca.

60’| In Trabzonspor, Abdülkadir Omuru sent the ball to the goal from outside the penalty area, leaving the ball behind goalkeeper Altay Bayındır.

63’| Edin Višza sent a pass to Cornelius on the left in a rapidly evolving Trabzonspor attack. Kim Min-jae received the ball that Cornelius sent behind the defense in the last moment. Anthony Nwakaeme hit a spinning ball and the ball slightly crossed over.

Fenerbahce brought balance to the score

Goal | Fenerbahce balanced with Miha Zajc’s goal in the 71st minute. Miha Zajc, who went up to the ball on the front post with a free kick from Yandas, sent the ball to the net with a headshot.

76’| When Anthony Nwakaemé, a corner kick from Anastasios Bakasetas, hit the front post, the ball spread widely.

83’| Anthony Nwakaemé, who received the ball from the left side of Trabzonspor, made the middle towards the back post in front of Abdülkadir Omuru in the area. At the last moment, Kim Min Jae intervened.

Straight back

84’| Nuwakaeme’s shot in the face of Altay Bayındır in the rapidly evolving Trabzonspor attack is back from the post.

89’| Koushi, who stole the ball from the left side, thought of Timoteus Puchatch on the line and made a critical intervention in Fenerbahce’s defense, with Osai Samuel blocking his position.

90 + 3’| Trabzonspor’s Edin Višza had good control over the ball thrown behind the defense and hit it very hard from diagonal to goal. The ball became an outer from under the fur post.

Match Results | For the rest of the match, there was no sound of another goal and the two teams left the field with a 1-1 draw.

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Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor 11s:

Fenerbahce: Altay, Osayi, Serdar, Min-Jae, Szalai, Crespo, MertHakanYandaş, Zajc, 0054rfanCanKahveci, Rossi, Serdar Dursun

Trabzonspor: Ugurkan, Perez, Denswill, Ahmetkan, Puchatch, Siopis, Abdulaziz Omur, Bacasetas, Bisca, Nuwakaeme, Cornelius

Notes from the match

Fenerbahce hosted Trabzonspor in the 28th week of the Sport Super League Armet Juruk season. Referee Zorbay Küçük whistled in a match that began at 19.00 at Ulker Stadium. Baatin Durand and Dennis Canner Ozaral were Kuchuk’s assistants.

Fenerbahce Coach’s Ismail Karuta has made two changes in response to Kasımpasas’ 11 games. Experienced coaches have appointed Yandas to replace Arda Gurel and Serdal Dursan to replace Berisha.

Ismail Kartal began the battle with the following 11 people: Altay Bayındır-Osai Samuel, Serdar Aziz, Kim Min Jae, Sarai, Yandas, Crespo, Seitz, Ilfan Kang Kavechi, Rossi, Serdar Dursun ..

Yellow-navy blue lacks four

The four Fenerbahce players were unable to participate in the Trabzonspor match. Injured Filip Novak, Luiz Gustavo, Ferdi Cadillo and Enner Valencia were unable to play in the match.

Mesut Özil substitute

Fenerbahce’s experienced soccer player Mesut Özil was included in the Trabzonspor match team after a long break. Özil has been away from the team for a long time due to illness and injury, but he joined the team after eight games. Mesut Özil, who participated in the Altai battle in the league on January 10, was unable to participate in five league games, one Zirat Turkey Cup and two European games. Özil has begun a Trabzonspor match among the reservists.

Support from fans

Fans of Fenerbahce showed great interest in the Trabzonspor match. They cheered on the team while the dark blue fans filled the Ulker Stadium.

5 changes from Abdullah Avcı

Trabzonspor Technical Director Abdullah Abju has faced Fenerbahce with five changes compared to the first 11 matches against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor in the Zirat Turkey Cup quarterfinals. Avcı, Ahmetcan Kaplan instead of Vitor Hugo injured in defense, Bruno Peres instead of Serkan Asan in the right back position, Abdülkadir Ömür instead of Berat Özdemir in the midfield, Anthony Nwakaeme aggressive line instead of Jean Koussi, and Andreas instead of Janini. He gave it to Cornelius. Trabzonspor played against Fenerbahce, and from the 11th, it became as follows.

4 people missing in Trabzonspor

Trabzonspor, Fenerbahce, and four players were missing. Marek Hamsík, Vitor Hugo, Dorkhan Tokoz and Ismail Koibash, who were injured in the Burgundy blue team, were not included in the team before the important match.