Sports News-Horona is coming soon! 15-point Trabzonspor Champion

Returning with one point from the tough Fenerbahce Way game in the 28th week of the Super League, Trabzonspor is one step closer to the championship goal … reaching 67 points at the summit, with the Burgundy Blue team 15 more than the closest team. Points are advancing Follower Konyaspor (52P) for the past 10 weeks. The purpose of the storm is to win the remaining 10 games. However, five wins are enough for the Black Sea team to win. If Bordeaux Bruce scores 15 points in the remaining 10 weeks, he will declare the championship as he is ahead of all the lower teams in the double average.

April 15-18
The goal of Abdullah Avcı and his students is to win five as soon as possible and achieve the earliest championship in history. To win the victory. Storms will face Goztepe, Chaikl Rize (D), Besiktas, Gaziantep (D), and Fatih Karagümryuk in the next five weeks, if they win five out of five, they will do this in the week of April 15-18. You have a chance to achieve it. Currently, the oldest championship record belongs to Fenerbahçe. Under the control of Elson Janal, the dark blue team declared the championship on April 27 (31st week) of the 2013-14 season.

Invitation to 40,000 people
Coach Abdullah Avc has already invited fans to the Goztepe match. “We have 10 weeks left. We are ahead of our closest rivals on average with 5 games and 1 to 1. We are having a great season overall. I am waiting. I am waiting for the Goztepe game on Saturday at the stadium. We have 40,000 fans. “

A heart that is not money!
With more than 20 points ahead of its biggest rivals, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas, Trabzonspor is the lowest-paying team of the four big players. Besiktas is number one in the field at € 47.2 million, while Galatasaray pays a total of 31 players and Fenerbahçe he pays € 30.2 million. The salary budget for Burgundy people is € 22.7 million. The success achieved on a low budget also pays homage to management.

Lifetime remnants
Abdulaziz Omur was dazzled by the football on display at Derby. Storm Messi, who prepared Nuwakaeme’s goal and brought countless balls to the attack line, shook social media. # “I’m sick” Abdulaziz Omur poll, where Arda Gurel performed all the skills he did in his career in a single match. “

Maron Blue Embargo
Trabzonspor, who took over the leadership position in the eighth week of the Super League and remained in this position for 20 weeks, also had significant success in the history of the club. In the last 22 weeks of the 1980-81 season, the Black Sea Storm, sitting in the leadership seat and recording the longest streak, achieved the second longest streak in club history. Bordeaux-Blues was 15 points ahead of its closest rival and was previously guaranteed to improve its leadership record.

Same competitor again 21 points
Trabzon, who scored 21 points with 6 wins + 3 draws in the first nine weeks of the league, displayed the same graphics to the same opponent (6D / 3D) in the second half. Only the score + number of goals changed: (He scored 19 goals in the first half and scored 9 goals / scored 16 goals in the second half and scored 7 goals.)

Two days vacation to the team
Abdullah Avc has given players a two-day vacation out of difficult traffic in the league and cups. Some players preferred to stay in Istanbul. The Bordeaux Blue people will start preparing for the Goztepe match with training tomorrow night.

Cheral Welcome
The storm was greeted with cheers when she returned to Istanbul. Despite Away Win and Fenerbahce, many fans flocked to the airport. When the convoy landed in Trabzon around 01:00 at night, the crowd moaned as a “champion.” We have found that many players are impressed by the great support of our fans.