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What is a glass ball?

A glass ball or bowl is a sport where you play with a two-sided ball because it is flat on both sides, rolled like a wheel, and thrown towards a small ball called a “jack” or “kitty”. This branch, similar to the sport of bocce and petanque, was first played in England in the 13th century.

Atmosphere of glass ball game

The main purpose of the glass ball is to roll the ball so that it is as close to the target as possible or placed as close as possible. The target here is a small white ball shaped like a billiard ball. This ball is known as Jack or Cat. Before the match begins, Jack opens to the field where the match takes place and becomes the target of the game. Each player rolls the ball on the court and tries to place the ball as close to the jack as possible.

Glass balls are basically an outdoor sport. Some are done indoors, but it’s basically an outdoor sport. The outer surface on which the ball rolls is natural or artificial turf. A bowl of glass balls is not exactly a round bowl like other sports.

Therefore, when the player rolls the bowl, it travels on a curved road. This makes the game very important as the player has to roll the bowl out at a certain angle to reach the goal and the score depends on the player’s assumptions and the practice of rolling the ball.

The player starting the game shall roll the jack on the court in a straight line. Unlike the game ball, Jack’s path is neutral and therefore straight. When Jack stops, it becomes the player’s target. Players can also hit the jack with their bowl while rolling the ball and move the jack.

Therefore, this little white ball is the center of the game. The player rolls the bowl and tries to place it near the target. Then, points will be given to the player according to the ranking. A tape measure is used to measure the distance between the ball and the jack. From time to time, the ball touches the jack and lifts it from its original position.

Shooting type

Tie – In this type of throw, the ball rolls to a specific position or location so that it does not disturb the ball already in the head.
Forehand draw-this is usually done by a right-handed shooter. This propulsion, called the finger peg application, is initially directed to the right side of the jack and then turns to the left when turned. This shot is very difficult and widely used in the game.

Backhand Draw – This type of delivery is the opposite of forehand delivery. It is generally performed by left-handed people. Also known as finger peg delivery. The same shooter can also throw from the right hand. Here, after the ball rolls, turn right toward Jack’s left.

General game rules for glass balls

* Each country has its own governing body for creating and updating the rules for glass balls. Here are some important rules you should know before playing the game:

* Glass balls are played on natural or artificial turf. However, it is usually played in a large, precisely leveled, well-maintained rectangular area, also known as bowling green.

* This rectangular area is also divided into links (also known as parallel play lanes). In a normal competition, one of the two players tosses a coin to determine the winner of the checkmate.

* The winner of the toss wins the mat and targets Jack at the other end of the mat. After a while, the friction will stop the jack and align it in the center of the coat. After everything is set, the player picks up the ball and rolls it in order.

* The player rolls the ball towards the jack to form a head.

* The ball usually curls on a pass off the track, but must stay within the boundaries of the court to continue playing.

* A ball that falls into a groove is considered a dead ball and is excluded from play. However, if the ball touches the jack and then falls into the hole after touching the ball, it is not considered a dead ball.

* The ball that touches the jack is called tapping and is marked with white chalk. If this ball falls into a ditch, it will stay alive in the game.

* Similarly, if Jack or a cat falls into a ditch by a player, it is considered alive. According to international standards, the jack is located in the center of the truck.

* After each player rolls all the balls, the distance between the jack and the balls is measured. The minimum distance between the ball and the jack in this process gives the shooter 1 point.

* For single or double matches, each shooter must roll four balls. Each player rolls three balls in a triple match and two balls in four.

* At the end of the game, the distance between the ball and the jack will be measured and points will be awarded to the player whose ball is the minimum distance from the jack. In lawn bowling it’s called pitch.