(Summary) Basakshehir-Trabzonspor Match Results: 3-1-Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, who declared the championship three weeks before the end of the Super League, was a guest of Basakshehir in the 38th week of the match. It was a very moving match for Abdullah Abju and Bisca. The students of Emre Belözoglu won the match, winning stormy 3 to 1 in the first half, finishing the season with 3 points, raising the score to 65 and competing in the UEFA Europa Conference League next season.

The Burgundy blue team missed the chance to break the point record (82) for the 1995-1996 and 2010-2011 seasons, ending the season with 81 points.

Okaka, Epreeanu and Serdal Guller scored the goals that brought Basakshehir a victory. Trabzonspor’s only goal came from Nuwakaeme.

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Minutes from the match

Okaka opened the goal curtain

Goal | In the 11th minute of the match, host Basakshehir led 1-0 with Okaka’s goal. Marmut Techdemir, who met the ball on the right side, sent a big cross to the back post with his left foot. Stefano Okaka Chuka, who excels in the field, has advanced the team with a smooth header.

When the minutes of the struggle showed 20 minutes, Basakshehir became the party that created the danger. Daniel Alexic kicked the ball in front of the goal in a rapidly evolving Basakshehir attack, but the ball returned from defense. Trezeguet wanted to complete a spinning ball, but the ball that hit the defense headed for the corner.

In the 22nd minute, Basakshehir approached the goal again. When Trezeguet hit the back post when Seldal Guller hit the back post, Trezeguet kicked from an empty position, but the ball spread wide from the side.

This time, 26 minutes after the start of the game, Trabzonspor came in a dangerous state. Taking the ball from the right side down to the last line, Bisca successfully centered, but Andreas Cornelius couldn’t send the ball to the goal.

Epureanu widened lead to 2

Goal | Basakshehir scored 2-0 with a goal from Epreeanu in the 31st minute of the match. Alexandru Epureanu, who was successful in the free kick sent by Seldal Guller to the back post, gave the team a 2-0 lead.

After seeing two goals in the castle, Trabzonspor tried to fill the gap with an effective attack in the 34th minute, but failed to get a result. Anastasios Bakasetas was at the center of the free kick that Trabzonspor won in the middle of his opponent’s half. Andreas Cornelius in front of the goal didn’t touch the ball as he wanted.

Trabzonspor caught offside

In the 37th minute Trabzonspor scored a goal with Vitor Hugo but was stuck offside. Bakasetas was very well in the center of Trabzonspor’s free kick near his opponent’s penalty area. Bitter Hugo, who went well in the penalty area, sent the ball into the net with a smooth shot, but before that, the offside flag went up to Hugo.

This time, Seldal Guller will be on stage

Goal | Basakshehir scored 3-0 with a goal from Serdal Guller in the 42nd minute. In Başakşehir’s counterattack, Trezeguet stood at the center of the back post. Seldal Guller appreciated Hugo’s mistakes and advanced the team 3-0 with a smooth shot.

The first half of the battle ended with a 3-0 advantage of Basakshehir.

Trabzonspor took turns starting the second half of the match. Abdullah Abju, who saw three goals in the castle in the first half, took all three names from the match to thwart the match in the second half of the match. Hüseyin Türkmen, Djaniny and Yusuf Erdoğan have joined the game, and Berat Özdemir, Vitor Hugo and قsmail Köybaşı have also been removed from the game.

Bakasetas could not pass the pole

Trabzonspor started the second half of the match early. In the 47th minute, Anastasios Bakasetas sent a hard shot from outside the penalty area to the goal and returned from the post to the stadium.

Basakshehir tried his luck from a distance when the match showed 50 minutes. Daniel Alexic hit the ball hard when Trezeguet pointed it from the left side to the bow, but failed from the round leather side.

Trabzonspor appeared more often in half of the opponents in the second half. Cornelius, who had good control over the ball that Bakasetas sent into the penalty area in the 51st minute, couldn’t get the shot he wanted.

Without permission from Volcan Babakan

Trabzonspor was on the dangerous side in 54 minutes. However, they were unable to pass through Volcan Babakan. Half of Edin Bishza in the penalty area was filled with defense. Yusuf Erdogan hit a spinning ball on arrival. Volcan Babacan reached out wonderfully and brought the ball to the corner.

At this time, Trabzonspor attacks began to occur one after another. Anthony Nuwakaeme hit the ball well and Anastasios Bakasetas sent it to the penalty area in the 58th minute, but goalkeeper Volcan did not allow the goal and entered the corner.

Nuwakaeme scored this time

Goal | In the 59th minute of the match, Trabzonspor reduced the lead to 2 with a goal from Nuwakaeme. A corner kick taken by Anastasias Bacasetas overtook everyone and landed Bisca on the other side. Visca’s excellent midfielder was left behind by Anthony Nuwakaeme. Anthony Nuwakaeme skipped her head and forgot herself in the back post. His smooth shot from an empty position met the net.

Trabzonspor became the party that created the danger again in the 66th minute. The corner kick used by Anastasios Bakasetas went to Bisca in the opposite wing. Andreas Cornelius hit his head when Bisca reached the penalty area, but the ball got bigger.

Volcan Babakan was the name that did not allow Trabzonspor in the 82nd minute. Djaniny stood up well and hit the ball sent to the penalty area from the left, but goalkeeper Djaniny became a giant again in his castle.

There was no sound of another goal in the fight, and Basakshehir managed to get a European visa by winning 3-1 and leaving the field.

Basaksehir-Trabzonspor 11s:

Basakse Hill: Volkan, Caiçara, Epureanu, Duarte, Lima, Tolga, Mahmut, Serdar, Aleksic, Trezeguet, Okaka.

Trabzonspor: Ugurkan, Ismail, Hugo, Ahmetkan, Dorkhan, Berat, Siopis, Bacasetas, Bisha, Nuwakaeme, Cornelius.

Basakshehir applauds champion Trabzonspor

The players of Medipol Başakşehir applauded when the players of the champion Trabzonspor entered the field. In addition, Mahmut Tekdemir, the captain of the Orange Dark Blue team, presented flowers to his former teammate Edin Visca.

Basakshehir will face Trabzonspor in the 38th week of the Sport Super League. Before this challenging match, there was a beautiful image between the two teams. Basakshehir players applauded the Trabzonspor players who declared their championship a few weeks ago when they entered the field. The captain of the Orange Dark Blue team, Mamut Tech Demir, has also sweated the Basakshehir jersey for over a decade and presented flowers to his former teammate Bisca, who won the Trabzonspor.

In addition, Medipol Başakşehir Technical Director Emre Belözoğlu presented flowers to Abdullah Avcı, Trabzonspor Technical Director, a former coach of the Orange Dark Blue team.

Yusuf Yajichi, Basakse Hill-Trabzonspor Match

Former Trabzonspor soccer player Yusuf Yazuchi plays for Russia’s CSKA Moscow team and watches a match between Medipole Bashakshehir-Trabzonspor and Ahmet Aoul, head of the Burgundy Blue team, in the Protocol Tribune. ..

Medipole Bashakshehir will host Trabzonspor in the 38th week of the Sport Super League. Former Burgundy blue team player Yusuf Yazuchi is also following this challenging match. Yusuf did not neglect to pose the lens with President Ahmet Aoul of Trabzonspor and Vice President Erturul Doan before the match.

Receive Uçar at the stand

In addition, Receipt Usal, a former assistant to Burgundy Blue Team coach Abdullah Avc, is watching the fight from the stand. Usar, who won the championship at Umraniye Spor and will be in the Super League next season, spoke with Basakshehir CEO Mustafa Erogutt for some time before the match.