Sponsorship Agreement from Galatasaray-TRTSpor


A new sponsorship agreement has been signed between Galatasaray Club and Tunç Holding, including the Arm Sponsorship of Soccer Team A.

Galatasaray Club Vice President Cemal Özgörkey and Tunç Holding President Dinçer Azaphan attended the sponsorship ceremony at Nef Stadium.

Within the contract with Tunç Holding, the company’s name will be the sleeve of the Galatasaray Soccer A Team jersey for one season.

Cemal Özgörkey issued a statement at the signing ceremony, stating that he believes the agreement will add value to both parties: “Everyone knows how important the Galatasaray brand is. Galatasaray is the most important in the country. It is one of the institutions of value. Economic scale and historical and cultural treasure. Valuable support of its solution partners and sponsors is always at that time, he said.

Keeping in mind that the recently published survey produced very impressive data for them, Özgörkey continued:


“Galatasaray’s dominance in the number of fans across the country is now so clear and impressive that it is indisputable. This situation, which is described as number one in 61 of 81 states, is of course a source of pride. “Being a Galatasaray sponsor also means gaining national interest and empathy. Our management does not consider such an agreement to be just revenue-generating. We. Aims to open new doors to sponsors. With a growing economy, the power of the Galatasaray brand. “

Keeping in mind that sponsor Tunç Holding is an important brand in related areas such as energy and fuel, Özgörkey emphasized that the company has always supported the club with important agreements, especially in amateur branches. It states as follows. Signing a Tunç Holding arm sponsorship contract with a soccer team can be a daunting task. We are happy I sincerely believe that the end of this road will be a championship as we walk side by side in the new season. ” He said.

“There is a serious demand for stadium and jersey sponsorship.”

Özgörkey answered a question about whether there was a sponsorship meeting on stadium names and shirt rights, saying that negotiations were ongoing on both chest and stadium sponsorship.

Özgörkey explained that there is a serious demand in this regard: “I encountered a very busy time as a management team. There are transfers, amateur branches, organizations. They are all stacked on top of each other. We Hurry up a lot of problems and we like to keep in mind. Mr. Dinser hurried and put a lot of pressure on him. He said, “Give me an IBAN, I’ll send you money, the rest Will take care of you later. “I want to walk without making mistakes. Time is running out. I want to do the right thing within the time constraints. I don’t want to put the club in a difficult situation, I’m very sensitive. Think of your sponsor as a long-term Win-Win solution partner. It’s very important to incorporate it into your real life, not just verbal. We spent 21 business days managing it. To do that, a little more. I need some time. “

Azafan: No sound when under boots, not on arms

Dinser Azafan pointed out that he had gathered for the sixth agreement, “President (Dursun Ozbek) and members of the board give me an interest I have never seen before. The week when we last came, I said, “I have such a project,” of course, no. “No,” said the president. Discuss, agree and continue on new projects in the future. This doesn’t end here. I’m always in the club. I’m in the amateur branch. If anything is missing, we are ready to make up for it. understood. It’s much better that we are a very large community. I used the phrase.

Recalling that the text of Tunç Holding on the shoulders of the jersey caused a reaction during the friendly match between Galatasaray and Kasimpasha, Azafan emphasized that this was a gesture made by the club for the match. The club for the gestures given to me. There was a great reaction. Not on my arms, but under my boots. I didn’t speak up, “he said.