Sportswriter evaluates Trabzonspor Sivaspor Supercup final



The only goal for both teams, who had closed out the league with a trophy, was to win the Super Cup. This was very important in terms of morale, motivation and confidence in the new season.In his first 20 minutes Sivasspor didn’t want to put pressure on the forward area and let Trabzonspor set up the game.
But the most important thing Liza Charingvey forgot in this frontcourt press was attacking after stealing the ball.
There was no gameplay or thought about it. I also don’t understand why a team that trains with the ball all week long leaves the ball to their opponents all the time.
Although Trabzonspor could not take many positions after the middle of the first half, they took the lead. As a result, Cornelius scored in the first half and was able to enter the second half easily. In the one-legged match, the confidence brought by the score was on Bordemabilis. Sivaspor, on the other hand, panicked in the second half as they needed a goal. In fact, Cornelius, who was best of the match after an error by Ali Shassar, sealed the victory with a goal. Larsen and Ellen clearly demonstrated how accurate the transfer was.
Summary of Match; “Sivasspor failed to reflect offensive combinations onto the field in the manner planned.
It was an expression that I want to win more with the mistakes of the opponent. Of course, it was difficult for them to win like this. Because Trabzonspor skillfully shaped the rhythm of the pass and correctly applied his active rests, increasing or decreasing the tempo as needed. He got the trophy he deserved. This game alone is not enough for the Champions League playoffs. Abdullah Avcı and his team need to play a stronger game for their adventures in Europe.

Yunus Emre Ser – author of the history of crops

Rıza Çalımbay’s Sivasspor was the Turkish Cup champion last season.
Therefore, this match was a more important test match than the official match. Trabzonspor, who failed to present a ‘prepared’ image to their rivals during the preparation period, have weathered the test with a game of their own. At least by showing that once the flaw is fixed, it can change faster than expected.
A midfield gap is still evident. One of his key figures last season, Bacacetus falls short of expectations with his aggressive action that started with Cornelius and spread through his wings.
Cornelius, Panzer in Trabzonspor’s attack, fails to clear the field with the speed Baka needs.
Bacacetus also seeks his place in this system, making bread out of stone, not lean and agile style of play. The developing wing offense forces you to be the first option instead of taking the correct position. is likely to be shorter than expected. It won’t be long before players like Larsen, Eren, and Trezeguet are part of a team looking to play the game.

There is a high possibility that he will contribute to Trabzonspor in terms of physical, technical and tactical understanding.
In the face of Trabzonspor’s technical prowess and resistance, Liza Charumbey’s Sivasspor painted a far from expected image.
Efforts to resolve a well-closed opponent in Gudel were futile with the complementary defenses of Larsen, Biska, and the occasional Dolkan. could not steal the ball.
The fact that Cornelius’ second goal came as a result of a demoralizing error dashed any hopes of a comeback, as they did in the cup final. The fact that I left a more comfortable space behind my opponent with high morale broke the match.
History writes trophies, no matter what anyone says. Dominating the Turkish league last season and winning the Super Cup with a commanding victory, Trabzonspor’s victory is an important record in both football history and Trabzonspor’s glorious history.


Zeki Uzundurkan – THE MONSTER OF CROPS

Trabzonspor, the last champion, placed another priceless trophy in its museum. The burgundy-his-blues, who had fans nervous with the football they played in the friendly and the result, wrote another epic last night at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. A mediocre image in the first 20 minutes, Trabzonspor then took Saz and managed to move on to another result. In his first 20-minute episode, Abdullah Avci nearly told the actors, “Be patient, solve the enemy first, then pull the plug.” The team adhered to the “trophy hunter” tactics.

Meanwhile, Rıza Çalimbay’s Sivasspor aimed to disrupt Trabzonspor’s game and force their opponents to make mistakes to get results. In other words, it just so happened that Igidler, who were well behind Trabzonspor in terms of team quality, reached a happy ending in the Cup. . Cornelius is a great striker. In big matches like this, the star scorer decides the outcome. The King of the North scored two great goals yesterday. One of his new arrivals, Larsen, created an effective overlay from the right side like a high-speed train, adorning successful football with a stylish goal. Trezequet has proven that he is a true team player. Eren Elmalı played a perfect match. true warrior. Trabzonspor enter the season with a point-and-shoot. Of course, it is imperative that the goalkeeper and right-footed defender compete with Ugurdjian. Playing right defender yesterday, Dolkan didn’t grin at all, proving once again that he’s a total joker. Trabzonspor, still not ready for the season, effortlessly defeated Liza Charingbey’s Sivasspor, who always stands out as a gear team in the league. He swept it off the field in the final part of the match. Once this team makes up for its shortcomings, it will plunge into a championship in the league, just as it did last season, with super-his champions Trabzonspor winning his game at the Gala this season. Good luck to Trabzonspor! He continues to collect trophies. Good luck to Trabzonspor fans! They filled the stands yesterday as well. Good luck Abdullah Avcı! He is on his way to becoming the best coach in Turkish football. Good luck to the Ahmet Ağaoğlu regime. They are no joke, they bring success! Trabzonspor are the superpowers of Turkish football…