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Also known as the Jewish Olympics. “Maccabiyah Games” It’s been 90 years since I started.

In fact, while creating opportunities for Jewish athletes to engage in sports activities together, McCabia also succeeded in building a diplomatic bridge between the Jewish state and the Jewish state of Israel.

Wherever they live, Jews participate with the flags of the countries they are in and represent those countries.

After the news of the 21st Maccabia Game held this year, I received a very interesting development and application.

I thought it was right to inform the readers about this subject by meeting the most interesting one-on-one.

The subject headings are:


  • Impact on McCabia and its Turkish-Israeli diplomacy.
  • Where was the Maccabi Sports Club first established?
  • Who were the Turkish Jewish athletes in the shadow of the McCabiya game, and what was the study on this subject?

First, after the Maccabiyah Games news was released, the first call was from my esteemed elder Moris Reyna.

After congratulating his news, he told me that I could find out about the McCabiya games and their participation in these games in Turkey by meeting with Mr. Moiskoen.

Then he introduced me to our brother Mois Kohen.

It turns out that Mois Kohen also runs the Yıldırım sports club of which I am a member.

But I couldn’t meet him because he served in this presidency after I moved to Israel.

I like to call Mois Bey himself a brother.

So I called about this for nearly 45 minutes.

Simply put, what happened during his tenure as Vice-Chairman of the Turkish McCabiya Commission, how he put together the Mackabiya game and Turkish diplomacy, and how Morris Reina contributed to this. I explained what you did.

I think you should be aware of such an interesting event in general.

I am also very grateful to me and Odatv for personally telling me this.

I asked him not to limit this case to telephone chat, and he sent it in writing.

I didn’t want to waste a line. Thank you, I attach the written statement I received from him in the annex.

In short, you’ll read one of the best examples of how relationships, sports, and goodwill can improve relationships between countries.

Thanks to my brother Mois and my brother Morris Reina for their hard work.

Credit Shalom Newspaper December 7, 1994 It belongs from 1991 to 1995.

“Unfortunately, President Mordo Elnekave wanted to resign due to the death of his son.

By my claim, as Vice President, I will continue to work for both our community and the Turkish Macavians. I also asked him not to resign to hand it over to him during the recovery phase, along with congregation leader Bension Pinto and some members of Macavias.

He agreed.

In fact, the work I was doing from the beginning came by planning with active and valuable steering committee members.

We first went to Turkey to see that McCabias is as important as sport, ensuring close contact with all Jews in the world, not just sporting activities, and ensuring close contact with each other. Reconciliation and introductory nature work involving the Jewish community inhabited and Jews who emigrated to Israel.

More importantly, I realized that it could lead to friendship and close ties between Turkey and Israel. Based on this idea, I was inspired by a famous saying. “The heart doesn’t want coffee or the coffee shop. The heart wants love, coffee is an excuse.” (Sports are important but an excuse)

In fact, the first McCabias activity began during the Ottoman Empire.

The first Macavius ​​was held in Izmir in 1895.

We considered meeting Onur Gökçe, who began his mission as the first ambassador as part of the program we undertook.

My friend Morris Reina also invited Onur Gokche and his wife Aitul Hanim to an invitation at his house.

After a very sincere conversation, the Turkish-Israeli coalition with the President of McCabias and the Presidents and members of the Administrative Committee of many countries around the world.

The Hilton TLV reception invited President Selim Amad, Jews migrating from Turkey, including his members, the Turkish ambassador and his wife, and members of all embassies.

It was an incredible invitation.

Morris Reina’s contribution to the establishment of this organization is immeasurable.

I started my speech with the first words. “I will hold a meeting on behalf of President Mold Ernekabe, who could not be with us.”

The first McCabias began in the Ottoman Empire and was subsequently denied permission for some reason, but was given a formal permit in 1991 and we had one of Turkey’s leading observer representatives. I found the unity and solidarity of the two developed nations of the Middle East very important and increased relations in the consulate ceremonies, as Jews migrating from Turkey could not stop speaking Turkish and continued to live the same life. I expressed satisfaction with that. At the embassy level.

We thank the Turkish Jews who live in Israel for their participation.

After that, Onur Gökçe was on the podium.

He was very impressed with this reception, unaware of such a large organization, proud to meet representatives from different countries of the world, and the friendship between Turkey and Israel is very important. Yes, he said he would contribute. On this issue as much as he can during his term.

