Statement from Fatih Terim and discharge from Galatasaray’s former manager, Leysin Eposdemir

Attorney Lezan Eposdemir, who was the vice president of Galatasaray’s first list of Burak Elmas but resigned due to disagreement, issued a statement about the general assembly’s decision and the election period for the yellow-red club.

The highlights of the statement by former Galatasaray manager Leysin Eposdemir are:

After being elected, I was Vice President of the Galatasaray Sports Club Association and Vice President of Sportif A.Ş. Meanwhile, the TFF has expressed systematic opposition to Galatasaray. I had to react here. In a meeting with the Governor, he said that he should take an opposition to this, but he said, “We will be polite and change the system.” To change the Turkish football system, TFF or other major football actors need to be with you. Of the 20 clubs, we were the only ones who did not explain the incredible referee’s mistakes after the match. There was a deep division here. I expressed opposition, I struggled for it. The resigned consultant, who was a member of Fenerbahce, attended the board of directors in Galatasaray’s bedroom.

“I met the expression of Garris at the board of directors.”

According to the Galatasaray Act, it is not possible to appoint a CEO. Administrative authority can be delegated to the secretariat. A chief executive officer has been appointed, he said, “you never talk to the manager, you will be ordered by me.” I have power, but I can’t use it. At the board where we said these, we came across Galiz’s expression.

“Fatih Terim’s transmission was wrong”

Fatih Terim has been dispatched. The timing and method were extremely wrong. Anyway, Fatih Terim is one of the most valuable coaches of Turkish football. He may have lost his bet in the league, but if he continues in Europe, he will meet Barcelona … the one who spent his life serving Galatasaray. The description of his posting process was very wrong.

“Financial promises were not kept”

There was a sexist post by a board member using masculine and feudal language. There was a lot of backlash in the community. The sport’s success did not come, the release was negotiated. I tried to put pressure on the young members, but this also caused a backlash. The financial promise was not kept. There is no sponsorship or cash ease … No action could be taken for the Kemerburgaz, Florya, Riva and Mecidiyeköy projects.

“If an election decision is made, the exhibition will not be held.”

At the end of the day, a decision was made at the General Assembly. The decision must be respected. I talked inside, but it wasn’t worth it. In fact, this member’s view was revealed at the General Assembly.

Had the extraordinary election decision been made, there would have been no expulsion. I don’t think it’s right that release is the tool of choice. There should be no bindings on the administration, but Galatasaray’s legislation is clear. In recent years, this release has been a hot topic. The administrations of Adnan Polat and Mustafa Jengis went to justice. This is the third release in the last few years. This shouldn’t be a habit, but the president and manager must have come to Galatasaray for service. Many opinion leaders told the president, “Please be acquitted, do not experience innocence,” but he said he would be innocent. When I went to the hall, it was clear that there weren’t enough releases. I intended to give a speech, but I gave up when I saw the administrative release. The choice may have been more accurate. It can be useful for years. Currently, by law, he cannot be a candidate.

“What was done during the election was not suitable for our tradition.”

Galatasaray is Turkey’s largest non-governmental organization. The presidential elections will continue, but Galatasaray’s identity must not be lost. Bot accounts, cartoons, statements against value judgments … this is not the right way to go. Candidates reveal their executives, tell them what they do, tell them their sport’s success plans, and wait for a vote. What happened in the last election did not fit the Galatasaray tradition.

Everything would have been different if the CEO had not been appointed, if the board members had been sanctioned, if Fatitelim stood beside him, and if the Fenerbahce consultant had not been used. .. Had Köksal and I not resigned and made no mistakes, we would not have been released. We have come this far with those mistakes.

Will Fatih Terim be a candidate?

Candidates are at the discretion of Fatih Hoca. I talked on the phone two days ago, we talked about whether he would come to the General Assembly. Fatitelim is one of the most famous players in the Turkish football world. He is a person who can do any job. He can succeed anywhere, but the candidacy is his decision.

“If he can generate finances, let the future president come.”

I would like to draw a profile of the presidency. The Bankers Association’s debt is very serious, with Caldau and Morutan paying and Falcao paying. If the new President of Galatasaray is unable to participate in the funding project, he will not be able to bear this burden. The club will pay 200 million TL in July. Broadcast bidding is a mystery, the player’s income is half-hearted, and he has been unable to sell the player for four to five years. This year, Kerem, Marcao, and perhaps Nelson are all talked about. I think we should sell it to provide a flow of money and reinforce it. There should be a president who can manage his political relations well. Real estate projects need to be done seriously. Galatasaray is the least debt club of the big four players. The president with these three qualities is successful. If not, we will discuss ill-advised again.

Kemelburgaz and Floria are recipes for salvation. Debt can be minimized by doing the right project here. Player sales, stats or UEFA income is daily income. Real estate income is very important to get rid of this debt burden. The island is back. You must have the mind to manage all of this. Without that mind, Galatasaray has no way to get rid of its debt in the short term.