“Sports should be chosen according to the age of the child”

Professor Dr. Cem Coşkun Avcı said that sporting activities need to be prepared according to age. A professor who gives information on the subject. Dr. Avcı emphasizes that muscle structure and body balance vary with age, saying: shape. Not all sports are suitable for all age groups, as muscle shape, size, and volume also begin to change. Scientifically, there are sports that are more recommended and more profitable for children of a certain age. In general, the age range of 4 to 6 is ideal for starting gymnastics. We recommend starting swimming at the age of 5-6 and tennis-style sports at the age of 7-8. Sports such as basketball and volleyball should start from 9 to 10 years old, and sports such as handball and athletics should start from 10 years old. We recommend sports from the age of 12 with a little more intense physical and muscular activity, such as boating, archery and soccer. We recommend heavy sports, weightlifting, or other defensive sports between the ages of 15 and 16, “he said.

“Provides both physical and mental development”

A professor who points out the benefits of sports for both children and adults. Dr. Avcı said: “Sports are very useful for making the body flexible, developing basic skills, endurance and balance. Playing sports greatly contributes to the physical and mental development of the child. Sports Very useful for children’s development. Activities that begin in early childhood, especially team sports, develop children psychologically. In these sports, they learn sharing and friendship. In a little older childhood Exercise that requires strength and energy is beneficial because it helps both develop and increase posture. Muscle mass. It makes the body more resistant to many illnesses. Sports are especially bad. There are great benefits to preventing habits. “

“Choose according to your physical structure”

Professor Dr. Avcı points out that one of the most important factors in making children love sports is to enable them to play their favorite sports. Children’s Abilities and Physical Structure Some children have low motor skills, while others are active. Some children have long muscles and long skeletons, while others are more likely to play sports based on agility based on agility. It needs to be necessary to allow children to choose from a variety of sports, it needs to be necessary to choose their favorite sport, and it needs to be realistic. Families should not stick to unachievable sports that are not suitable for children. Stress-related symptoms during sports require timely intervention. For example, children should not go to training. Symptoms of stress and malaise should be taken into account as they can cause disability in cases such as reluctance, malaise, and increased physical malaise. “Whether children are successful in sports, they always need to be supported,” he said.

“Don’t be more ambitious than your child”

Professor Dr. Cem Coşkun Avcı warned parents interested in sports that their children could be more ambitious than them in their sports life, and continued to explain: .. Children need to feel this, as they always need to be positively supported. The family needs to be good people to help their children. It needs to be an example, and expecting this from a child is not a very realistic approach. Claim this issue when no one in the family is playing sports. In other words, it’s a good example to accompany this as much as possible while the parents support as much as possible. Sporting goods are also a problem. Some devices can encourage children if care is needed. If possible, we need to support children in this regard by providing them within our means. Being contributors and ensuring their follow-up. Providing materials and jerseys related to your favorite team is motivating. Most children are amateur level, so you should not impose a time limit on your sport. But the most important thing here is to ensure that they play sports on a regular basis in order to develop this habit. You need to be flexible in time so as not to cause physical fatigue. “