Statement from Fenerbahce: Our legitimacy has been proved once again

Fenerbahce issued a statement on its official website: “In the so-called matchfixing case, which began on July 3, 2011, Fenerbahce will take over in football after the Supreme Court’s Fifth Criminal Chamber upholds the conviction. The ruling confirmed that July 3, 2011 was a “conspiracy.” A FETO member police officer who was unable to accept the conviction in a conspiracy established in Fenerbahce in 2011 filed an appeal with the Istanbul District Court. The statement was included.

The Yellow and Dark Blue Club statement is as follows:

The Fifth Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals, so-called matchfixing, launched on July 3, 2011, focused on the capture of Fenerbache in football, which failed to accept the registration on July 3, 2011. After approving the innocence of the case, it was founded in 2011 as a “conspiracy” and in 2011 for Fenerbache. The acquittal of a FETÖ member police officer who played a role in the crime against the conviction was dismissed by the Istanbul District Court.

Therefore, “we are right, we win” while once again proving our correctness to the “plot” we have been saying from day one to today. Amending this decision of the district court, which considered our club a victim, of “invasion of privacy of communications, false accusation, recording of private conversations between people, and infringement of confidentiality of communications”. Accepted a request for participation by crime. ‘. Therefore, our club was included in the file as both a victim and a participant.

All judgments given to the defendant were approved after the appeal decision on the “conspiracy case”, but some penalties were finalized and some judgments were approved, but due to legal obligations, the appeal was made. The method is open to the Court of Cassation.

All given judgments and acquittals, the decision not to appoint a judgment, and all other decisions were also approved. The court also decided to continue detention of all detained defendants. We have decided to fix the file typographical errors, including some miscalculations and expressions, and uphold the conviction.

Our club attorney, Naim Karakaya, evaluated the district court’s decision.

“The sacrifice of our club and community and the process of July 3rd, to which our Fenerbahce was exposed, was deeply focused and practiced by members of the organization to serve the purpose of the organization. High Court. The District Court emphasizes that our club must participate as a “participant”, that is, as a party to the litigation and as a victim of previous litigation in these litigations, and our club. Accepted your request. .. The High Court said that not only those who were charged, but also those who were investigated by the public prosecutor’s office during the process of July 3, 2011, could be victims and the assessment should be done by Istanbul Heavy. Said. The Criminal Court just overturned this part for our club and our community and sent it to the heavy Criminal Court in Istanbul. In this regard, Fenerbahce’s request was accepted by the district court. Defendants’ opposition that they were not punished or that they were expensive was also rejected. The part where the defendant tried to force a change in the constitutional order and the membership of the terrorist organization are upheld, and the file is sent to the Supreme Court for final review. ” Said.

We are fighting the illegality of the law and the law is widespread after the Istanbul District Court has ruled an appeal and stated that more judgments should be made against some defendants. Emphasize that again!