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Trabzonspor, who lost to Caykur Rize Spor 13 weeks later in the Spor Toto Super League, did not lose morale. Continuing leadership with 70 points, the Burgundy Blue Team maintains its goal of two trophies. The storm is 15 points ahead of its closest follower, 0054ttifak Holding Konyaspor. If Green and White were defeated by Fenerbahce today, nothing would change. Trabzonspor declares a championship if it wins three in the remaining eight weeks. If the Konyaspor wins, the gap is reduced to 12 points. In this case, the Black Sea team will need four wins to reach the happy ending.

Both cups come
Abdullah Avcu said he only postponed the championship due to the defeat of Rize Spor and would bring both the league and the Turkish Cup to the museum. Successful coaches said three penalties, in addition to weather and field conditions, resulted in the defeat. .. Avcı motivated the players who sadly came to the dressing room after the match and said, “Forget this match and focus on the derby.”

Hamsík is back
The break in the Super League has benefited Marek Hamsík the most. A Slovak soccer player who has been away from the team for a long time due to an injury has both short vacations and training within the scope of the treatment program given to him. After Hamsík returns from the break, he aims to join a fully prepared team.

Records are kept in DERBI
Anthony Nuwakaeme has postponed his career record under the Burgundy Blue jersey to Besiktas Derby. The “Wizard,” who scored five goals on the net in the last four games, emptied Rize. The Nigerian star, who struggled to demonstrate his technical skills on snow-covered ground, produced 11 goals + 10 assists in this season’s league. If a 32-year-old player scores another goal, he will pass the 11 goals achieved overall from 2019 to 2020 and experience the period of the highest scorer in Trabzonspor. Nuwakaeme tries to reach this goal in Besiktas Derby. Besiktas Derby takes place indoors after a national break.

Needs of all teams: Shiopis
Manoris Siopis, an integral name in the midfield for the past few weeks, has marked Rize’s match in his stats. The Greek player won 15 doubles and one airball during the match, but achieved a 90% pass hit rate despite the heavy pitch. A comment was sent to Shiopis, who put his heart into the field, saying, “Each team needs one Shiopis.”

The first rack of the cup is April 19th!
Trabzonspor, who will face Kayserispor in the Zyrat Turkey Cup semifinals, will play their first match on the field on Tuesday, April 19. The match at Shenorgunesh Stadium begins at 20.30. The rematch schedule will be announced at a later date.

Whole note to AHMETCAN
The debut of Ahmet Kanka Plan continues. The 19-year-old, who was injured back to back, was also one of the best teams in Rize. He made nine suspensions, two passcuts and played most of the ball positively. Despite his young age, Ahmet Khan, who played like Trabzonspor for 40 years, received many celebrations at the end of the match.

Detention in OMUR
Abdülkadir Ömür entered the radar of Marseille. The star player who swings Rizenet recorded the highest score in the league with 7 points. The French team was reported to have made talented players specially obey Fenerbahce Derby. According to French press news, Cengiz Ünder also made a positive reference to Ömür. The 22-year-old Omure aims to open the door to Europe after winning the championship in Trabzonspor.