Spent the Olympic day from Tarzan to esports!

Robert Kiros HabteDo you remember that is my question, how do you remember? habte Ethiopia He’s a swimmer, in fact, he doesn’t have the remarkable achievements you should remember … every time I read or see something about the Olympics, anyway of his extraordinary failure Remember him for … “The most beautiful loser in the world”One of them is Robel Kiros Habte.
2016 Rio OlympicsThe eyes of the world, who have won enough gold medals to fill the pool, Michael phelpsHer navel that surrounds her waist and hangs over her swimsuit, which is more than mine when she is on “Love handle”The person who came to the end with his tongue out was exhausted Habte is the face of that legendary “Olympic spirit” to me, and success does not always win. At 1.04.95 hours among the 59 swimmers, each of whom was muscular in the 100-meter freestyle of the Rio Olympics, he brought a special invitation, “Perfect for the wrist”A 24-year-old Ethiopian, 59th to those who made fun of him on social media, “I’m very happy. This was my first race at the Olympics. I actually swim fast. I was a little nervous during the morning practice.” He was sneering.

Robert Kiros Habte

Do E-Athletes Participate in the Olympics?

It’s not a feast, it’s not seen, you say, where did this Robert Kiros Habte come from? Let me explain … Last week, strangely, I was sleeping at the Olympics and waking up at the Olympics.No, take the courage from me and my belly, Robel’s belly 2024 Paris OlympicsI haven’t decided to participate.Why I’m walking around with an Olympic ring on my head these days Dean of Digital Game Design, Bacheshesh University Dr. Confidence Kathak!
recently In our country where 41 million people play video games a day When the conversation about the present and future of the gaming industry came to esports, Güven Hoca said: “Esportsmen will participate in the upcoming Olympics” Said.
For him, the subject was closed with this sentence, but after the conversation I “People are preparing for the Olympics by training for a few minutes of performance over the years, which will also be digitized.” I was a little worried and decided to look it up … Officially, I scored 1 point in 1 minute!
President of France MacronAs an election pledge “Esports”I came across what he said he would work to officially include it in the program of the 2024 Paris Olympics they sponsored.

Esports are increasing ...

Esports are increasing …

“Fire Chart” and the 1924 Paris Olympics

Esports competitions are followed by thousands of people from the stands. ‘game’In an era of millions of dollars in contract transfers, it’s clear that the Olympics can’t isolate themselves from video games!But at the Olympics ‘Video game’ Will be played! league of legends Is it … Counter strike? Will e-athletes chase their opponents from their home gym in Call of Duty, or will they run with Super Mario in the Olympic Village? !!
Harold Abrahams Eric Liddell

It’s one of the best sports movies ever, watching what video games will come out at the 2024 Paris Olympics. ‘Chariots of Fire’ I met the movie.
“Flame Runner” brings me back 100 years 1924 Paris OlympicsCompetition from UK athlete Eric Liddell When Harold AbrahamsI took it to Paula Radcliffe‘of “Athletes fans will remember him as the” ugliest running style “athlete who won the Olympic gold medal. “ As I read the story of the legendary race he told me, I heard that in the 400-meter race, Liddell leaned his head back to beat his rivals and won the gold medal. VangelisUnforgettable music made for the movie, I got lost at the 1924 Olympics … Eric Liddell, who skipped the 100-meter race and entered the 400-meter race, is his religion. He said he prayed only on Sundays for his religious beliefs, adding one of the most unforgettable stories in the history of the Olympic Games to his four-year sports career.

1924 Paris Olympics Turkey Team ..

1924 Paris Olympics Turkey Team ..

Turkey at the 1-year-old Olympics

Athletics enthusiast French priest Henri Didon Said by “Artius, Sitius, 40s” (faster, higher, stronger) The 1924 Paris Olympics, the first game in which the slogan was officially used, took place just one year after the Revolutionary War. Republic of Turkey It was a very important organization Diplomatically looking for a place for yourself on the world stage Despite the difficult economic conditions of the time, Turkey enthusiastically sent 40 athletes to this wonderful sports organization in the fields of football, wrestling, athletics, fencing and cycling. Although not very successful in terms of sports, the first participation of the Republic of Turkey in such a large international organization has become a source of morale for the Turkish people in introducing the Turkish flag to the world. I am.

Johnny Weissmuller

Johnny Weissmuller

100-year Olympic story from TITANIC to TARZAN

While browsing photos of Turkish athletes at the Paris Olympics on November 15, 1912 Atlantic oceanCrash into an iceberg and sink TitanicEscaped from the disconnect while waiting for hours to be rescued by the frozen water in the last moment among the passengers. Richard Norris Williams Appeared in front of me. Williams, who started playing tennis at his feet, said to have been amputated, won a gold medal in doubles tennis in Paris 12 years after the accident.
During the game of 1924, I heard it while traveling from branch office to branch office. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” The familiar cry came.Early 1930s after winning 100, 400, 4X200 freestyle gold medals in swimming in Paris “Tarzan” Transition to a large screen Johnny Weissmuller in the movie’s unforgettable “Tarzan” He was waving to me as another immortal Olympic story hero …

Meaning of Olympic Spirit Glossary: ​​HABTE

At this point, while reading Weissmuller’s story, I remembered Robert Kiros Habte … ivory‘why Tibo Danho When dominican republic‘why Johnny Perez UrenaI think it’s Habte who goes into the pool with.
Digital or physical motivation ‘To win’ In our country “Sports Public” Frequently open in the Olympic dictionary “Habte” I find it very helpful to read this article.