Statement from Lions on the Net before SporToto matches

The Galatasaray HDI Sigorta Men’s Volleyball Team continues to prepare for a match against Sport in the 26th week of the AXA Sigorta Efferor League.

After training at Galatasaray Park Volleyball Hall, head coach Nedim Osbay, players Doukanul, Melisrata, Onulkanchakul, Beiturahatipol and Muzafar Yonetim prepare for the Turkish Cup on Galatasaray TV and prepare for the semifinals. I evaluated it.

Head coach Nedim Özbey said he wanted to win the match and morale to go to the Turkish Cup, using the following phrase:

“This is a very important match, and I think there will be a turkey cup match in the second week of April. The opponent is SporToto. We beat them here and are more moral. I want to prepare. We are working well and it was a busy season with many injuries, surgery and illnesses. It was a really unfortunate season. We broke them all and put them in a great shape in the Turkish Cup. I want to go. We will continue to work for him. I think we will be the winning team. Playing in Sivas is also very good. Playing in big halls. Arriving early. Pandemic Beginning, we lost the Turkish Cup and League, that was when we were most in shape. All teams are influenced by Covid. Very much in soccer, basketball and volleyball. There was an unlucky time. Sometimes we went to a match with 8-9 people. Health is our top priority. We outperformed all of them. After the last match, the Turkish Cup Invite everyone to Shivas for the match. “

Regarding the Spor Toto match, our player Doğukan Ulu said:

“The Turkish Airlines match was tough for us. They also pushed us a bit because they also had the goal of being in the top eight. We were on the side who knew how to win. Regular We will have the last match of the season. The SporToto match is very important to us. We matched them in the Turkish Cup. Before that, we have the opportunity to test ourselves. This match I want to win and get ready for the Turkish Cup match. “

Melih Sıratça said they would play an important match, saying: It was a tough match. Sometimes there is a loss of concentration. We knew how to win. I will do my best to reach 6th place. SporToto is our last game. An important match before the semi-finals of the Turkish Cup. Play against SporToto for two consecutive games. We need to win. To make it to the semi-finals, you have to win. I hope we will be the winners. We are waiting for fans to join the game. ” He said.

Onulkan Chakir, who said he wanted to continue winning in a row, said: We’re not where we want, but we want to win the match and finish the league in the best possible way. Then play a cup match. Before that, it will be a game like preparation for us. Tactically, technically and psychologically. An important game for us. I am doing my best to prepare. We want to keep winning in a row and finish the league in the best possible way. The next goal is to win a trophy. Next year I would like to finish in the best place at 5-8 and represent Galatasaray in the Europa Cup. ” Said.

Beytullah Hatipoğlu said: I think it’s perfect for preparing a cup. We hope we can win and have more fun participating in the cup game. I used the phrase.

Muzaffer Yönetim said he wanted to win both matches, saying: This is the last match of the season. In fact, it will be a very good test for us. We will face Spor Toto in both the final match of the season and the semi-finals of the Turkish Cup. I want to win both games. That is the only goal. ” He said.