(Summary) Anadolu Efes-Galatasaray Nev Match Results: 104-77-Basketball News

In Round 5 of the ING Basketball Super League Semifinal Series, Anadolu Efes, under the control of Elgin Ataman, who finished second in the regular season, welcomed Galatasaray Neff for a great break. With Andreas Pistiolis, who finished third in the regular season.

In the series that witnessed a big battle, Efes was a laughing stock. Efes, who won the match at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall 104-77, the league and Euroleague champion for the past two years, won the yellow and red teams 3-2 in the series and Fenerbahcebeco in the final. I became a rival.

Göksenin Köksal and Vasilije Micic could not be completed

In the match between Anadolu Efes and Galatasaray Nev, unfortunate injuries occurred on behalf of both teams. Galatasaray Nev’s captain, Göksenin Köksal, was injured in the second phase and was unable to continue the match.

Anadolu Efes star Vasiliye Mitch was also injured in the third period and was unable to come to the fieldside on a stretcher to finish the match.

Minutes from the match:

Anadolu Efes under the control of Elgin Ataman in a match at the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall. Larkin, Micic, Bryant, Moerman and Dunston went up to the floor with the first five people. Meanwhile, Galatasaray Nef, under the control of Andreas Pistiolis, joined the first five with Dee Bost, Melo, Göksenin Köksal, Sadık Emir Kabaca and Blackshear.

The first period of the match, which began with a mutual basket of two teams, ended with a 26-26 draw. Anadolu Efes, who relaxed the attack with a Larkin hit from behind the three-point line, was ahead of Galatasaray Nev by 9 points in the locker room: 51-42.

In the third period, when Anadolu Efes dominated both offensive and defensive, Galatasaray Neff widened the gap and went out of the game, Larkin continued to hit from behind the 3-point line, and Anadolu Efes was 28 points behind. I advanced to the final. Match period: 81-53.

Anadolu Efes, who did not give up his score advantage to his opponent during the last period of the match, won the 104-77 match, became 3-2 in the series and became a rival to Fenerbahcebeco in the final.

Living room: Sinan Eldem

Referee: Yener Yılmaz, Ersan Kartal, Alper Altuğ Köselerli

Anatolian Ephesus: Larkin 28, Singleton 10, Bryant 13, Ömer Canðlyasoğlu, Erten Gazi 6, Egemen Güven 1, Moerman 10, Buğrahan Tuncer 8, Micic 14, Dunston 14

Galatasaray Nev: Dee Bost 14, Canaan 5, Trimble 10, Ndour 20, Sadık Emir Kabaca 11, Rıdvan Öncel, Eray Aydoğan 2, Canberk Kuş 6, Okben Ulubay, Blackshear 9, Ege Tan Yıldı zoğlu, Göksenin Köksal

1. Period: 26-26

first half: 51-42

3. Period: 81-53

Matching result: 104-77

Semifinal series:

  • 1. Match: Anadolu Efes-Galatasaray: 70-105 (0-1)
  • 2. Match: Anadolu Efes-Galatasaray: 91-77 (1-1)
  • 3. Match: Galatasaray-Anadolu Efes: 64-71 (1-2)
  • 4. Match: Galatasaray-Anadolu Efes: 86-81 (2-2)
  • 5. Match: Anadolu Efes-Galatasaray: 104-77 (3-2)

Summary of Anadolu Efes-Galatasaray Series

Galatasaray Nev was incredibly in harmony with the team’s top coach Andrea Spistiolis in the 25th week of the season and did not lose to the playoff semifinals, EuroLeague champion Anadolu Efes. Yellow Red was able to catch the tired Dark Blue White of the Final Four prematurely in the first match and beat them with a historic margin. Aslan’s job became even more difficult when Efes stirred from the second game, but he didn’t stop fighting until the last second. Galatasaray lost the second and third games in front of the fans. This was the first defeat in the Pistiolis league.

On Thursday night, Galatasaray went out on the field and played the last trump card in the series. This was behind 2-1. The EuroLeague champion, with the great support of fans who completely filled Sinan Erdem, took advantage of their opponents’ mistakes, leveled the situation and brought the semi-final series to the fifth game. Therefore, Aslan of Pistiolis achieved 11 wins in 13 games. In the fifth and final game of the series, both teams will do their best to get the final ticket. Taking advantage of the field advantage, Efes defeated Galatasaray 104-77 to become Fenerbahcebeco’s opponent in the final.