Statement by President Erdogan after the Cabinet

President Erdogan said Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol was appointed to meet in Moscow and Kyiv, respectively.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who stood in front of the camera after the cabinet meeting, spoke on the agenda.

The president paid attention to the energy that Turkey spent on the peace of the Ukraine-Russia war.

“CAVUS OĞLU goes to Moscow and Kyiv”

In this context, Prime Minister Erdogan said Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol was assigned to contact in Moscow and Kyiv, respectively.

Erdogan, “Approximately 200 meetings were held between the two parties. The meeting between Russian and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers and Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol was arguably the most impressive activity.

This contact was very important in opening the door to diplomacy and dialogue. Foreign Ministers will meet in Moscow tomorrow. He will travel to Ukraine on Thursday. He will continue our efforts to achieve a ceasefire and peace in talks with both sides. “ I used the phrase.

President Erdogan: Today, the Foreign Minister will be sent to Russia Video

Job changes in the Ministry of Agriculture

Heading of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks:

“I would like to start my speech by saying welcome to Dr. Vahit Kirişci, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Forestry, who joined the Cabinet on March 4.

Our teacher, Vahit, believes that we will work to improve the vision of our farmers and forestry workers as the development of our region and the world grows in importance in the agriculture and food sectors. increase.

As with all areas of life, the Cabinet’s mission is relay racing. We have taken steps to keep the Cabinet continuous and dynamic with the eight changes we have made to make the swift and effective decisions provided by the presidential system.

Due to the early elections, the coalition did not allow the country to create long-term and medium-term programs and implement large-scale projects.

The need for a change in Turkish management did not appear out of nowhere. This is a decision made after a long and costly experience.

You can better understand the power and benefits of the new management system, especially during times of crisis.

We have not only overcome global economic shocks, health crises, security risks and many other catastrophic threats. We have taken steps to turn these processes into new opportunities.

“During the crisis, you can better see the benefits of the new system.”

You can better understand the power and benefits of the new management system, especially during times of crisis. We have not only overcome global economic shocks, health crises, security risks and many other catastrophic threats. We have taken steps to turn these processes into new opportunities. We are determined to move towards our 2023 goal.

Not only that, we are a decisive global power to all, our friends and our enemies, with a positive and determined attitude towards injustices that have long hurt our conscience in our region. I am accepting. We are one of the countries where we were able to talk to all parties without disturbing humanitarian and political relationships.

Today, the names, flags and shadows of our country are symbols of trust, peace and hope across national borders. Once upon a time, as Turkey, we had a hard time meeting the needs of our people.

The world is on track, but millions of people have gone unemployed and experienced dark days when everyone lost hope due to the incompetence of internal control. Today, we stand where we have risen from the toughest global losses to the least losses.

Despite coaching games, terrorist attacks, coup attempts, political and economic traps, we have achieved all of this, especially in the last decade. If a powerful administrative system was not governed by a country at this time, God leaves it to our country to determine what disasters we have suffered.

Those who opposed the presidential system could not offer important alternatives. They just intend to restore everything they say. Last year, he said he was waiting for the opposition’s proposal for a new constitution. Unfortunately, I couldn’t create one text.

Antalya Diplomatic Forum

One of the most concrete signs of Turkey’s growing power in the region and around the world is the Antalya Diplomacy Forum. The three-day forum was attended by 17 states, heads of government, 80 ministers, and representatives of 39 international organizations from 75 countries around the world.

Interview with the leader

We made a very important contact in Germany for two days. We met with the Prime Minister of Albania, the Secretary General of NATO, and the President of Slovenia.

On Saturday, we met with President Bosnia Herzegovina, Prime Minister Bulgaria, Prime Minister of the Iraqi Local Government, President Niger, and President Liberia.

I believe the Antalya Diplomatic Forum is an important platform in terms of participants’ profiles, the messages given there, and our attitude towards regional and global development.

On Wednesday, after an official visit by Israeli President Herzog, we welcomed our respected brother Ilham Aliyev. In the evening of the same day, I talked to Mr. Biden on the phone.

