Statement of “1915 Canakkale Bridge” from Directorate General of Highways-Turkey News Just Before

Statement made 1915 Canakkale Bridge ‘The contract states that the construction and operation period of the project (16 years, 6 months, 12 days in total) will not change at all, and the period that will occur if the project is completed early will not change. It is included in the operation period.

In a statement; the 1915 Canakkale Bridge, respecting the ancestors of the Martyrs, raising the flag of national independence, emphasizing that it is one of the newest and most accurate works of Turkey to compete with the world. This work of art is a testament to our determination that the future and respect of our ancestors will protect the national economy and national independence, and our vision is to integrally increase and strengthen the infrastructure investment that triggers development. It is a valuable part of. ..

“Savings of € 622.5 million”

On the other hand, it was pointed out that there were false reports and remarks about the Canakkale Bridge and the Marcara Canakkale Expressway in 1915, which celebrated the 107th anniversary of the victory of the Canakkale Navy.

“Article 5 of the contract with the contractor is a clear and clear statement that the construction and operating period (16 years, 6 months, 12 days total) will not change, while this is the early stage of the project. A contract that the period that occurs when completed is included in the operation period. The provisions of this contract have made it possible to take 1.5 years to open by encouraging contractors to end the project early. Faster, thus saving 622.5 million euros. Article 5 of the contract:’If the highway is completed within 5 years and 6 months and is not in service, the delay period will be deducted from the service period. When the highway is completed If the operation is started 5 years and 6 months ago, the early opening period will be added to the operation period. In this case, the total contract period will not be changed. “

“The alleged damage is imaginary and false accusation.”

He noted that the project was completed with an investment of € 2,045 million, “calculated (nominal costs of estimates) are” requisition costs “,” operating and severe maintenance costs “and” financial costs “. The existing company is € 4,039 million, and the state promises to the responsible company € 3,0796 million. This cost is 12 percent less, despite the early start of operation. The damage is purely fictitious and deficient. The project, on the other hand, totals € 415 million annually. The savings are € 382 million, the fuel consumption is € 31 million and the equivalent of 3,234 trees. 1,000,000 euros in terms of the environment with reduction of carbon emissions. € 1 billion, annual impact on employment is 118,209.

“I warned you many times.”

The allegations were stated to be aimed at providing and directing false information to the public, “repeating that opposition is not hostile to your country or nation. They follow this hostile line. We did our best to abandon. To mislead our country with lies and prevent foreign tourists and investors from coming to Turkey with false claims and intimidation, we repeatedly warn them to stop trying. When they did not give up on this path, we started legal proceedings on their various slanders. We introduced them to the goodwill and justice of the masses, but lied as an ideology, Those who adopted overrun, defamation, accepted the new one after each of the failed claims and began to “oppose”. Don’t stop trying to make them look like they’re doing. We do not stop serving our country or fighting these customers. “

Video: Visual Feast at Canakkale Bridge in 1915