Sports News-Balotelli’s words from Matias Vargas! While playing the PlayStation …

Adana Demirspor’s Argentine soccer player Matias Vargas has issued a statement in Fullfield Magazine. Regarding the process of transferring to Adana Demirspor, a 24-year-old soccer player said, “It was a very difficult process for me. I was experiencing a process I didn’t play and I didn’t have many options. Espanyol also I. I wanted to send. To be with the team of Giresunspor at the time when I started playing. “He made a very serious offer. I realized that I really needed to change the air. However, on the same night when he received an offer from Giresunspor, Adana Demirspor’s Akintra was injured and he called the manager because he was injured. Lucas Castro was also here. The same manager as Lucas. one. The president was told that he liked me. I wanted to come here when he heard these words. “

“We are targeting Europe”
When asked about his performance this season, Vargas said, “I think I’ve come to a club with goals. I wasn’t too bad. Did I do better? Yes, I did. For example, I have a clear idea. Missed Goal Opportunities. These little details can change our lives at any time. We are aiming for Europe. We will do everything we can to achieve this. Are ready to do their best to the end. We are a good club. We are very pleased to be part of this beautiful and talented team. We have a staff of really high quality players. I think. When I came here, I worked hard and came here. It looks like it’s declining in the last game, but they’re all in those details. No crossbars, no penalties. In the last match, such as a position that couldn’t be thrown or missed, suffers unlucky .. But we overcome this. Follow our dreams. We keep going. May everyone be relieved of this problem. We can do better, “he replied.

“The Super League has high quality soccer players, teams and status.”
A 24-year-old soccer player who evaluated the Super League said, “We have reached a league that is better than we imagined. There is a lot of fierce competition here. Nearly 10 teams are fighting in a very narrow range. .. For soccer players, this sense of competition is an incredibly motivating situation, because every match is important in that it can change your life. This, of course, always works hard for us. Empower. Looking at it, there are very high quality soccer players, very high quality teams, very high quality stadiums, so the league of details that soccer players really want is high. It’s fighting power. It’s a failure. You have to play the game all the time without leaving the game. You can’t relax. This is a very good thing. “

“We have an incredible special fan group.”
An Argentine soccer player said of Adana Demirspor’s supporters, “I noticed that there was a special supporter in the first match. I saw them cheering for us. The ball was against us. When I crossed, I saw how they whistled. We have an incredibly special fan community. They motivated us. They supported them. We never missed a quiet match. Joke aside, we have very special fans. Good “We are every day, at bad times we We have a community that stands behind us. This gives us even more strength. “

“My priority is to be successful this season, I am the one who lives at that moment.”
Vargas said he didn’t have a long-term plan, he said he could make a career plan if he grew up in football, and he’s living his own life to reach that goal. I want to do this in the long run. There is nothing I want to go to during the period. I am a person who lives now. Priority is given to spending this season well. I want to represent the club in the best possible way. Then the vacation will come. Enjoy your vacation. My goal is to really enjoy the vacation and spend time with my family. It can be seen in the long run. Participate at the beginning of the season camp after the vacation. I do not know. Whether you’re going to Turkey or Espanyol at that camp, you won’t be overwhelmed. If you make progress, this is the way to guide my football career. “He evaluated.

“Maradona was a character that reflected Argentina.”
When asked about the legendary Argentine Maradona and Messi, Vargas replied:
“In fact, I can’t really explain the difference between the two. I didn’t have the opportunity to see Maradona play. But I witnessed the emotions Maradona brought to Argentina. Here’s an example to explain. He had a great talent and when he won the World Cup he scored two goals against England. We were out of the war with England. At that time we were with England. He was experiencing a war. He made them experience it. Diego Armando Maradona was a character that reflected Argentina in his interviews and life. He expressed his thoughts. He didn’t hesitate from anyone. He knew what he wanted to do. He worked to achieve them. He was a great example for us. Lionel. For Messi. For me, that’s the best I’ve ever had. I’m a soccer player. In the future, there will be generations who say he’s the best player. “

“Balotelli is angry while playing the PlayStation.”
Regarding his relationship with Italian star Mario Balotelli, Vargas said: I’m going to dinner together. She wants to add that Mario. “He gets angry when playing the station. Like me, we have a very good relationship. We are good friends,” he said.