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DADASLAR advantage To Istanbul Covered
SThe excitement of the TFF 1st League Playoffs Semifinals, where the final team to be promoted to the Super League will be decided, began yesterday. Istanbul Spor finished fifth in the league and defeated BB Erzurum Spor. BB Erzurum Spor finished 4-2 in 4th place and gained an advantage in the rematch.Match at Kazim Karavekir Stadium Yellow-black in 12 minutes, He took the lead with a goal from Ferhat Yazgan. The first half ended 1-0, but in the second half it rained on the goal. With Eduardo Roca in 1943 Found the difference between the two in Istanbul Spor, Wallon 75 When Esemi shook the net, he made the situation 3-0. At 80 Ellen Dusty, It gives hope to Dadashler, but in 1986 Muamel Sarkaya Raised the difference to 3 again. At 90 + 6 Ellen Dusty I lifted the net again and set the score: 4-2. Rematch of struggle, market It will be played at 18:00.

Iskenderunspor TFF went to the second league
TFF3. In the league’s second group playoff final, normal time and overtime ended 1-1, and Iskenderunspor, who gave Alagöz Holding Iğdır FK a 7-6 advantage with a penalty, advanced to the TFF second league. Live broadcast from ASpor Of the match Iğdir FK in 15 minutes, Suat Kaya Have a goal Moved forward. Iskenderun in 41, Enes distortion I caught a draw and the match was overtime. When this section was completed with the same score, the penalty shootout started. Sherry Have a 7-6 advantage over your opponent on hits Iskenderunspor got its name in TFF 2nd League

Turkuvaz Media The last excitement
On air and 35MM A team to reach a happy ending in an artificial turf tournament Today 19.30 Will face
It was held for the first time on January 3rd with the participation of TURKUVAZ Media Group employees and affiliates. “Turquoise media carpet” Field tournament champion In today’s final It will be clear. In an organization where 42 teams competed fiercely On air When 35MM The teams face each other at the Öztürkler Astroturf Fieldand Sports Facility. Prior to the battle beginning on 19.30, the 35 MM player will donate the D & R gift certificate received if he wins to the village school.On the other hand, the 3rd place playoff general affairs When Nansho It plays in between and starts at 18.30. Championship Trophy and Medal Ceremony It will take place at 20.30.

Start transfer June 17
As the Super League season is nearing its end, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) board has announced a transfer and registration period for the 2022-23 season. First transfer and registration period of the following year, 17 17 It starts in June and finishes on September 8. The second period begins on January 12, 2023 and ends on February 8, 2023.

It’s Divan, not Derby!
U-19 The postponed match between Galatasaray and Basik Tash in the first league was not broadcast on GSTV due to a council meeting. Yunus Akgun and Emin Byram, who finished the season with loans from other teams, also followed the U-19 match from the stand. Galatasaray won the Derby 4-1 followed by Trent’s assistant.Yellow-red goal Hamza Igit Akman (2) and Emirhan Kayar (2) scored. Görkem Özen was shown a red card with Beşiktaş’s 90 + 1 team, who scored the only goal at Cemal Azad Demir.

Aslan robbed Popovich
MISLI.COM Galatasaray HDI Sigorta, who participates in the Sultan’s League, has withdrawn from rival Fenerbahce Opet. Mina He tied Popovich to his color. Sarı Kırmızılılar has signed a one-year contract with a 27-year-old volleyball player. Popovich, who has been playing for a long time in the Italian league, has also achieved significant success in the Serbian national team.Serbian player, 2021 CEV girl Champions League “best blocker” ranking 24 blocks in 11 games. He was ranked 4th.