(Summary) Fenerbahce-Tirana Match Results: 4-0


Fenerbahce faced Albanian champion Tirana in his second friendly match of the season, following Macedonian champion Shkupi. Fenerbahce won the match at Samandura Cambal to Facilities 4-0 as the Ulker Stadium was under maintenance.

Fenerbahce, who started the game early, led 1-0 with Berisha in the 9th minute and passed with this goal in the first half. The Yellow Navy Blue team, who started the second half effectively, increased the gap to 2 in the 53rd minute. Lincoln, Fenerbahce’s new transfer, managed to support both Fenerbahce’s goals. Percus, who appeared on the stage in the 83rd minute, scored the team’s third goal, and Samatta sent the goal to score the match in the 88th minute.

Minutes from the match

6’| Irfan Bachdim moved to the ball sent to the right side of Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce wanted to get out of the defense with a long ball. The ball went straight to the crown.

Goal | Fenerbahce took the lead 1-0 with a goal from Berisha in the 9th minute. Lincoln had the ball at the beginning of a free kick won by the Yellow Navy Blue team. Berisha kicked the ball with a ball sent by a Brazilian soccer player to the goal area and brought it to the net.


15 minutes | Yandash, who met the ball on Tirana’s half-court, separated the ball from the ball and did not allow the position.

20’| Da Silva, who went down to the bottom line from the right side of Tirana, lost control of the ball as he tried to escape from Lemos and enter the penalty area. The ball has left the stadium.

30 minutes | Berisha moved to the ball that Yandas sent behind the defense. Najdovski, who intervened in the last moment, sent the ball to the crown.

42’| Xhixha, who met the ball on the left side of Tirana, escaped from Osayi Samuel and stayed on the ground while trying to reach the bottom line. The referee of the match called it a foul.

Results of the first half | The first half of the match was passed with a 1-0 advantage of Fenerbahce.

Goal | Fenerbahce increased the gap to 2 with Novak’s goal in the 53rd minute. Towards the back post in the middle of Lincoln’s head, Novak blew the net with a headshot.

56’| Osai Samuel was activated with a ball sent by Irfan Jean Kavechi towards the final line. When Osai met the ball, he turned it in the goalkeeper Bekai.

59’| The tyrant has come into effect. Goalkeeper Ertugrul reached the corner and threw the ball into the corner, not allowing the goal.

73’| Fenerbahce is very close to the third goal. Uguru Khan, who met the ball on the left side on Lincoln’s pass, was kicked by goalkeeper Bekai, and the ball entered the corner from the post.

78’| Fenerbahce’s young soccer player, who launched Burak Kapacak’s attack from the right side, drove his opponent away and entered the penalty area. The defense who intervened in the last moment stole the ball.

Goal | Fenerbahce scored 3-0 with Percus in the 83rd minute. Enner Valencia, descending from the right side towards the bottom line, made the middle towards the penalty spot. Percus’s kick hit the net.

Goal | Fenerbahce increased his lead with Samatta to 4 in the 88th minute. In the middle of Brak Kapajak, who fell to the last line, Samatta sent the ball to the net.

Match Results | Fenerbahce left the match with a 4-0 victory.

From 11 seconds

Fenerbahce: Ertuğrul, Osayi, Lemos, Serdar Aziz, Novak, Gustavo, Mert Hakan Yandaş, 0054rfan Can Kahveci, Bruma, Lincoln, Berisha.

Tirana: Visar Beka, Kristijan Tosheivski, Filip Najdovski, Jocelin Behiratche, Marsel Ismajlgeci, Albano Aleksi, Vesel Limaj, Ennur Totre, Redon Xhixha, Taulant Seferi, Devid de Silva

Camp schedule announcement

After working in Samandilla, Fenerbahce will enter a camp in Bad Radkersburg, near the city of Graz, Austria, from July 1st to 7th. Yellow Navy Blues will play two friendly matches in this process. Canary will face Serbian Partisan on Saturday, July 2nd, and Hungary’s Mol Fehelber on Wednesday, July 6th. Both games will be played at the Mercury Arena in Graz.