Special Interview | New Law New Challenges for Turkish Sports

At the 2019 workshop, he said “Here you go” to the entire sports world. I invited everyone. 457 people participated. 175 club representatives attended. 91 federation representatives attended. Over 150 hours of sessions took place. 95 people represented our ministry. 10 reporters, volunteers, nearly 20 people. FiveThere were almost no press or legal representatives. Everyone poured stones into their skirts for 5 days. A detailed presentation was given. Congratulations to all the participants who made this workshop unique.

There are 6 workshop result reports. I opened this way. First of all, there was a great deal of support from the President for the enactment of this meaningful law. Our parliament. There is an agreement of all parties, especially our athlete agents. There is the effort of a friend of my former minister. Good luck to our country, our country, and the sports world.

The outcome of the workshop is very important. You need to implement a fair competition system and a balanced management process. Athletes’ right to social safety must be protected. The foundation needs to be solid, just as the building is solid. This will not work if you start with a rotten floor. Legal infrastructure was essential.

Again, the second theme of the workshop was a presentation of an approach related to the financial situation. There are issues such as infrastructure, sponsorship, increased incentives for sports, budget management and transparency. The third major theme was to increase the competitiveness of administrative disparities. Communication between committees, management approaches, media and public relations were discussed. Transparent management, principles of responsibility, auditability, and effective talent.

This law reveals all our shortcomings in the strongest standards. Previously, the Ministry of Interior registered, but now the Ministry of Youth and Sports is registering. Previously there were two registrations, but now there is one. It was going back and forth between the association and the commercial law. Currently, there is only one sport law. It is evaluated in its own research. This law is a special dress sewn for sports associations and federations. In the past, sports clubs had the same status as the Pigeon Lovers Association. There are limits to what the association can do for commercial gain. The new structure of the sports club eliminates professionalism and legal misconduct. Spor AŞ may also be established while the club is in association status. “

“How long does the club need to change status?” In response to the question, Casapol said, “The migration process has started. We will continue to conduct enlightening research on this issue and support clubs and federations. ”

On a balanced budget issue, Mehmet Casapol said, “The income is certain and the spending is unknown. It has been discussed for years. The president spends and the new president continues debt. Debt. It’s getting bigger and bigger. Everyone is currently responsible for debt for their term. Write it in your notebook and let someone else pay you. “No longer exists. While budgeting, he can’t pay more than 10 percent of his income. In this sense, the main issues are success and infrastructure sustainability.

An important subject of the law

“”What do you think of the balanced budget and criticism that managers are responsible for debt on their terms?“About the question of the Minister of Youth Sports”Due to the circumstances of the club, the club may not be able to take action. Debt is becoming chronic. The four clubs owe 150.8 billion TL. This is a 2022 debt. In seven months, these clubs will have a debt of 17.8 billion TL. Where is this left for action? Where do you have hope? This law no longer saves the day, but pave the way for the future in a cautious and visionary spirit. ”

Mr. Casapoul recalled that there was criticism that the manager was responsible for the debt during his term, “We have successful managers in all areas of Turkey. There is also sports. There are very successful names working abroad. I have friends who are technically successful. I think many people run clubs and sports just like they run a company. If you have a sense of responsibility, I think the job of the manager will be easier to understand.

We have a very successful businessman. There are highly competitive businessmen in the world. There is no need to distinguish between a businessman and a sports manager. I believe; these processes continue in the light of this law. For all branches, not just the club. I believe that the law on sports clubs and federations is an important milestone and expansion. ”

Asked if this arrangement would make it easier to sell the club to foreigners, Casapol said:Previously, there was no problem selling to foreigners. There are no obstacles to this law. The main thing is the authority of the club at the General Assembly. This continues again. The club’s development, transparency in this sense, and more understandable financial statements can make the club more attractive to foreign investors.

Obstacles to the autonomous structure of sports review Also about Kasapoğlu, “In this sense, there are no interventions or applications that go against the spirit of sports. We stand first in the face of efforts to disrupt sport autonomy. Sport is a phenomenon that requires a very original spirit. Aspects of unification and transformation of sports. As a state, we are always supporting sports and athletes, and we have taken the approach of the last 20 years to support sports in Turkey. I can’t see a second example of support for sports. Last year Barcelona, ​​Milan and Real Madrid had to sell their players. why? Because financial regulation is necessary. In this sense, we have worked hard to include the world’s leading clubs. In this sense, we are behind any country in terms of regulation and activity. We make no efforts to disrupt the spirit of independent work, and we do not, “he said.

Mehmet Kasapoğlu explains why the federation has up to three presidents.There are limits to all areas of management. It was enough to say, “There are no ridiculous regulations.”

“There is a May 19th anniversary of Ataturk Youth Sports Day. I couldn’t celebrate for two years. What kind of celebration program do you have this year?” In response to the question, Youth Sports Minister Mehmet Kasapoğlu said: I answered.

“”Despite the pandemic, we have never returned from this enthusiasm. As a country, we fully celebrate May 19th, Ataturk Anniversary, Youth and Sports Day. There are many surprise programs. Activities related to sports and youth, arts and culture, and sports activities. The World Boxing Championship started in Istanbul. Islamic solidarity games, World Nomad Games in the coming months … these are important organizations. The celebration on May 19th begins with a visit to Ataturk Beer on Friday. Celebrate with young people all over Turkey. Three young people represent each state.

Our youth camp is one of our most exciting projects. 4,000 young volunteers are doing the finishing touches. Unfortunately, during the pandemic we went to some restrictions regarding camping. Over the past year, we have had nature camps and theme camps, and we have increased the number of camps. Thousands of young people were educated there. A racket sounds on Mount Kudi. An international tennis tournament will be held there. This is a challenge. We will take this challenge with your support. “