Statement of Akif Ustender as TFF President-TRT Spor

Akif Ustender said that for the first week of the FIVB Women’s League in Ankara, the finals will be held again in the capital and his name is on the agenda of the TFF Presidency.

Üstündağ said he wanted to make Turkey a sporting country, “I am an athlete. I have been involved in basketball for many years. I have also been involved in soccer for many years. Fortunately, I am always praised and blessed. In these missions that he served, it is not criticism or criticism, but that we are doing our job well. “

Akif Ustender said he was proud to be considered in non-volleyball chapters, saying:

“It’s an indescribable pride to me to be considered in other branches. In that sense, I thank everyone. But military service in volleyball continues. My duty here continues. I want to serve in volleyball, but as an athlete, I want every branch to be successful. Where is my name? “

-“We are proud of the team”

The first week of the FIVB Women’s Nations League organization in the capital has been successfully completed, Üstündağ said: Organization. “I made a statement.

Üstündağ expresses pride and gratitude to everyone who follows the organization, “We receive countless celebrations and celebrations. We are proud of the team. The first week and the end of the organization. Brought both to Turkey. The first week was 3 wins and 1 loss. The festival within the organization said, “Visual, excitement, and results came in second. No one saw the results. These beauty. It’s just the essence. “

Recalling that the finals will be held again in Ankara on July 13-17 after the stages in Brazil and Canada, Üstündağ said, “The best teams in the world are coming. They will be in the finals in the top eight capitals. World We need to stay in the rankings. We want to be in the top three. Seeding is very important. We have returned from eight tournaments in Brazil and Canada with six wins and continue to be in the top four. You can .. He said.

“We are here in the prestigious presidency as a work of heart, love and service.” “The country and the community are responsible. To everyone who loves us so much. Thank you, “said Üstündağ. He expressed his opinion.

Emphasizing that Turkey deserves great achievements, Üstündağ said: , We have been successful in various branches and they must be sustainable. “We have become a country of volleyball. This is the greatest pride for the president of the Volleyball Federation. This pride belongs to everyone who has contributed.” He concludes his speech.