Sports lawyer rated for Arda Kardesler’s “Bitcoin Crisis”

Investigations have begun on Alda Brothers, who participated in the battle between Besiktas and Fenerbahce in the 35th week of the Super League. The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has announced that an investigation has begun on the Alda Brothers who used Bitcoin in a pre-match coin toss.

The coin toss in Derby announced that it was done without knowledge of TFF and MHK, and the federation has begun investigating the Alda Brothers.

In the TFF statement, the following statement was issued:

“It is generally clear that Arda Brothers, the referee of the Besiktas-Fenerbahce match in the 36th week of the Süper Lig Super League Ahmet Juruk season, tossed a coin without the knowledge and approval of TFF and MHK. We have begun an investigation by our federation on the case in question that we strongly oppose. We present it in honor of the public’s information. “

“Incompatible with international instructions”

Çarşı Case Attorney Ali Rıza Dizdar and Attorney Guur Gaye Günal and Dr. Önder Ege on the subject made a statement to.

Lawyer Ali Liza Dizudar

Attorney Ali Rıza Dizdar commented that it was “unethical” for Arda Brothers to use Bitcoin instead of coins, adding:

“The use of Bitcoin by Arda Kardesler is not compliant with international regulations. Bitcoin is a advertised currency. Sports instructions are international. We are bound by the rules of FIFA and UEFA. Is an advertising currency. The referee cannot advertise in the field. In any case, he must be fair, whether or not he undermines his fairness. “

“If the Institutional Review Board penalizes men for more than six months, their decision will end.”

Disdar said the issue would definitely be left to the Institutional Review Board. “If the Institutional Review Board bans it for more than six months, Caldeschler’s referee’s life ends. I think his mistake was conscious, but the Institutional Review Board definitely penalizes this.” I used an expression.

Lawyer Guur Gaye Günal

Another lawyer who evaluated the investigation, Gurur Gaye Günal, emphasized that there is no clear definition of throwing coins in FIFA’s instructions, saying:

  • The rules of the game are determined by FIFA. The FIFA and IFAB instructions do not provide a clear definition of what a coin toss means. However, there are precedent decisions made by federations of different countries on events that have evolved over time. For example, a referee who started the game using the application in the form of rock scissors and paper instead of throwing a coin was given a deprivation penalty by the British Football Association. Here we need to make inferences based on the rules of universal law and literally interpret what the FIFA rule coin toss means.

Gunal concludes his words by saying that throwing coins with Bitcoin violates the rules.

  • “Bitcoin, called the digital currency, first appeared in 2009, and FIFA’s coin toss regulations were enforced in game rules many years ago. Therefore, the game rules for tossing coins are regulated. Therefore, there was no concept of digital currency or bitcoin yet. The term coin of this regulation includes only coins with a head on one side and an inscription on one side. In this sense, game rules. It is against the rules to toss a bitcoin if the literal interpretation of is made. It is clarified that a coin toss made for a coin toss can only use Turkish coins, including the head and tail.

Dr. Sports Lawyer answers our questions on this subject. Meanwhile, Önder Ege referred to the football match rules issued by FIFA, saying:

  • A TFF-initiated study of the Arda brothers considers two issues. First of all, how does the game start and what does a coin toss mean? The 2021 to 2022 football game rules issued by FIFA detail how referees start the game. According to paragraph 1 of Article 8 of this booklet, the team that wins the toss chooses either a goal to attack or a kick-off in the first half. Money here means game money, not publicly known coins. There is a ball on one side of the game currency and a Luke on the other. This is the traditional coin toss method that FIFA has probably used since its inception. If you don’t have such coins, you can make a toss with regular coins.

Dr. Leader Aege

Ege said there was no detailed article on throw-ins in the TFF’s instructions, saying:

  • When looking at the event from a Turkish perspective, the TFF’s instructions should be considered. Looking at the description of the TFF Soccer Competition and the Referee Assistant Referee Handbook, there are rules regarding the referee coin toss in the first paragraph of Article 5. The rule states that the assistant referees must have match money with them and the toss will be done with this match money. This match money means coins applied by FIFA. The Referee Assistant Referee Handbook does not provide information on what to do if this money is not available. Looking at the soccer competition instructions and the instructions of the Central Referees Committee, there are no descriptive rules on how referees throw coins in Turkey. It is said that a coin toss will be made, but it is not explained which coin will make this toss. In particular, the TFF instructions do not include provisions such as the inability to use money. Since such an event has never occurred, there is no survey file that can be taken as an example.

Believing that referee Arda Cardeshler would not be subject to a serious penalty, Onder Ege concluded his decision as follows:

  • I don’t think Alda Brothers will be seriously punished. The point to note here is whether this can be considered a hidden ad. Can it be interpreted as a referee’s violation of fair play rules? But for there to be punishment, there must be a crime. The TFF instructions do not explicitly state that cryptocurrencies cannot be used. I don’t think there is any disciplinary action, but it may be a warning of a fair play violation. But then it’s a matter of issuing a circulation. The referee must protect the circular from now on.