He then sent a magnificent invitation to the Turks in Israel, representatives of the countries participating in McCabias, at the embassy’s residence on Sunday.

Morris Reina has done a great job of strengthening relationships. The late Moshe Kata also provided special assistance for the cost of this issue.

Turkey and Turkish Jews; he was little known in European countries, Russia, the United States, Greece and other countries. This provided incredible publicity.

They say they don’t know Turkey is a country of this level.

Congratulatory letters have begun to arrive from representatives of many countries.

But I must emphasize that two very important things have emerged for Turkey. The first event in history, the participation of Turkish Jews in Makabyat after a period of about 100 years,

Second, the 100th anniversary of Macaviat was once again celebrated in Turkey, where there were so many countries.

Here, we must not forget the contributions of Congregation President Bension Pinto and Mr. Heim Cohen. I remember them. Bless their souls.

With the formation of these relationships and studies, Morris Reina and I began to serve on the International Commission as the first Turks.

We were invited to a special invitation between foreign countries. They said in all speeches they did not know that Turkey was such a community.

During that time, the work and relationships of the Turkish Commission members were at an extraordinary level.

Our youth provided an extraordinary look and fame with their clothes, their attitude, their sports skills and their courtesy. They assigned me the duties of the Chairman’s Election Commission to be held.

I was the first Turk to be appointed to this position 96 years later.

Thank you for your work and thank you. Roland Bakalartz has been elected president. Meanwhile, we were doing the work that President Moden needed to participate in International Macavius. Members such as Jak Gökay, Rıfat Duenyas, Jojo Sisa and Yusuf Aner also provided a great deal of support.

While waiting for the awards given to me and the gratitude and appreciation for bringing such an award to Turkey, I resigned some developments I do not want to mention here.

And Jojo Sisa took over my mission.

It was just nine days before the big organization and the 100th anniversary invitation.

The work needed to make the invitation the best and most impressive started five months ago.

Bensyon Pinto Hayim Kohen had permission through negotiations with the state.

As a board of directors, we worked for the best organization. Of course, I resigned, so President Mondo was planning to give a keynote speech.

Mr Mold said he couldn’t make this speech because of my situation and gave a speech to the new Vice President Jojo Sisa to give a keynote speech.

Jojo said he couldn’t make this speech on such a night, Mois Cohen made the whole organization, and representatives from different countries of the world knew him. I refused. I persistently refused for a week.

The event was so developed that they came to my house with his wife and began to influence my wife and family.

At one point, I said, “The president who gives me this task is the president.

The day before the invitation, we prepared the opening speech.

Invited President of the world, President Macavius, Presidents of three countries, Governor Hayri Kozakçıoğlu. Many government officials. Our chief flavi, community leader Morris Reina and his wife.

Israeli Consul Yishak Shoham and his wife attended. I started my speech with “Like all other speeches, it opens on behalf of President Mold Ernekabe.”

I emphasized the importance of Macavius, the fact that the Ottoman Empire was the first on this issue, the importance of the reconciliation between Turkey and Israel, and the support, importance, explanation and appreciation of the Republic of Turkey on this issue. I have stated.

A big applause arose. After that, Governor Hayri Hozakçıoğlu gave a very sincere speech praising the Turkish Jews.

Roland Bakarartz, Chairman of the World McCabias Commission, spoke.

He emphasized the joy of getting to know Turkey better and said, “I invite Mr. Mois Cohen to the podium.”

I went to the podium. We would like to entrust you with the plaque of success and pride of the World Macavius ​​Organization, based on the decision to give you plaque.

There was Morris Reina with him. We are very proud to receive such an award together as the first member of Turkey and bring such an award to my country. There have been some unpleasant and interesting developments in this regard. I will not touch on this matter. After this mission, I was the Vice President of FKD, Head of the Alterkyo community, and was in Elderly Housing with Care. I have assumed the duties of the president of the faculty where the Student Protection Association and other institutions are located and the secular consular officer (executive member).

Much progress has been made since Turkey’s permission to participate.

However, after living for four years at the forefront, I expressed what I knew and saw in abbreviations without any comments or prejudices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. I wish you good luck. it’s an honour to meet you. let’s meet. “


Thanks to Brother Mois for explaining in detail and beautifully without leaving any questions. I have no more questions. Thank you and good luck …

In the next news, we will introduce an interview with Dear Metin Delevi. This is a conversation with her old friend who is an expert on Turkish Jewish athletes and has a good knowledge of this subject.

Rafael Sadie