Sport Climbing 2022 Balkan Championship begins at efeler

The “Sport Climbing 2022 Balkan Championship”, organized in collaboration with the city of Efferer and the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, has begun.

In May 2122, the Sport Climbing 2022 Balkan Championship, in which athletes from the Balkan countries compete against each other in the junior and youth categories, leaders and speed brunch, began with a march in Efferer. Foreign athletes and trainers who came to Efera for the championship, from Mayor Mehmet Fatia Thai, President of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, El San Bashar, Sport Climbing Turkey National Team, Adnan Menderes Boulevard to the Penal Bash Recreation Area with the Olympic Climbing Wall walked. The Turkish flag, music, and march were colorful scenes, but President Atai greeted the shopkeeper he met during the march, wished good luck, and invited him to the Balkan Championship.

The opening of the Sport Climbing 2022 Balkan Championship was held in an enthusiastic ceremony in front of Turkey’s first and only outdoor climbing wall, in compliance with the Olympic standards brought to the district by President Atai after the march. The ceremony was attended by Mayor Efferer, Mehmet Fatty Attai, President and Professor of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation. Dr. Ersan Başar, Federation officials, youth and sports Aydın mayor Cenap Fillikçioğlu, a member of the Efeler city council, a representative of Efeler’s non-governmental organizations and expert conferences, and a sports fan of Efeler.

At the opening ceremony, which began with a silent prayer and a national anthem song, Mayor Epherer Mehmet Fatty Attai said: Plays the most popular and popular non-soccer sports in the world and Turkey. We wanted to expand the space. There is no other Olympic climbing wall of this size in the Aegean region. We are proud to be able to bring this wall to athletes. Dear young people, we have done this for you. This is so that you can have the opportunity to play sports here. The Turkish Championship was held here and the Balkan Championship was promised to be held here. I do that today as well. Thank you to all the athletes who came. As the mayor said, we are determined to make Eferer a brand city and Eferer a sports city not only in this sports sector but also in other sports sectors. I sincerely believe that all city council members can achieve this. We welcome all athletes and wish them success in the competition. ”

Professor, Chairman of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation. Dr. Ersan Başar said:
“Sport Climbing is one of our Olympic chapters and the one that has recently been developing at the Tokyo Olympics. Along with athletes from all over the country, Balkan countries, Northern Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, Epherer’s The Balkan Championship will be held on the wall, with a total of 81 athletes participating. It is clear that the championship held on this wall will take Japan’s sports climbing one step further. Contributing to the construction of this wall We would like to thank all those who have lost their lives, especially our City of Efferer and the Youth Sports Bureau. We would like to thank you again. We wish all athletes success. We welcome you again with respect and greetings. “

Youth and Sports Aydın Mayor Cenap Filikçioğlu said he would strive to make Epherer a sports city famous for sports. From the plains, it will be the best sports city in the future. Thanks to the respected Mayor Efferer, who started the work to create a sports city, and our ministry, our respected minister, we also hope to work to create Aydın. A sports city known for sports. It is very important to us that this tournament is here and that this wall is built here. Thanks to Mayor Efferer. Thank you to the President of the Federation. Best wishes for the success of all athletes. We hope that the Balkan Championship will be beneficial in Aidin and that all athletes will complete the tournament in a healthy way, “he said.

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