Sports News-Fenerbahce and Arikochu have been fined by PFDK! -Latest news from Fenerbahce

The board also fined one of the super league teams, Altay, a TL 375,000 TL for not taking technical responsibility on the bench for more than two weeks without excuses. This is the second fine.

The decisions made by the Professional Soccer Disciplinary Action Committee are as follows:
“1-YUKATELKAYSER0054SPOR Club was punished at 32.000.-TLMONEYPENALTY was held at due to a field incident caused by a fan in a match of the YUKATELKAYSERוSPOR-0054TTוFAKHOLDוNGKONYASPORSporToto Super League Ahmet Çalık season.

2-Caykur Rize Spora A.Ş. Performed by athlete FABRICIO SANTOSDE JESUS, 12.03.22 22KASIMPA ŞAA.Ş.-ÇAY KURRוZESPORA.Ş. At the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Juruk Season Tournament, one disclaimer was imposed due to a serious foul on the athlete of the opposing team due to the application of Article 13 of the FDT in accordance with Article 43 of the FDT.

3-GALATASARAYA.Ş.-BEŞוKT AŞA.Ş. Contract between, played on 14.03.2222. In the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Juruk season match, the FDT won 53/3 with ugly and bad cheers from the fans. According to the article, spectators in blocks 105, 106, 107 and 108 of NORTH TRIBUNE will not be able to participate in the next host club competition by blocking the cards within scope. Of electronic tickets

At the same tournament, GALATASARAYA.Ş. The announcement system was used against the opposing team, but was referred to the board of directors for violating the instructions. No penalties have been appointed as there have been no alleged disciplinary action elements.
4-BEŞוKT AŞA.Ş. Assistant coach ANILDE M0054 RC0054, 14.03.2022 GALATASARAYA.Ş.-BEŞוKT AŞA.Ş. He was punished at 13.000 at the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Çalık season tournament.

5-Adana Demir Spora A.Ş. Was penalized at 64.000. -TL Money Penalty for Field Incidents Caused by Fans of Adana Demir Spora A.Ş. , 52/3 of FDT. According to the article, spectators in the NORTH WEST UPPER TRIBUNE 206, SOUTH WEST LOWER TRIBUNE 102 blocks with fans participating in the field event will be blocked by blocking their participation in the next match, which is the host club. Electronic ticket card,

6-About Adana Demirspore A.Ş’s DEM0054R GROUPS0054 VASSPOR Club-The DEM0054R GROUPS0054 VASSPORSporToto Super League Armet Yurk season match will take place at and requires at least two soccer players born after January 1, 1997. Those who are on the competition name list but meet the criteria. He was referred to the board for a violation of instructions by one soccer player’s notice, but no penalties have been appointed as no element of the alleged disciplinary action has occurred.

7-FENERBAHCEINC. 36/2 of FDT. In a statement published on the club’s official website and on the club’s social media account, for actions contrary to the sportsmanship of the club’s president, YILDIRIM AL0054 KOÇ. And 35/4. You will be punished with a fine of 25,000. -According to the article TL,
Fenerbahce A.Ş. Will be penalized with 100,000. -TL Money Penalty under Section 36 / 1-d of the FDT for acts contrary to the club president’s sportsmanship in statements published on the club’s official website and club’s social media accounts.
8-Because the Altay Club has not left the technician on the bench for more than two weeks and this action was taken twice in the same season, 7/4 of the status instructions and the technician’s working principle. 7/5 of the same instructions due to acts contrary to the article. It was decided to punish him for 375.000. -TLMONEY PENALTY.