Sports commentator Emre Boll joins TRT Spoke confusion! His colleague claimed such a torpedo …


Emre Boll, who recently made headlines with his comments, has announced that he will be on screen at TRT Sport in the new season, but the move of the famous commentator to TRT has caused confusion. Sports journalist Volcan Heavy reacted harshly to Emre Boll’s move to TRT. Owl’s statement claiming to be Boll’s “Trupil” became the topic of social media discussion.

A new stop for Emre Boll, who has recently been featured in comments on A SPOR and TV100 screens, has been announced.

Former Galatasaray star Emre Boll, who elicited a reaction from yellow-red fans with his remarks about Senegalese forward Mbay Diagne, has announced that he will be on screen at TRT Sport in the new season.

“I am at TRT Spor this season. I am waiting for all my friends,” said the famous commentator, who issued a statement through his social media accounts. He said.

“He was eating black crow There was a man here”

Of Diagne, the former star of Galatasaray, “The ignorant kids I know in Senegal. I don’t know if he studied it. He used to eat crocodiles there. He came here Became an artilleryman the guy is not a lot of ignorant you need to approach them a little better approach them properly.Yellow and red fan reaction on his comment “I had to transfer to TRT Spor and it messed me up.


“Are you sticking with EMRE BOL, WHO MAKES RACISM?”

After Emre Boll announced via his social media accounts that he would be joining TRT Spor for the new season, his colleague and sports reporter Volcan Aar reacted harshly to a well-known commentator.

Recalling Emre Boll’s comments about Senegalese forward Diagne, Volkan Aur shared the following statement:

“If your father is a former member of were a studio cameraman in 2009, suddenly you’re a reporter for a newspaper, then a columnist, and in 2022 you’ll be able to comment on games on TRTSpor. This You don’t have to do a single sport-worthy job in the process.

On a live broadcast to the Super League top scorers, he said, “They are ignorant. These were eating crocodiles in Senegal. He was racist, saying, ‘He came here and became an artilleryman.’ Determined by a certain Emre Boll? Is this the value you place on the Superleague brand? ”

“Arhan Seven plays ‘The Passage Game’ well”

Volkan Ağır, who also responded to a post by TRT Spor’s news director Erhan Seven, recalled that Seven had been a correspondent for the Prime Minister’s office in the past.

Emphasizing that Seven played the “transition game” well, Ağır said in his post:

“I did a research a few months ago. TRTSspor’s news director Erhan Seven also commented on sports/football when he was the Prime Minister’s correspondent in the evening paper. I’m doing But he is a very bad commentator and journalist. ”

What happened?

As Senegalese striker Diagne met the audience on the A SPORT screen, Emre Bol said: The yellow-red team announced that legal proceedings would be launched against Emre Boll, emphasizing that a well-known commentator had made “levelless comments”.