Sports bill submitted to Congress: Clubs will be able to leave the association and become a joint-stock company

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The bill for sports clubs and sports federations, co-signed by AKP and MHP’s agents, was submitted to the chair of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The bill includes significant changes to the structure of sports clubs and federations. If the proposal to hold the club operator criminal liability is enacted, the club that maintains the status of “public interest association” can be organized as a “stock company”.

Before the proposal was submitted to the chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, AKP Group Vice President Cahit Özkan and former soccer player Izmir Vice Alpay Özalan held a press conference together.

Cahit Özkan said sports clubs, especially soccer clubs, are exposed to huge debt burdens. Ozkan pointed out that a significant portion of the debt burden, which currently exceeds about 30 billion lira, belongs to professional league football clubs.

Ozkan pointed out that the debt situation worsens with each transfer season, saying, “The arrangements made within this framework will save the club from debt burden and secure a sustainable and strong financial infrastructure. I’m aiming for it. “

The first part of the bill consists of 59 articles, sports clubs and companies, the second part is a federation, the third part is a sports arbitration committee and rules on management, covering all sports branches. increase.

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Ministers The manager is responsible for the term debt.

Some important regulations in the proposal are:

  • Sports clubs that are still in the status of “Public Interest Association” can be organized as “Co., Ltd. (A.Ş)” and converted into for-profit companies. By merging, these clubs can form the Supreme Council as a federation and coalition. Clubs can open expert branches within this framework.
  • Applications for the establishment of a sports club are made directly to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • A balanced budget application will be introduced to the club. According to this, each club can borrow as much as its income. They are obliged to pay and collect more than a certain amount through the bank.
  • Club presidents and managers are responsible for debt during their term. The “legal and criminal liability” of the owners of sports clubs and sports corporations is regulated with respect to budget and spending principles. It is stipulated that sports clubs and sports corporations do not take responsibility in the favor of those who have direct or indirect control and cannot “take over debt”.
  • Municipalities, including large cities, are prohibited from transferring funds to clubs, although ministries and sports federations are stipulated to be responsible for contributing to the infrastructure and development of sports clubs.

The federation center may be outside Ankara.

  • All federations are organized as “sports federations” by eliminating the distinction between affiliated sports federations and independent sports federations. The federal government is expected to be established by law or presidential directive, but the requirement that the federal headquarters be in Ankara has also been abolished.

Up to 3 terms of presidential office

  • The number of members of the federation’s board of directors is determined as “11 mains and 11 agents”, but it is stipulated that at least two members must be “national athletes”. The term of office of the president of the federation is limited to “continuously or intermittently within three terms”.
  • All kinds of work, transactions and spending management of sports federations other than the federation with the founding law are carried out by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Like the club’s management, the federation president and board members are responsible for any damages resulting from their negligence.
  • We are reorganizing the management system. The management contract with the player is notarized and can be up to 2 years. The signed management contract will be sent to the ministry within 30 days.
  • If the total income paid to the player during the contract period is less than 2 million lira, the fee paid to the manager will be up to 10% of this wage, and if it exceeds 2 million lira, it will be up to 5%. liras.