(Summary) Fenerbahce-FC Shkupi Match Results: 2-2

North Macedonian champion FC Shkupi chose Turkey for camp. The team, owned by businessman Orgun Aidin, will begin his European adventure this season in the first qualifying round of the Champions League. He continued his pre-season work in Avant from June 17th, and the North Macedonian national team also played a friendly match at the camp and was productive. FC Shkupi, who played against Albanian champion Tirana in Avant, shared a trump card with Fenerbahce of Samandura today.

The Yellow Navy Blue team played their first match under the control of Jorge Jesus, but the new signing was also their first chance. The canary showed a good pace, but couldn’t stop the goal of Macedonian striker Sunday Adetunji. The Nigerian striker scored 13 and the new signature Lincoln Enrique responded 16 and finished 1-1 in the first half. At the beginning of the second half, even if Adetungi returned to the stage, Muhamed Gumshkaya gave the final word at 83 and the match was a 2-2 draw.

Field: Samandilla Can Baltu

Referee: Burak Taşkınsoy, Samet Özkul, Göktuğ Hazar Erel

Fenerbahce: Ertuğrul, Osayi-Samuel, Lemos, Serdar, Novak, Gustavo, Crespo, 0054rfanCan, Bruma, Lincoln, Berisha

Shkupi: Naumovsky, Brdarovsky, Sengor, Marguerashibiri, Shezi, Inacio, Zlatkov, Alvarez, Hamidi, Danga, Sunday

Target: Min.16 Lincoln, Min.82 Muhammed Gümüşkaya (Fenerbahce)-Min.13 and Min. 47 Sunday (Shkupi)

yellow card: Inacio, Sheji (Shkupi)

The second half team except El Toururu has changed

Fenerbahce started the second half of Shkupi’s game with five changes. The dark blue team was replaced by Mbwana Samatta, Brakkapajak, Valencia, Charty Kulkarp and Samatta in place of Crespo, Lincoln, Osai Samuel, Novak and Berisha. In the 57th minute of the battle, five more players changed. Serdar Aziz, Lemos, Gustavo, 0054rfanCan, and Bruma have been replaced by Yiğit Efe וncedemir, Tisserand, Meyer, 0054smail Yüksek, and Arda Okan Kurtulan. In the second half, Jesus changed all players except goalkeeper Ertugrul.


67 minutes into the match, Chartai Kurkar was injured and left the match. Uğur Kaan Yıldız has been replaced by Çağtay.

Examples of actions from Jesus

Fenerbahce coach Jorge Jesus demanded that the coin toss be given a favorable goal, even if the opposing team had an advantage.

The match, which began at 18.00 at the Samandira Cambal to Facilities, ended in favor of Fenerbahce at the coin toss. However, Jesus demanded that the visiting team give a strong Luke to the sun to be fair for the sun.

Bloomer and Lincoln join the first match

Fenerbahce’s new signing, Bruma and Lincoln, played their first friendly match.

In a friendly match against Shkupi for the Yellow Dark Blue team, the new transfer Bruma and Lincoln wore Fenerbahce jerseys. In the first half, he thanked both players for their performance, but Lincoln scored a goal and was at the forefront.

The president followed the match

Fenerbahce President Ali Koç, Shkupi President Orgun Aidin, and Giresunspor President Hakan Karaamet followed the match between Fenerbahce and Shkupi. Serahattin Baki and Ahmet Ketenchi, directors of the Yellow-Navy Club, also watched the match at Samandira.

Meanwhile, Shkupi President Orgun Aidin presented Fenerbahce President Ali Koç with a 1907 jersey signed by the player and himself.

Minutes from the match:

1‘The match has begun.

Fenerbahce’s new transfer Bruma will be on the field for the first time in a dark blue jersey.


13Shkupi lead 1-0 with a goal from star striker Sunday Adetungi.


16 16The reaction from Fenerbahce wasn’t delayed … the new transfer Lincoln brings the Yellow Navy Blues to a draw: 1-1.

Lincoln Enrique, another new name for the Yellow Navy Blues, scored his first goal in his first match. Miguel Crespo was the first person to bless him.

The first period is over.

46 minutes The second half has begun.


47 minutes Sunday Adetunji is back on stage and Sukupi leads again … the score is 2-1!


83‘Returning from a loan from Muhammed Gümüşkaya, Giresunspor, the score and score are rebalanced: 2-2.

90‘The battle is over.

Fenerbahce 11: Ertugrul, Count of Lemos, Selder, Novak, Osai, Gustabo, Crespo, Bruma, Irfan Bachdim, Lincoln, Berisha