(Summary) Caykur Rize Spor-Trabzonspor Match Results: 3-2-Trabzonspor (TS) News

In the 30th week of the Super League, the excitement of the Black Sea derby was experienced. The Chaikul Rize Spor-Trabzonspor match at the Chaikul Didi Stadium was breathtaking. The host, who was in the line of fire and had no choice but to win, managed to knock out his strong enemy 3-2. After scoring 3 points with Joel Pohjanpalo’s 3 penalty goals and winning 7 games and losing 4 games, Atmacaral reached 26 points and was the first to win at Bülent Colkmatz.

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Trabzonspor took the lead with 70 points and scored goals with Abdülkadir Omur and Janini, but not enough points. After 13 undefeated wins in a row, Bordeaux Bruce under the control of Abdullah Abju suffered his second defeat in the league.

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Trabzonspor de Bruno Peres was suspended before Besiktas issued a yellow card. Second place Konyaspor reduces the point difference between the Bordeaux blue teams to 12 if they are 3 points away from Fenerbahce.

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Minutes from the match:

8 feet Semari, who stole the ball to the left side in the attack of the rapidly developing Chaicle Rize Spor, thought of Alper Potuk running, but the defense of Trabzonspor intervened.

11th Trabzonspor protected the middle of Bisca after using the rusty horns. Rize Spor’s defense intervened and stole the ball.

16 minutes Cemari intervened while Visca was trying to create the middle of the Trabzonspor attack under development.

18 minutes Boyd, who met the ball with a Sabo pass at Caykur Rize Spor, was placed in the penalty area from the right side, leaving a round leather goalkeeper in Els.

19 minutes Trabzonspor is very close to the goal. Faced with goalkeeper Gekan, Bisca fired a shot after the ball bounced off Punk on Els’s long pass, but was unable to pass the experienced goalkeeper and was unable to take advantage of a clear position.

20 minutes Rizespor’s No. 10 Boldrin fired the ball from outside the penalty area, leaving the ball in goalkeeper Els.

22 minutes Grabbing the ball from his opponent and moving towards the arc of the penalty area, Alper fired a shot at Void’s left and the ball flew over.

26 minutes Dorkhan, who went up to the rear post made by Ismail from the left side, lowered the ball with his head. Djaniny, who couldn’t get the last hit when he became available, couldn’t take advantage of the clear opportunity.

29 minutes The match referee, Volkan Bayarslan, canceled the match and demanded that the lines closed due to snowfall be re-clarified.

Half an hour The match has resumed as the field officials have resumed the line.

38 minutes Bordrin used a free kick at Rizepo and the ball went up in the sky.

39 minutes Ponk, who fouled Janiny in the attack of Trabzonspor, received a yellow card.

The first 45 minutes ended 0-0.

The second half has begun.

Goal | 48 minutes Trabzonspor scored a goal. Abdulaziz Omühl, who met the ball at the penalty spot on Djaniny’s pass, shook the net with a clear shot and pushed the team forward. 0-1.

55 minutes Bülent Korkmaz, technical director of Caykur Rize Spor, intervened in the game with two changes. Pohjanpalo will replace Cisse and Bolasie will replace Boldrin.

56 minutes Holmen, who wanted to block the ball bouncing in the penalty area, remained on the ground after Nuwakaeme’s intervention. The match referee, Volkan Bayarslan, showed a penalty spot without hesitation, and Rizespor won the penalty.

Goal | 59 minutes When Pohjanpalo hit the white spot, the ball hit the net and the home team was drawn. 1-1.

63 minutes After the ball returned from Denswill with a void shot in the penalty area, Rizespor’s players waited for the penalty and Volcan Bayarslan continued the match. Upon examining his position with a VAR warning, Bayarslan pointed to a penalty spot because Denswill touched the ball with his hand.

Goal | 64′ Pohjanpalo led the team by hunting Els with a penalty kick. 2-1.

69 minutes Abdülkadir Omur and Ismail Koibash came to the side of Trabzonspor. Andreas Cornelius and Yusuf Erdogan are participating in the game.

Goal | 70 minutes Bisca, jogging on the ball lifted by Cornelius, entered the penalty area and saw an empty Janini. The ball bounced off goalkeeper Gökhan when an experienced striker hit his arrival. 2-2.

75 minutes Trabzonspor’s experienced right-back Bruno Peres was shown a yellow card after a foul against Semari and was interrupted in front of Besiktas Derby.

78 minutes For the home team, Gyokuhangonur will replace Sabo, and for the visitor team, Bakasetas will replace Nuwakaeme.

82 minutes Entering the penalty area from the left side of Gedson, the ball bounced off Ahmetkan remained in front of Pohjanpallo. The 27-year-old striker placed the ball diagonally to the right of Els.

85 minutes Void and Alper are on the side of Rize Spo. Yusuf Sari and Ronaldo Mendes have joined the game.

90 + 3′ Joel Pohjanpalo, who hung behind Trabzonspor’s defense on Gedson’s long pass, remained on the ground with the intervention of Els Cardeshler in the penalty area, and Volcan Bayarslan showed a penalty spot in favor of Rizepol for the third time. After the position was over, a yellow card was issued to goalkeeper Erce.

Goal | 90 + 5′ Pohjanpalo, who was at the forefront of the ball, sent a leather ball and Els to another corner and shook the net. The hat-trick striker scored a third goal for himself and his team.

Startes: Caykur Didi

Referee: Volkan Bayarslan, Ceyhun Sesigüzel, Kerem Ersoy, Onur Ozutoprak

Caykur Rize Spor: Gokhan Akkan-Sabo (minimum 77 Gyokhan), Holmen, Carlos Ponck, Cemali Sertel, Phili, Gedson Fernandez, Boyd (minimum 84 Mendes), Boldrin (minimum 54 Borassy), Alper Potuk (minimum 84 Yusuf Sari) ), Papiss Cissé (minimum 54 Pohjanpalo)

Trabzonspor: Erce-Peres, Ahmetcan, Denswil, 0054smail (Min 68 Yusuf), Siopis, Dorukhan (Min 86 Berat), Visca, Abdülkadir (Min 68 Cornelius), Nwakaeme (Min 76 Bakasetas), Djaniny (Min 86 Koita))

Goal: Minutes. 58 (P)-Minimum 64 (P) -Minimum 90 + 4 (P) Pohjanpalo (Chaikle Rize Spor)-Minimum 47 Abdulaziz Omur, Min. 70 Djaniny (Trabzonspor)

yellow card: Carlos Ponck, Semari (Caykur Rize Spor)-Denswill, Perez, Els (Trabzonspor)