Sports were discussed at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum Youth Event

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Ça vuşoğlu and Minister of Youth Sports Mehmet Muharrem attend the ADF Youth Event held at the NEST Congress Center in the Belek Tourism Center in Antalya, Antalya Foreign Affairs Forum 2022 (ADF), where Anadolu Agency (AA) is “Global Communication”. Did. partner”. Casapol, Volleyball Federation Chairman Mehmet Akif Ustundag, and Women’s Volleyball Captain Eda Erdem attended.

Keeping in mind that the most important elements of ADF are youth and women, Chabshuol stated that sports, art and culture are important soft powers in Turkey.

When Turkish athletes succeed, they are talked about everywhere. “In this sense, volleyball and net sultans have been the focus of attention in recent years. Net sultans have made volleyball very popular in Turkey. Not only the success of the Turkish national team, but also Turkish women. He also showed his strength and ability. “He said.

He said he visited the boarding school of the Volleyball Federation in Ankara, and pointed out that the school allows talented children to be educated and play volleyball.

“Despite the pandemic, we hosted 164 organizations last year.”

Meanwhile, Minister Casapol said that sports make a significant contribution to the value of the country and mentioned the importance of sports tourism.

“We believe Antalya is the capital of sports tourism. Antalya has a very serious competitive advantage,” said Kasapoğlu, pointing out that there is a modern sports infrastructure throughout Turkey. I am. He said.

Kasapoğlu said Turkey had an advantage in hosting sports organizations, “despite the pandemic, it hosted 164 organizations last year.” He said.

“We are united in the national team.”

Meanwhile, Eda Erdem pointed out that sports have a characteristic that connects the masses, and explained that the sultan of the net and female athletes in Turkey have serious challenges.

Turkey’s athletes have both a duty to represent Turkey and a duty to show the bright side of Turkey, Eldem said, “I’m trying to explain that sports bring us to life.” He said.

Focusing on the unity and support of wearing the national jersey, Eldem said, “I can be a supporter of the team, but I am united when it comes to the national team.” He said.

Volleyball Federation President Üstündağ emphasized the importance of state support for sports, and the family of famous volleyball player and trainer Atilla Öztire, who had been stranded in Ukraine, was evacuated within an hour after being contacted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I remembered that.

Üstündağ also explained that he worked with all stakeholders to bring volleyball to all parts of Turkey.

“I want to live the Champions League title”

In response to the participants’ questions in the question and answer section of the event, Erdem also explained why he wore number 14.

Eldem said he started playing volleyball in his later years, saying that the 14th jersey was empty and was always in front of the 14th throughout his career.

“I think I’m destined to be 14 years old.” Taking Eldem as an example to a young athlete who turned to volleyball after an injury, Eldem said, “To get better, you have to love volleyball very much. Injury. Is in sports and injuries bring us all back to real life. Think of it as an obstacle in front of you and overcome it. ” I need to come back. You need to live in volleyball, but you also need Plan B. You may be injured. But don’t neglect school. You need to pay attention to what you eat and drink. ” He said.

Eldem said he needed to work hard, not just talent, “I try to set my goals, stay out of the way, and find self-confidence.” He said.

Eldem answered a question about his personal goals, “I want to win the Champions League championship at Fenerbahce. I want to win a medal with the national team at the 2024 Olympics and at the Summer World Cup. I want to win, especially at the Olympics. A little missed medal in Tokyo. “I used the phrase.

Eldem said young athletes shouldn’t be desperate, saying, “No matter who says what, I keep working stubbornly, and when I was told I couldn’t, I could be desperate, but I. I said it in my game in the field, not in words. Be strong and trust yourself. Respect bad reviews, but don’t accept them. “

He pointed out that he wanted to be a basketball player if he wasn’t a volleyball player. “My cousin was playing basketball and wanted to be a basketball player, but I was very sick on the day. I didn’t forgive, I’m glad she didn’t. “

“Our door is open to all sports according to the spirit.”

Minister Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey has the ability to host international organizations, but the vote to host the Olympics is not objective. Despite the setting, Istanbul will continue to host both. The Olympics and the world’s most important organization. Ready. We also support the work of our ministries. Such a decision is made. If done, we are ready to work with our mission around the world. “

Meanwhile, Mr. Casapoul pointed out that Turkey is a country that is required but not required by all international organizations, “Our opportunity is ready. Our doors are all in spirit. It’s open to sports. ” He said.

Explaining that Turkey has more than 60 federations and the state’s support for them is very high, Kasapoğlu said that the whole process is carried out with the youth of the Dance and Sports Federation.

After the event, autographed volleyball was distributed to the participants.

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