(Summary) Fenerbahce-Konyaspor Match Results: 2-1

The most important match of the 30th week in the Super League was in Kadikoy, Fenerbache and Konyaspor, who wanted to win the Champions League ticket in second place and shared the trump card for victory. Undefeated in five games, Canary was able to beat Green White in front of thousands of fans.

In the first half of the mutual attack, Zymer Bytyqi led Konyaspor 1-0 with 35. The Anatolian Eagle was ahead in the changing room. Starting in the second half with a change of Mesut-Pelkas, Yellow-Lacivertliler completely destroyed the game in 45 minutes. Especially in Fenerbahce, which turned the battle into almost one castle after 1960, Kim Min-jae went up to the stage at 66 and ignited the core of victory: 1-1.

After increasing the pressure, Canary found a winning goal at the feet of Dimitrios Percus in 1988 and won the tough battle 2-1.

As a result, Canary scored 53 points, while Konya maintained 55 points.

Minutes from the match:

oneThe match referee, Haril Umt Meller, blew the first whistle and the battle began.

11th‘Konyaspor’ de Soner Dikmen tried his luck from a distance but shot a bad shot … Soner apologizes to his teammates.

Fenerbahce is approaching his goal!

17 17‘In the fast-growing Fenerbahce attack, Zaik dropped the ball from the penalty arc in front of Samuel, who entered the penalty area with a deep pass. Samuel was a hit without delay, but a very elegant save from goalkeeper Sechic.

29‘Mesut saw Zajc running diagonally to the right of the penalty area, the Slovenian player pulled away, and Rossi’s header was auto from the top, centered on the back post Rossi.


35‘At the right-wing throw-in, Cikallesi was empty, he saw Amilton. Amilton touched the ball with the tip of his foot in the last moment while Altay tried to control the ball, but Bitiki intervened and the ball crossed the line. Konyaspor led Kadikoy 1-0 and scored an interesting goal.

45 45‘Add +1 at the end of the first half.

The first half ended with Kadikoy.

46‘The second half has begun.

57 57Pelkas tried his luck from a distance, but couldn’t find the frame.

Fenerbahce waiting penalty!

60Ilfan Jean Carvech stayed on the ground in the penalty area, first with the defense and then with the intervention of goalkeeper Sehitch, Fenerbahce waited for the penalty. However, referee Haril Umt Meller listened to VAR and continued the match.


65 65Ilfan Jean Carvech scored a free kick diagonally to the right, and Sehitch could barely steal the ball from the left side, but Kim Min-jae completed the ball on the line and bounced off the post. Korean soccer players score 1-1.

The resulting position

68 68Fenerbahce increased the pressure, the ball stayed in front of Rossi in the penalty area, a Uruguayan soccer player hit his arrival, bounced off the defense and tried again, but goalkeeper De Rossi did not allow the goal.

76 76‘Ilfan Kang took a series of right-side corners. In his last corner, Sehic punches the ball and Zajc crosses the bow and hits his way, but brags.

81Pelkas sent the ball to Rossi, diagonally to the right of the penalty area, and Uruguay pulled to the left to hit, but could not find a goal.

83Crespo tried his luck from a distance and Sehitch pulled out. Bosniak goalkeeper then controlled the ball and bounced off the defense.

84 84‘This time, from a similar point, Arda Gurel tried his luck, but the ball remained on Sehitch’s lap.

87Fenerbahce intensified the attack, and Serdar Aziz left the ball in front of Samuel in the attack penalty area he supported. Samuel turned around and hit, but his shot had no effect.


88Crespo sent a big ball on the outside of his foot to Pelkas in the penalty area, who controlled the right corner with the same elegance and hit, pushing Fenerbahce forward 2-1.

90‘+4 will be added at the end of the match.

The match is over.

Fenerbahce-Konyaspor 11s:

Fenerbahce: Altay, Serdar Aziz, Min Jae, Szalai, Osayi-Samuel, Crespo, Zajc, قrfanCan, Rossi, Mesut Özil, Serdar Dursun

Konyaspor: Sehic, Skubic, Adil, Musa, Guilherme, Hadziahmetovic, Soner, Endri, Amilton, Bytyqi, Cikalleshi