Sports News-You are a lion, you can do it!Here are 11 possible Galatasaray matches against Barcelona

A tough match has arrived … Galatasaray, marked in the UEFA Europa League Round 16, will face Spanish giant Barcelona today. We hope that the representative will write a new epic and return to Turkey with a favorable score in the match starting at 23.00 CEST at Camp Nou. The yellow-red team, which fell short of expectations in this season’s Super League and said goodbye to the championship race very quickly, has a different image in Europe. After losing from the Champions League, he was undefeated in 10 games (5D / 5D). In addition, Symbom, who emerged as the undefeated leader of his group, named his last 16 rounds directly. Barcelona and Xavi are the biggest favorites of today’s match … but Galatasaray’s history is full of successful results in such a tough match … in fact, the Spanish team wins one out of eight matches. 2 Successful draw. I played before. Of these results, the 2-2 draw on the road on December 5, 2001 is noteworthy. Under the command of Mircea Lucescu, Galatasaray started the match like a storm at Camp Nou, leading 2-0 with Umitkaran and Fleurkin. In the second half, Capone and Hakan Unsal won the red card, but the Yellow and Red teams managed to finish the match 2-2. Today, we expect the representative to show his heart and return from Spain with a new victory.

Hit with MOHAMED
Trent, who will do his first European test with Galatasaray against his old team, has decided 11 in Barcelona. Spanish coaches who play defensive football will give the trio of Tyran, Belkan and Sicardau a chance in the midfield. Feghou and Kerem play with wings. Mohammed will take place at the forward end. Meanwhile, Gomis waits for the form in the hut.

One missing translation
With the exception of Captain Arda Turan, who has not recently been included in the team, Galatasaray has no missing players. Omar Erabdelaui, who is not on the UEFA list, was on the yellow-red team, but the injured Arda Turan was not on the camp team.

GAVI penalty
Fati, Roberto, Umtiti and Valde will not be able to play in Barcelona due to injury. Gabi, a 17-year-old young star on the team, will not join the match team due to a yellow card penalty. Barcelona won in the last four games but not lost in eight games.

10 promoted articles
Club TV in Barcelona also allocated a lot of space for the Galatasaray match. While the video titled “10 Things You Should Know About Galatasaray” was released, important details from the date of establishment of the yellow-red club to the success it achieved were shared with the audience. It also included “the first and only Turkish team to win the UEFA and UEFA Super Cup”. The highly acclaimed five-minute video on social media recorded 365 thousand views and was shared by many.

XAVI: It challenges us
Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said Domènec Torrent is a very good friend. The legendary name is “(Torrent) applies a playstyle very similar to us in Galatasaray, but it takes time. We have the ability to do this. It forces us.”

Emotional encounter of two names
Galatasaray coaches Trent and goalkeeper Inaki Pena will be fighting their old team today. The Spaniards joined Barcelona in 2007 as Guardiola’s assistant. Pena, borrowed from Barcelona during the interim transfer, played for Burgundy dark blue teams of various ages. Assistant coach Jordi Gris and goalkeeper coach Ricard Segara also served for a long time in Barcelona.

Eliminated Naples
Barcelona finished Group E in 3rd place in the Champions League and entered the UEFA Europa League from the playoff stage of the last 16 rounds. The Spanish team, who fought two games against Naples, eliminated their opponents with scores of 1-1 and 4-2 and became Galatasaray’s rivals. The Spanish team is undefeated in 11 games in LaLiga. Under the control of Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona has won 7-4 draws in the last 11 games.

The possible 11S of the Barcelona Galatasaray match is here



Galatasaray will be on stage for the 301st stage in the Europa League today. The yellow-red team won 106 out of 300 games. In addition, 80 draws and 114 losses.

On the European stage, the yellow-red team, which aired the opponent’s net 400 times, could not prevent 446 goals at the castle.

Galatasaray scored 141 goals in these games and 111 goals in the castle.

In the organization organized under the names of the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Europa League, the yellow-red team played 90 games, 36 wins, 30 draws and 24 losses.