Successful athletes were awarded at Shechtkamil and experienced pride, happiness and enthusiasm in the field of sports together.

Şehitkamil Municipality recognizes athletes with great success in various chapters during the 2021-202 season on national and international platforms. There was great enthusiasm for the program, which was held with the participation of the Champion Club.
ALG Sports Club completed the T. Women’s Football Super League as a champion in the 2021-202 season, Gadian Tep Basketball Club completed the Turkish Basketball Federation Youth League as a champion, and Nizip Zeugma Sports completed the European Club Hockey Championship. The club tops are Men’s and Women’s Open Gadian Tep Police Gukyu Sports Club, Women’s Indoor Hockey Super League, Gadian Tep Youth and Turkish Volleyball Federation 2nd League Winners & Youth who completed the Field Hockey Super League and Indoor Hockey Super League as champions. 25 to the national teams of the five branches: Sports Club, Sports Club Volleyball Men’s Team, Shahin Bay Youth & Sports Club, which finished second in the Ampty Football Super League, Gadian Tep Asia Sports Club Women’s Second League, which won the Turkish Football Federation. Shechtkamil Beladye Spor, who brought in players, brought great pride and happiness to the program, which was held with the participation of the club’s players.
Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul, Gaziantep District Governor Omel Caraille, Gaziantep Mayor Lidovan Fadilloul, Gaziantep Youth Sports Minister Muhittin Osbay, Gaziantep Amateur Sports Club President Abdulkadir Gezegil Champion Athletes ..
“Amateur sports facilities reduce the burden on Gaziantep.”
To the attendees of the award ceremony, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul said the facility built by the city of Shechtkamil has reduced the burden on Gaziantep, especially for amateur sports. Governor Gul said: But we always have to look at half a glass. If you look at half the glass, you can see that this year was better than last year and the previous year was better than the previous year. The number of sports facilities is increasing in Gaziantep. We are together under the host of Mayor Shechtkamil. The facility built by the city of Shechtkamil, especially for amateur sports, will reduce the burden on Gaziantep. Do you still need it? yes, I have. In this way, I think that new facilities will be created in the city. Your number will increase as new facilities are built. This organization of our municipality is very valuable in that it remembers you, remembers your success, and feels the same emotions as you, not the award. Thanks to President Rıdvan and his team. Congratulations to you, your teacher, your supporters, and the club owners. With you, we believe we still have a long way to go. Together we have great success. Thank you for letting our city live again with this feeling, and wish you a lot of success. “
“We are in the kitchen of this business.”
Rıd van Fadıloğlu, Mayor of Shechtkamil, said they would stay in the kitchen of the business in the field of sports and lay the foundation for professional points. Fadıloğlu said: We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all athletes in the field of individual and team sports who have made us smile in various chapters during the 2021-202 season. I hope you come back. A respected governor of Gaziantep has been appointed to work together to develop the activities of Gaziantep Sports City. Here we work in harmony with the National Department of Education, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Amateur Sports Club Federation and all federations. As a municipality, we put our bodies under stones, not hands. The city of Shechtkamil has hired 25 athletes for the national team, especially in certain branches. There is one thing we always say. We will be in the kitchen of this business, we said we will prepare the foundation for professional points. We will continue to do this in the future. But today we are here to reward the athletes and teams that represent Gaziantep in the professional league. Congratulations to all the successful athletes again. Thanks to the technical committee, managers, and the support of governors and district governors. ”

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