On Sunday, we had a fruitful lunch with Greek Prime Minister Mitsutakis. Yesterday, the German Prime Minister was in Ankara. After the bilateral meeting, we held a working dinner with many attendees in the evening.

Statement by President Erdogan after Cabinet # 2

Polish President coming tomorrow

Tomorrow I will meet with the President of Poland and welcome him. Turkey is firmly implementing its growth strategy to enter the world’s top 10 economies, while strengthening its position as a diplomatic center.

It is a duty, not an option, for Turkey to be strong in the political, economic and military fields and to be in a position to support friends and siblings beyond self-sufficiency. If you can’t see your business when you need it, and you don’t plan and do it yourself, no one can benefit us.

Of course, the support of friends and siblings who share their hearts and prayers is important. But the truth is that we really have to get hungry. Over the last two decades, the defense industry, production and technology in the strategic arena will allow us to look to the future with hope. As for the basic infrastructure, there are no major drawbacks.

“1915 Canakkale Bridge”

The Canakkale Bridge in 1915 will be one of the golden links of this series of work and services on Friday. It is a proud work with its technical features and contribution to regional transportation. This work, which makes the best use of the memory of the Canakkale War and the martyr, was realized with the build-operated transfer model.

In our country, there are still people who do not understand what this model means and how it contributes to Turkey’s growth. Our country knows and appreciates what we are doing and why we do it from the works in which we emerge.

We have fought against the products that have been produced in the defense industry for many years, those who have made fun of their efforts, and those who have resorted to all means to prevent them. We did not forget those who insulted the military, nation and defense industry. Sakariya’s tank pallet factory.

I now understand well that people who try to downplay drone work are openly pursuing rebellion and rebellion.

“We do not allow the same evil to be done.”

We do not allow the spirit that prevents us from developing our aircraft, weapons, ammunition, cars and software to do the same evil again in our country.

The importance of our vision will be better understood when the Turkish sphere of influence in the region and the world begins to have positive consequences for the well-being of our people.

A country that is unaware of its potential, power, potential, and opportunity cannot move toward big goals. 2023, the 100th anniversary of the republic’s founding, will be an opportunity for this truth to be told and discussed in every aspect.

We look forward to contributions from all walks of life, especially from our youth and those who follow the world. Let’s make 2023 one of the most illustrious leaves in our history.

Education and health are still the top priorities of our priorities today.

I chatted with the medical professionals I met yesterday on March 14th Medical Day and shared the good news they expected. We hope that the good news about the prevention of violence in health and personal rights will be beneficial.

Investing in education

At the same time as increasing the number of students participating in the training, the number of students per classroom has also improved significantly. Now is the time for preschool education to become widespread. We aim to offer 3000 new kindergarten and 40,000 new kindergarten classes to bring school enrollment closer to the OECD average.

The school enrollment rate for the 5-year-old group has been raised to 90%. 216 Kindergarten bid completed. The investment program includes 2,133 kindergartens. By the end of the year, we plan to build all 3,000 kindergartens. Here we give Istanbul a share of 1000 kindergarten lions.

We have not forgotten special children. There are 52 kindergartens in only 28 states, but we have increased 135 kindergartens in 81 states. There are no states without private kindergartens.

By the end of this year, we are building 165 kindergartens.

“We strive not to reflect rising prices on our people.”

I hope my country does not panic with discourse, which is mostly based on false information, trusts their nation, and devotes all their time to work and production.

We have taken many steps to protect each and every person from living expenses. We are making every effort to reflect the increase in some materials used in the oil, natural gas and food industries. These are priced at a global level and are reflected to employees at a minimal level.

“We are aware of the trouble.”

Of course, we are aware of the difficulties. We sincerely believe that the place we should focus on is an opportunity in front of our country. We are at the edge of the welfare level, setting aside the negativity caused by our uncontrollable reasons.

The problems caused by price imbalances are temporary, and we sincerely believe that the policy of expanding the country through investment, employment, production, exports and current account surpluses has gradually brought us closer to our goals. I am. We are patient, work, produce, struggle and never step back. We can always move forward and hopefully win. “

Statement by President Erdogan after Cabinet # 3