Sports writer evaluated the match between Alanyaspor and Fenerbahce


In the 29th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Aytemiz Alanyaspor and Fenerbahce faced each other. Guest team Fenerbahce won the match at Alanya Bahçeşehir Schools Stadium with a score of 5-2. Good football played by young soccer player Arda Güler was emphasized while sports writers evaluated the match.

Gantekin Approval: “Francesco FarioliIn the 60th minute, he gave up the match without a striker, took Jedu to the field and pulled Efkan Bekiroul to the midfield. This change suddenly changed the balance. The midfield of Alaniya has been strengthened. In the striker game, the effects of Efejan Karaja and Emreak Baba have been enhanced.Tyfer Bingel, who plays in the wing of Ozan Tufan, scores two goals At the goal Match at once To 2-2 I came. In fact, the host would have taken the lead if Altay Bayındır hadn’t made an amazing save on Juanfran’s shot into the corner. When the momentum returned to Alaniya, goalkeeper Altay’s super save saved Fenerbahce from destruction. In the second half, it replaced Mesut, which was only seen when Arda Gurel was penalized. Young Arda, a dark blue team that rebalanced, including Pelkas, made a difference with one goal and one assist. In the game.Especially My margin His goal for Berisha was great. In a game where he had only 37% of the ball, Fenerbahce won 5-2 from Alanya, and the winning architects were Rossi, Altay, and young Arda. The yellow-dark blue team, which has scored 13 points in the last five games against Ismail Cartal, continues to make its debut.Miha of this rise Zajc And the dynamic central midfield composed of Miguel Crespo is undeniable. “(freedom).

ERCAN GUVEN: “Concentration is important in football, but much more important to Alanyaspor. A momentary sharing mistake in Fenerbahce’s defense resulted in a 1-2-2 score within 10 minutes. … Both were from Taiful. In the second half, Mesut and Ozan were out of the game, Fenerbahce lost a nightmare in their castle. It was Altay who saved him. Ismail Cartal took Percus out, I took Ozan, left. Good I was waiting again. Then there was a change of Mesut-Arda and Serdar-Berisha, and four minutes later, the young Arda’s victory goal was achieved.From new entrants Pelkas In 1989, when Berisha scored 2-5 in 1994, the color became clear. Fenerbahce wants second place … violently and screaming. “(Country of Citizenship).

“Special player”

ÖNDERÖZEN: “I watched a 7-goal match. It may have been a high-scoring match. In general, Fenerbahce’s approach to Alanyaspor’s expedition turned out to be very correct. About 15-20 days ago. Trabzonspor was away from Alanyaspor. Fenerbahce says he met like Trabzonspor. He had five games. He has grown steadily, has grown football and has one measurable aspect of performance. A soccer player who is gathering in the body. Then there are two things. Left: His athletic ability and ability to continue performance. Everything else is okay. I hope it will take longer. Seriously. We are facing star candidates. Our league can be a great color. He is a really special player.“”

Text Techin: “I can say that I saw the most enjoyable game in a week. The fun of watching the game was very high. I was excited when the young players played. They were the first to stand out and stand out. It’s very difficult. To make a difference. It can be said that Arda is moving very fast to make a difference. He drives the ball and is confident. He used it badly, but You can see the acceleration on the ball and the game mind. In the field, you can see your opponents and your friends. The game mind is to make the right decisions as the pictures change. This is Arda’s. I Can feel it. He uses his technical quality as a whole. With these features he is top notch. There is a young man who is a candidate to be an actor.“”

TUMER TEXT: “I’m crazy about Arda Gurel, so I want to talk a bite or something and empty it. Let the kid play on the raft. That’s all I say. Let him play. Protection. … these are not today’s jobs. Experienced-Inexperienced In my opinion, good players and bad players don’t separate them, they don’t look at them. Arda Gurel is flowing in everything. A run to his goal, calm after jumping with one foot while in position, and his clear finish shot. The inside of the leg where Berisha cut her head. The man shouts that I am a football player. All you need is time. He can improve if he gets more props.“”